Scams: How to avoid losing your money to increasingly sophisticated scammers

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    ‘Elaborate’, ‘multi-staged’: Key thing that makes this bank email scam so malicious

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    They are getting smart! My wife almost got scammed but she referred it to me.....just a couple weeks ago....An offer for funding a business startup.....It was from the US government...LOL....OK....offering to fund a worthy business Australia......This was sent to her from another excited nurse at the hospital....Communication was by Facebook Messenger, in text mode, and phone text with this US official....I looked her up (the official) some government office manager - but she had the same image with the US flag behind her.....All the spellings were straight US....I told my wife it is a scam...and showed her how to prove it. It was wife had already texted she had a business plan....but she was skeptical enough to let me know what I thought.....So I got to work....Took me a couple minutes to find this legitimate US government worker had her identity stolen and being who?

    So I instructed my wife to contact this individual via FB messenger text.....that she was interested in 200k got the reply it was LOL.....likely to be approved....

    The next time, a few minutes later, I told my wife to contact this 'person' again, BUT by FB Messenger Video call.......So it rang...and we saw about 10 seconds of this Nigerian nig-nog before the struggling jigaboo had the time to switch off the video camera........Another Nigerian scam from the jungle bunnies.....

    They are getting smart......The west really needs to cut their international lines.

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    They were most likely operating from a Australian Tax payer Funded Housing Commission Unit in Melbourne.
    I suppose they know how easy it is for China and our Pollies to Rip us off ,so they try as well.

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    If you want to avoid scammers, first you need to be very careful with your money, and you need to know the full process of making that money that's also very important in my opinion. If you are interested I know a ,way on the internet for making moneythat will keep you safe from scammers, you need to create your own online apps. It really works, I can assure you that. Just be careful guys, those scammers are really smart. Have a nice one.

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