Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application (PRP)

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    Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application (PRP)
    PRP — platelet-enriched plasma or a source of salvation for yourself!
    The treatment of a patient at the expense of his own natural resources is not just one of the newest areas of orthopedics, but also the safest. Healing by the internal resources of the body is called a miracle by many.
    "Treatment with enriched platelet plasma is a unique therapy for relieving the patient from joint pain with deforming arthrosis, pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments with sports injuries, pain in the shoulder (shoulder—scapular periarthropathy), and even pain with heel spur."
    I recommend reading here about our PlasmoliftingPRP courseThe use of autologous enriched platelet plasma makes it possible to realize the "useful" properties of blood in cases where there are problems with tissue repair, the presence of a chronic inflammatory process. PRP therapy allows you to make all the tissues in the damaged area begin to recover more actively and accelerate healing, stop inflammatory reactions of the body, relieve persistent pain. Orthopedists all over the world use this unique technique widely in sports medicine, where the speed of recovery of an athlete is of great importance, while maximum efficiency, safety, and the absence of the possibility of obtaining positive doping tests are guaranteed.
    "In the treatment of arthrosis, it is of great importance that the use of PRP helps to slow down the destruction of cartilage tissue and even repair — the restoration of damaged cartilage tissue, and a lasting therapeutic effect is reliably achieved. PRP promotes the production of its own synovial fluid by the body, while there is no rejection, it is not a drug, that is, it does not cause additional risks, safely and effectively."
    PRP therapy is now actively used by orthopedists in the treatment of arthrosis (coscarthrosis and gonarthrosis of stages 1-2-3. The most effective therapy is in the initial stages. The patient's plasma-enriched tendinitis and ligamentitis (inflammation of the Achilles tendon, inflammation of the patellar ligament), epicondylitis ("tennis player's elbow", golfer's elbow"), shoulder-scapular periarthritis, subacromial syndrome) are treated.
    "In order for PRP therapy to be as successful as possible, we recommend that you prepare well for it. First, we check the patient for anemia and the presence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. 10-15 days before blood collection, we need to stop taking anticoagulation and / or antithrombotic drugs (for example, aspirin), completely refuse to take alcohol and smoking and add more fruits to the diet, especially those containing vitamin C."
    In the absence of contraindications, the patient's own blood is taken from the patient, processed in such a way that the platelet plasma turns out to be about five times more than in normal blood and then injected into the joint under the control of ultrasound. The sensations for the patient are comparable to a normal injection, but the result most often exceeds all expectations.Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application (PRP)

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