QXR $$ dirt cheap gold play

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    drill drill coming end jan cheap as chips imo

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    cheap as chips worth a watch..dyor

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    They barely have a smell of gold. But you know that. Bit of a joke so far. Might look again if they find something besides shareholder pockets.

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    buy $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ wait and see ,,multi nic dyor

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    dyor. I did. Nothing there. Wait for a drill program.

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    Look at their LT chart. It is hilarious. Good gig though.

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    luv it. watch and see what comes dyor

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    Yes, a large CR is coming. That is quite obvious. Probably to raise around $3 million? How many shares is that at 1.2¢?

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    Speaking of gold. Real gold. Someone has dumped their wad a couple hours ago. But POG has resumed the march upwards. When will it stop? Not tonight. I like RSG.

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    A couple big dumps going thru this evening. Is that the FED? Who else would it be. LOL, in damage control. They should give up - and let the POG go free. Damage has been done - by their organ-grinders. For every dump, there is an opposite reaction. Can hardly wait for the NY open.

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    Smart operators qx. Using radiometric potassium to ID targets. As they note epithermal fluid interaction produces potassium. Drummond Basin potassium deficient. Hence, potassium ID a fingerprint for epithermal alteration. Backing these guys all the way. If there is good gold they will find it

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    boom boom coming ?? drilling very soon dyor

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    pop $$$$$$$$

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    How QX Resources (ASX:QXR) can rev up Australian gold production?
    January 28, 2021 11:03 AM AEDT Kunal Sawhney
    How QX Resources (ASX:QXR) can rev up Australian gold production?
    Buoyed by a bull rush for the yellow metal, ASX-listed gold players have seen an impeccable rally in the recent past.
    QXR has an earn-in agreement with Zamia Resources, which owns four exploration tenements in the highly prospective and proven Central Queensland goldfields.
    Belyando and Lucky Break Mines, with historical combined production of ~95,000 oz of gold at the project area, have been identified as target areas for future exploration programs.

    The striking rise in the inclination towards gold-related investments in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic pushed the yellow metal to a record high of US$2,064 an ounce in August 2020.

    Despite the pandemic creating an abysmal investment scenario on the equity markets, the yellow metal emerged as a saviour, offering huge returns. Significantly, the COVID-19 volatility in 2020 led to an impeccable gold rally as investors turned to the safe haven asset.

    Gold Price in USD Per Ounce (Source: Refinitiv Eikon)

    Gold Turning the Economic Wheel Amidst the Pandemic
    Gold is currently hovering around US$1,870 an ounce, allowing gold players to make the most of the opportunity by maximising their margins. The strong gold-backed ETFs and central bank purchases have accelerated the pace on the gold charts. The remarkable performance of the yellow commodity in the midst of the weak economic environment has reinvigorated the confidence of investors, gold explorers, and miners.

    As per the World Gold Council, in the year 2020, gold-backed ETFs registered a record annual net inflow of 877 tonnes. This led to an increase in their gold holdings by more than one-third, consequently reaching 3,752 tonnes, an all-time high in tonnage.

    The rise in gold prices has also attracted interest towards exploration in prolific regions. As per the Resources and Energy Major Projects 2020 report, gold exploration expenditure in Australia skyrocketed to approximately A$1.2 billion in 2019-20, representing ~42% of the total mineral exploration expenditure in the country.

    Also, according to the Resources and Energy Quarterly report, Australia aims to emerge as the world’s largest gold producer in 2021. As record prices encourage an expansion in production, gold mine production of the country is projected to reach a record 384 tonnes in the year 2021-22, the December 2020 edition of the report highlighted.

    While this would be a major feat, a strong portfolio of gold projects is required to boost the country’s gold output.

    In light of the above, let us look at one ASX-listed gold exploration company QX Resources Limited (ASX: QXR), previously Hipo Resources Limited.

    QX Resources in Central Queensland Goldfields
    QX Resources Limited is focused on progressing developments at its exploration assets in Queensland. The Company has an earn-in agreement with Zamia Resources Pty Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Zamia Metals, owning four exploration tenements in the Central Queensland goldfields.

    The project area stretches over ~115km2 and comprises two open pit historical gold mines, namely the Belyando and Lucky Break Mines, which are strewn with numerous exploration targets. These historical mines produced over ~95,000 oz gold from the near surface mining operations during late 1980s and early 1990s.

    Under the earn-in agreement, QXR holds the option to increase its holding from 50% to 90% in Zamia Resources.

