NXXT trade

  1. 5.5k

    Does anyone know what the code NXXT is?


  2. 5.6k


    A National Best Bid/Offer Crossing is a crossing transaction which meets the conditions set out in the relevant Rules.

    A National Best Bid/Offer Crossing may be executed in Equity Market products.

    Order and Trade History

    National Best Bid/Offer Crossings are displayed to all ASX Trade users in

    the Trade History window with a condition code of NXXT.

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  3. 13.0k

    I was just looking into myself - noticed a few NX XX in NWE - see link below

    NBBO Crossing Trade Report

    - same broker


  4. 3.9k

    Not sure what they are. I get them confused with the CXXT, which are the same as broker XT, except that they're for parcels of more than one value. This is how you can get SP's on a CXXT of $21.055 (normally not possible, as shares of that value should trade on cent boundaries).

  5. 5.5k

    Tks guys. it was just a tiny trade on neu.

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  7. 876

    im seeing these nxxt trading codes appearing everywhere? is there a reason for that.

  8. 11.6k

    Grrrrrrrr links not working. Try this one:

    http://On 29 August 2011, ASX issued ASX Trade Technical Bulletin 15/11 titled ASX Trade Production: Competition Market Integrity Rules – Mandatory Release – Information & Schedule advising a number of changes to existing functionality within ASX Trade to comply with its obligations as a Market Operator. One of these changes is the introduction of a new condition (trade report) code – NX – to allow for off-market crossings at or between the National Best Bid or Offer (NBBO) spread to be reported using existing Two Sided Trade Report Transaction in the ASX Trade Open Interface. Information on the NBBO Crossing Trade Reports is also available in the document titled ASX Circular No: 408/11 – ASX Trade Production: competition Market Integrity Rules.

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