Polexit? Polish court rules EU push for LGBT laws & legal reform incompatible with its constitution

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    well from the Poles i have met they are certainly independent-minded enough

    they might have the old Yugoslavia problem ( equally worried Russia or NATO would invade ) , but they might find an all in Hungary which isn't enthralled in the EU dream either

    will be interesting times if the EU stats fragmenting

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    Hungary: Orban backs Polish court ruling challenging EU law


    Russia rejects Council of Europe demand to repeal country's ban of LGBT propaganda that targets children, accuses body of 'abuse of power'


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    Perhaps someone here knows whether it is possible to get rid of their past convictions?

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    In my opinion, this is a violation of countries' sovereignty because any interference in the laws of another country is a gross violation, which the government must suppress. In general, the legal sphere is a very subtle science, which can adjust to any situation. And we can bypass even the strictest law. That happens both in political relations and in relations between ordinary people. Now it is even possible to get rid of your past convictions legally. As far as I know, that's what this company does https://www.erasethecase.com/blog/what-does-a-florida-expungement-lawyer-do/. That further proves the fact I cited above. The law is a very flexible thing.

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