Restaurant equipment

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    Hi folks, I want to open a restaurant in Sidney. Where a can find restaurant equipment?

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    Heh, this is a funny name Solohin. Well buddy I can give you by myself any answers you are looking for. I am in restaurant business for a while and can tell you what do you want to know. About how to manage this business and how treat customers and your employees. About the equipment I don't know your budget but is having really good technique(in my opinion), I am buying from him all the technique and by me it is really good. If you want to know more, tell me, I am here for you.

  3. 3.6k

    ebay.....usually plenty of it there......after that gumtree......You do know you might get lucky with a 2-3% profit margin.....

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    There should be special companies with that can offer you everything for restaurants.

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    He should understand that owning a restaurant is a huge responsibility because you have to hire the best cookers and to find a good place that will provide you with freshest food products. It is hard to work in theFood Services industry, because you feed someone and it is enough one time to make someone feel bad because of the food and then the entire image of the restaurant will fall down. You should take care of it and I wish you good luck with your business.

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