Roast Bolar Beef

  1. 264

    Mrs jus lubed me an said anal me
    Faarrrrkkkkkiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn good
    She now asking bout wat websits I on
    She lookin now

  2. 264

    Mrs jus asked what is top stocks
    I said jus place I hang out wif frends
    She said who is carabineiri chick trying hook up wif you
    I said jus sum old bitch who what's big cok
    She said bitch better fuk of or gonna smash her face in

    Jus sayin carabeeni
    You better hang lo

  3. 83.9k

    carabineiri is a female ?? are you sure ???

    when i was in Italy in 1990 they are the coppers who get to openly carry sub-machine guns and guard government buildings

    BTW i also worked in a top ( international ) hotel for a while and there was hardly and there was hardly a female in the kitchen staff of the three restaurants , even the dishwasher was a Vietnamese guy

  4. 83.9k

    they often look a bit like this guy ( or meaner )

  5. 264

    Carabeeni seems bit like Gloria.
    Cud be he or she or somewhere in batween
    Gloria used 2 giv me blowies down dark alley at nite
    Bit sus but as my uncle used to say- a standing cok has no morals

  6. 264

    New Mrs sayin cum over 4 blowie
    Mrs sayin we need to talk
    Keep u guyz in loop

  7. 264

    Mrs sat me down an ask u like fuking me an I said yes
    Mrs said fuk me lik u luv me
    So I fuked her doggiestyle sayin luv you baby
    She said fuk me harder like u making babies
    I said fuking u harder lik Makin babies
    Bak home now an mom starting to make dinna
    Mom ask how girl is an I say great
    Said she will ask her mom to have me over 4 dinner tomorrow nite

  8. 264

    Sunday nite
    At Mrs mum place
    Mrs says at dinna we Startin family cos luv each other
    Older brothers say look after her or else an shake ma hand
    I'm lik faaaarrrrrrkkkkkkkkk

  9. 264

    Mrs want meet tonite an fuk an start family
    Says off pill

  10. 264

    Mrs mom shouted er away 4 weekend wif frend.
    Mrs mom now texting me com ova an hav drink
    Need 2 talk
    Seems weird

  11. 264

    Txt bak
    She gud
    Said 1 of her friends be there

  12. 264

    Here now
    Mrs mom an her frend sittin besid me on couch
    Both have fat titties an shoein clivage
    Said need go tolet
    In here now
    Finking fucken hell

  13. 264

    Finking they want root

  14. 264

    Mrs mom went shop get smokes an wine
    Frend all ova me
    Grate fuk grate tits cum ova her face
    Mrs mom came bak
    Gave her frend filfy look
    Walkin home now
    Gotta have Dina there tomorrow nite

  15. 264

    Holy faaarrrrrkkkkkkkkk
    Mrs ringing me fone
    I not answering

  16. 264

    Mrs keep ringing an ringing an ringin
    I torning fone off fellas

  17. 1

    Afternoon Forum Members,
    I am Jolena and partner of Mulletman.
    My friends and I have taken Mully to hospital today.
    He has had xrays on his hands. He is suffering multiple fractures and breaks due to heavy impacts from baseball bat. He is also to have multiple stitches within his rectum as baseball bat entered his cavity.
    He will no longer be participating on this forum.
    No further discussion will take place from either he or myself.

    Kind Regards

  18. 141

    One more nail in the coffin of this "forum" but nobody seems to care.
    No wonder the regulars here can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
    How much lower can it sink to before it is finally dead and buried along with these effing clowns that pollute it?

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  19. 83.9k

    i suppose we can't recruit Jolena as a extra moderator ( sigh )

    hopefully carabineiri can return with more photos

    it was sure better than the spam

  20. 447

    Hey boys,
    Have been calling in here and there for quick perve.
    Loved Mulletman, on his journey in life, sad to see his departure.
    Not hard to work out who the perpetrators of his injuries were. Bet he was sh.tting himself when Mrs and Co showed up. Wouldn't of surprised myself if was during early hours of morning when he was sleeping.
    Just thinking now, wonder if Jolenas Mums friend is also in hospital?

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