Print industry saved by NBN

  1. 61.0k

    a video released on the weekend features a critique of the NBN featuring Malcolm Turnbull doing a satirical insight into NBN mail out kits :shock leftie commo comics lookout a right wit is rising !!

  2. 5.2k

    Funny as ...., sure makes the NBN look the greatest waste of money yet by the ALP - but then, we all knew that anyway. :evil:

    I just wish they'd fix the Pacific Highway, bugger the broadband "superhighway"! :roll:

  3. 61.0k

    not only was it funny look at the market !! :shock Malcolm does a comedy about waste and the XAO is up 15 points more i expected !!!

  4. 6.9k

    I tell you what if one puts a blog on the ratbag sites saying the Coalition is going to sell off the NBN the trolls come crawling out of drains, holes, ceilings, etc and start to rave uncontrollably.

  5. 61.0k

    if they want the damn thing maybe they should build it themselves (even digging the trenches by hand would be closer to the scheduled finish) when they get it up and running they can porn and doco themselves to death with it .

  6. 6.9k

    Here is a picture of Miss Gillard standing in front of Australia just before the next election as the reforms that Australia had to have as required by Miss Gillard's childhood FABIAN fantasy reach a magnificent conclusion.----RIP AUSTRALIA----

  7. 61.0k

    nah !! another half-assed job and she is so stupidly proud of it as well (i can still see the sun) . probably stopped for the cameras !! :(

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