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    Australia's prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has no regrets about the new sex ban prohibiting cabinet ministers from having sexual relations with their staffers.

    Mr Turnbull announced the ban on Thursday after it was revealed deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce had an extramarital affair with his media adviser with the PM labelling it a "shocking error of judgment".

    "I certainly felt that the values I expressed and the action I took, would have the overwhelming endorsement of Australians. I felt it was absolutely the right thing to do," Mr Turnbull told the Nine Network's 60 Minutes program on Sunday.

    He said the public wanted to hear his "heartfelt views" about what had happened.

    Mr Turnbull revealed he had also consulted with his wife of 38 years, Lucy, about the sex ban.

    "Yes Lucy and I talked about this, this is one of those classic issues where it's good to take counsel from your wife, life partner," he said.

    The prime minister also maintained he was not interfering with the Nationals' party processes despite saying Mr Joyce needed to "reflect" on his position.

    Mr Turnbull described Mr Joyce's affair with Vikki Campion as causing "a world of woe".

    But a Nationals MP hit out against the program questioning why the deputy prime minister wasn't interviewed.

    "Funny that 60 minutes didn't bother to ask Barnaby Joyce whatever they wanted for tonight's story when he was on the same floor as their film crew in Sydney's Commonwealths (sic) Parliamentary Offices on Friday," controversial George Christensen tweeted.

    Mr Joyce promptly retweeted the statement.

    .. sex with a ( consenting ) adult women ... the last time that happened ( causing a scandal , it involved the minister and his WIFE .

    teens and same sex coupling usually goes unreported .. do much for parliamentary standards

    even Putin can't resist a joke

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    A that has ever worked in history..Dreeeeemin!

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    Sorry....a sex ban.

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    i would rather they waste time with sex than all the 'productivity ' being created in our economy

    maybe the parliamentary archives can be renamed The National Enquirer ( royal commissions sex scandals , expense account errors , etc etc )

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    extorting sexual favours from workers who are worried about losing their employment is about as low as it gets , Barnaby is a piece of trash who should be made to repay every taxpayer dollar he has taken under false pretences.

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    Lord Acton.

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    How do you know it was extortion?
    Barnaby is an attractive

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    Poor form by Barnaby. Especially from someone that thinks marriage is sacred.

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    poor form but far from unique in Australian Parliaments

    and the ALP should be the last group picking up stones , to throw

    but sacred to an Australian politician ... isn't that being re-elected despite being unworthy ??

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    vote1 sex party keep the bastards honest .

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    May be the PM should have included wanker in the new law, we could have got rid of most of the siting members.

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    Gareth Evans?
    Is the first one to come to mind.

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    Sydney, 28 August 2017
    The Qantas Group has announced a reorganisation of its executive leadership team.
    Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce said the new structure would help the company keep delivering for customers
    and shareholders.
    “Over the past three years, our senior executive team has led the Group through a major turnaround. We’re
    now entering a phase of ongoing improvement and innovation, and these changes will help drive that.
    “This is also about making the best use of the considerable leadership talent at the top level of our
    organisation,” he added.
    The changes among the direct reports to Alan Joyce are:
    - Jon Scriven (Group Executive of People and Culture) will retire after eight-and-a-half years at Qantas.
    Lesley Grant, currently CEO of Qantas Loyalty, will step into this role.
    - Jayne Hrdlicka will move from CEO of Jetstar Group to become CEO of Qantas Loyalty and Digital
    Ventures, which will now also include innovation.
    - Gareth Evans will move from CEO of Qantas International to become CEO of Jetstar Group.
    - Alison Webster, who is currently Executive Manager of Freight, Catering & Airports, will become CEO
    of Qantas International.
    - Olivia Wirth will take on responsibility for customer and digital strategy, in a new role of Chief
    Customer Officer. This is in addition to her existing responsibilities for Brand, Marketing and Corporate
    - Andrew Finch will take on the responsibility for Office of the CEO in additional to his current
    responsibilities as General Counsel and Company Secretary.
    - Andrew David, currently CEO of Qantas Domestic, will also assume responsibility for Qantas Freight,
    Catering and Airports.
    Mr Joyce said the retirement of Jon Scriven and the promotion of Alison Webster from within the business to
    the executive management group reflected renewal within a well-established team.
    “Jon has been instrumental to the overall transformation of our business and has also driven the strategy to
    increase the engagement levels of our people, which are now at record levels.
    “I’m pleased that we will be welcoming a new member to the Qantas executive team, with Alison Webster
    joining as the CEO of Qantas International.
    “Alison has close to 30 years’ experience in aviation, including 13 at Qantas. She’s held senior executive roles
    across commercial, customer and operations here and with British Airways,” added Mr Joyce.

    Transition to the new structure will begin in November this year. The last change to the Qantas Group
    leadership team was in 2014.
    Group Management Committee (from November 2017)
    Andrew David – CEO Qantas Domestic & Freight (currently CEO Qantas Domestic)
    Gareth Evans – CEO Jetstar Group (currently CEO, Qantas International & Freight)
    Andrew Finch – General Counsel & Group Executive, Office of the CEO (currently General Counsel and
    Company Secretary)
    John Gissing* – Group Executive Associated Airlines & Services
    Lesley Grant – Group Executive, People & Culture (currently CEO, Qantas Loyalty)
    Jayne Hrdlicka – CEO Qantas Loyalty & Digital Ventures (currently CEO, Jetstar Group)
    Tino La Spina* – CFO, Qantas Group
    Rob Marcolina* – Group Executive Strategy, Transformation & IT
    Andrew Parker* – Group Executive Government, International and Regulatory Affairs
    Alison Webster – CEO Qantas International (currently Executive Manager, Freight, Catering & Airports)
    Olivia Wirth – Chief Customer Officer (currently Group Executive, Brand, Marketing & Corporate Affairs)

    Gareth seems to be supplementing his Senate pension rather nicely .. i doubt it will be easy t\o entice him back into politics )

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    I bet anything Shorten cant drive a Mack Truck,

    Bob Hawke.! Another.

    Lord Acton.

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    Now Barnaby has 4 girls.
    Thats a bad record to start with.

    Any idiot knows that timing is what its all about when it comes to having boys.
    Except Barnaby.

    Does he go off before he gets it in?

    Obviously Failed Biology.

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    a ban WON'T work ( it will only add a kinky , naughty, illicit element to the misadventure )

    my proposal is to change the national anthem and SHAME THEM back into the crevices they multiply in

    failed biology ?? failed trustworthiness and ethics ( would YOU let him overseas with all those femme-fatale foreign agents , lurking )

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    ....all well and good that pollies aren't "slipping a length" into their staffers.....but they are still screwing every hard working taxpayer.....guess no pollie would sign up to that

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    Haha! I love Putin's sense of humor! Such a big man and not worried about making some good jokes. Somehow I am against this sex ban. What the hell? MPs are not people; they do not have desires and fetishes. Like why the ban is not applied to all employers and employees that do infringe the law by doing sex at the workplace or with their boss. And I do not get how these ministers have the guts to go to such a risk when they can access a girl they prefer. I'm just recommending the site because I use their services. I do not see sense in risking your career and reputation like that.

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