Paid help for newbie forex investor

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    I am 27 and planning to invest some savings of about 120k. I chose forex market to invest a part of this .

    The aim is to target about 5-10% ( approximately/hoping/dreaming) return monthly. I know I wont make money in all months.

    But I want to use a tighter risk management to protect my capital

    Help (Paid) I need :

    1. Can you help me in developing a strategy for finding people to follow in social trading sites like etoro, zulutarde , currensee, tradency This can be hourly pay or a profit sharing job .

    2. If you offer a managed account or PAMM account I will be interested but I will need verifiable track record

    Apart from these If anybody of you have any suggestions /interest to help a newbie investor to make some informed decisions please feel free to drop a note here or emaaail to --here at stands for @

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    Forex is the fastest way to lose your money.

    You are not an "investor" in forex, so much as a "gambler" and a "muppet waiting to be fleeced".

    It is certainly no place for beginners.

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    no place for me either . :)

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    Nope. Here are some scary stats:Based on the latest filings from GAIN Capital, which has more than 64,000 retail accounts, 72% of its customers lost money during the fourth quarter. In the prior quarter, 77% lost money.

    As if those startling statistics werent enough, heres another even more telling one: Client attrition rates at FOREX brokers check in at 15% to 25%. Thats three to five times the attrition rate for online stockbrokers.

    So three out of four FOREX investors lose money each quarter. And within one year almost all new investors give up.

    Those are lousy odds. But many people still think they can trump them. What are they thinking?

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    i made money on the racetracks by choosing to play against or parallel to the crooks (the crooks don't always win but their losses are that often), but when you can't actually see the game in play (like computer gaming) you really are asking for a big chunk of luck -- often . too rich (risky ) for me .

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    You are getting way too excited ---

    First - dont assume everything

    second - The questions is not whetehr to invest in forex or not

    How to invest in forex is the question - If you dont know answer to that question f off to another thread.

    Also you can convey your message with out being judgemental

    Another i_d_iot wasting peoples time

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    Little upset?

    Wasnt the answer you wanted to hear?

    Skip is here to help.

    The link below will assist you in your forex quest .

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    "judgemental"????? The Word was being informative - See the Statistics he gave.

    Emotional replies, such as yours, add nothing to the discussion and swearing at others is rather crass, uncouth and immature.

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    You are not an "investor" in forex, so much as a "gambler" and a "muppet waiting to be fleeced".

    what does he calling me a gambler say -- Is it not "judgemental"

    So evryone trying to enter in to forex trading is a gambler ? even soem one who is willing to learn / even someone who trades with proper risk management and following the plan laid out depending on his risk taking capability

    did he answer my question : how to trade in forex

    he answered : do i trade in forex in a rude way

    Now you understand how much he is contributing and how much you are contributing

    He says no newbie should enter -- Does that not sound ridiculous

    SO he says nobody in he world should do froex trading from now-- Without being a newbie first hw can one gain experience -- perhaps he or you might know a way to become experienced forex trder invetsor from day one... I did no use harsh_words on you as you did not use any

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    feeling too smart ...

    wasnt the answer you wanted to hear from a newbie - you wanted to hear a thank you note by answering rudely --

    you tried to use some link to ocnvey you t_i_m_id i__t and an a__h_o_le

    see you know what they meant immeadiately..because you are one

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    Well, TELL us "how to invest" in forex.

    What do you already know?

    Are the statistics offered by The Word familiar to you, David?

    And YES - You ARE "Gambling" with forex currency movements. Few would disagree, mate.

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    You are asking the question back to me -- I have some basic knowledge but dont think that is the aim of this thread-- reread my post and if you have anything useful to contribute , please do so

    If I think I had all the information and know everything in forex amrket do you see a reason why I would post this -- That is precisely teh reason why I am requesting for paid help

    If you say I am "gambling" - I can say yes you are a "uninformed M_o_ron "

    I am not disagreeing with the statistics provided - but I dont base my decisions on a single research - do you know what are the assumptions in tht research - do you think that sample set represents the whole world truly - This is posted in something called wallstreet daily - do you know he authors credentials-- Even people who were invited by big channels like cnbc , wallstreet journal turn out to be total fakes and ended up in jails -- So you might get an idea of what is happening but not teh whole picture

    Out of those 75% investors how many are new investors / did tehy follow the best practices-- there might be a guy who invested 200$ for 3 days and withdrew after he lost 40$ - do you think you should base your decision on this guy --

    yes there ar emany people who think this is easy money and dive without proper help or knowledge

    But that happens in evry field , real estate , stock market , forex markt , small businesses -- an un informed user will fail in any venture

    Else if you have earned lot of money investing -- give us some useful insights - will be useful for anybody visiting this thread in future after all the above nonsense

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    have you heard of spell check?

  14. 2.0k


    All the best with your forex endeavours and your "learning experience".

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

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    heaave yeaou ehard aeof time waste -- as i said if u have nthng to contribute ..pls go to other treads

    I do acknowledge the fact that you made lot of money spell checking and that spell check if implemented is also going to make me lot of money

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    thnk you for the "knowledge" you shared :D :D :D :D :roll:

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