    Good Read: QX Resources (ASX: QXR) on right track in its quest for Australian gold

    Lucky Break Exploration Tenure Extended by 5 Years
    Late last year, QXR announced the renewal of exploration permit (EPM 14790) for an additional five years commencing from 12 January 2021. The tenement hosts the highly prospective Lucky Break Mine and stretches over a prolific ground of 2,576 hectares.

    The Company has identified Lucky Break Mine as a priority target and a drill program is being planned to confirm historical assay results. The Company is also planning to further test extensions of the mineralisation along the strike and beneath historical mining pit floor, which is less than 50 metres deep.

    Disney Tenement - QXR has identified a 675-metre-long gold anomaly, which was identified during the 2nd phase soil orientation survey at the Disney tenement (EPM 17703). The Company plans an expansive exploration program to target high-priority areas including the large gold anomaly at Red Dog.

    Large Gold in Soil Anomaly Identified at Ibis
    Late last year, the Company found a gold in soil anomaly, 600 metres in diameter, during the second phase of the soil orientation survey at the Ibis prospect. It is located on the Mazeppa Extended tenement (EPM 15145) in the Clermont goldfields.

    The explorer has already concluded the infill soil sampling program at Ibis and the final 140 sample records were added to the 1,160 local soil geochemistry database, identifying the large gold anomaly.

    QXR has planned costeaning to determine the spatial controls and undertake a RC drilling program to follow up at the Ibis gold anomaly.

    For a detailed discussion, read QX Resources (ASX: QXR) Up 14% on ASX; Identifies 600m-Diameter Gold Anomaly at Ibis

    QXR traded at $0.022 a share on 28 January 2021 (AEDT 10:50 AM), up more than 22% from the last close.

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    Eureka! Gold find turns small town’s eyesore into $30m windfall
    The mine sludge area in wetlands at Beaconsfield, Tasmania.
    The mine sludge area in wetlands at Beaconsfield, Tasmania.
    In an extraordinary eureka moment, gold worth an estimated $30m has been found in a contaminated wasteland in Tasmania’s north, turning a town’s environmental eyesore into an economic bonanza.

    A swamp in Beaconsfield, the small town that became a household name in the 2006 mine rescue, has built up a slimy, red sludge deposited by water flushed from the mine as far back as the 1870s.

    London-listed NQ Minerals, which last year paid just $2m for the mothballed Beaconsfield Gold Mine, decided to test the unsightly muck for gold and was “very pleasantly surprised” by the results.


    Baillieu’s sweet success in America
    Not only was there gold amid the grime, but in unexpected commercial qualities and quantities.

    “We’ve done some 300 samples across the area and on average we’re getting a (gold) grade of 3.2 grams per tonne,” said NQ executive director Roger Jackson.

    “The average mine in Australia is less than 1.5 grams per tonne. But we don’t have to drill and blast it, we don’t have to crush it or even grind it. It’s already fine enough to be put straight in the plant to have the gold leached out of it.”

    READ MORE:Coalition turf war in ALP heartland|Teenage girls ‘enjoyed’ filming fatal assault|Anderson makes comeback with the Nats|Victoria to establish sexual harassment taskforce
    In mining terms, it’s money for jam — and lots of it. “There should be 13,000 ounces produced, so depending on the $A gold price, it’s in excess of $30m worth of gold,” Mr Jackson said.

    Suddenly, a longstanding environmental problem — a contaminated wasteland — has become a significant economic opportunity.

    “What’s really extraordinary is that dozens of people over decades have looked at this (sludge) as a problem and tried to resolve it — and no one ever tested for gold.

    “There are reams of paper: studies about what the material is and it’s been tested for every ­element, except gold and silver.

    “We did (test for gold) and were very pleasantly surprised. We kept testing and kept coming up with good grades.

    “The 3.2 (grams per tonne) is the average but there are grades as high as 10 grams.”

    Revenue from exploiting this waste will fund development of mining tunnels to restart the mine proper, mothballed in 2012 because of low gold prices and the need to recapitalise to reach deeper gold deposits.

    “It’s the perfect stepping stone to the main game of going underground,” Mr Jackson said.

    Locals who have heard the news couldn’t be happier, with dozens of jobs to be created, flow-on benefits for local businesses, and the town’s eyesore to be restored to a natural wetlands.

    “We are really excited; it’s something that over coming years will inject a lot of vibrancy into the town and give a lot of employment opportunity, not just for Beaconsfield but the region as a whole,” said Rolph Vos, general manager West Tamar Council. roger runs qxr about to drill in qld

    Matthew Denholm is a multi

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