Renewable energy

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    Australia's main grid hits new renewable energy record of 50.4%.
    That's an historical milestone.

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    The Adani coalmine negates any benefit that might come from a renewable energy record even if it was true , the LNP have the worst environmental record of any government in Australia's history.

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    the state needs that railway and too broke to build it themselves and not game to get the Chinese to build it

    renewable doesn't work without suitable battery technology .. just ask California

    all about the railway for transport in that area .. the climate is just being held hostage
    the ALP have had plenty of time to build that railway but i bet they haven't even put out tenders

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    " renewable energy doesn't work without suitable battery technology "

    It all takes time, it's not one or the other at the moment. Renewable energy is a developing industry. You could say at 50% renewable, we are halfway there. When the sun is shining and the wind is blowing, renewable energy is providing the power, when it's not then the coal can takeover.
    As battery technology develops and becomes established then the percentage renewable will increase with less dependence on coal.

    You also must realize that any new coal generator will be built with more efficiency than the earlier ones which are now wearing out and not performing properly.

    Get out on the roads today and it is endless traffic, how much pollution does that cause ?
    So the EV industry is fast developing to account for this as well.

    A new world is developing, it's a " Virtual Reality " !!!

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    public transport in Brisbane is pathetic and non existent in many growing residential areas on the cities fringes , many people living on the outskirts of cities like Brisbane have zero employment prospects if they don't own private transport .

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    battery research is happening , and energy efficiency is progressing as well

    but haste often creates extra problems .. why use the stick approach when the carrot works much better

    oh shit i forget governments have to look useful ( even though they rarely are )

    think of all those international talkfests on regulations needing extra carbon emissions to attend

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