shorten likes his pies hot!!

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    it is alledged that aspiring PM and labor minister had an argument with a lovely Asian Milk Bar owner because she had run out of pies!!

    He allegedly abused the woman because he thought she said Gillard was soft like a pie would be if she micro waved it for him. This arragant prat should realise that Milk Bar owners only make about $0.10c in the dollar and cannot afford to have too many fresh pies available all day just because some arroganat polly wants a pie for his son.

    The lady denys saying anything about Ms Gillard and in my opinion even if she did make a comment about her Gillard is her PM and as a voter she is entitled to have a view and express it.

    She claims he said the F word during the incident, he denys it, I believe her not him.

    The lack quality of Labor members is most disappointing.

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  2. 3.6k

    Had this been a Liberal pollie...

    What a joke the media has become...

    Geezus what a blow up about nothing...

    'rip rip woodchip turn into paper, throw it in the bin no news today'

  3. 1.9k

    Our future PM, ppl we should be so proud :(

  4. 3.6k

    Shorten will not be PM IMO... (not an elected PM anyway)

    I would vote for him over Abbott however...

  5. 6.9k

    I just don't know what to say.

  6. 6.9k

    Nightmare, dreaming - can't you hear the screaming?

    Stirs my blood

    gonna make a stand!

  7. 3.6k

    Then why post?


    Have a good weekend all...

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  9. 6.9k

    Who would believe anything a Labor pollie said ?Sounds like little Shorty is under a bit of pressure and things are not all going his way.Shorten's piping hot meat and greet SaveBy Jacqueline Maley Aug. 3, 2012, 4:43 p.m.Annie Huang owner of the North Carlton Convenience Store.All he wanted was a pie. Sometimes what a man needs is just that: a pie.But when federal workplace minister Bill Shorten walked into Carlton North Foods in Melbourne on Thursday afternoon to satisfy his straight-up longing for a tasty stew of mince meat encased in a crisp pastry shell, what he got was a hot serve of back-chat.The putative pie purveyor, shop-keeper Annie Huang, said she informed the Cabinet minister she was all out of hot pies. She would be happy to microwave one for him, she said, but it would be soft.Not everyone likes a soft pie.Upon hearing this disappointing news, Mr Shorten became abusive, Ms Huang told Fairfax radio.If true, he would certainly not be the first man thrown into a rage when so denied, but Mr Shorten narrates the story differently.He says that Ms Huang told him that the pies were "soft, like Julia Gillard". He took this as an insult to his leader, exited the shop and told her that he would no longer be purchasing her pies, or darkening her doorstep at all.Not even for a pastie or a mini-quiche.As with all great contemporary mysteries, CCTV footage was released.The film shows a mannish figure, unmistakably Shorten-esque, entering the shop, perusing the goods, and then walking out soon after, in what may or may not be a huff. Oh - and look now! - there he pauses at the door, swivels his head and retorts something in the direction of the cash register.In an effort to clear up the misunderstanding, Mr Shorten gave a doorstop interview, with what will surely go down as the greatest lament in Australian political history: "I think she was giving me political advice when all I wanted was a hot pie".But Ms Huang said that what she actually said was: "The pie will be soft. I like Julia Gillard."Which is surely the greatest non-sequitur in Australian political history.Mr Shorten apologised and Ms Huang will no doubt recover from the episode.What have we learned?That politics and pastry don't mix, that the Labor right does not take kindly to being labelled "soft", and that microwaved pies never did please anyone.

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    Why??? Shorten will lead us to a union controlled disaster!! Wake up people. Labor is hopeless dont get sucked in by their fake personas!

  11. 3.4k

    I saw Billy Boy on TV trying to explain what happened..Im sure I saw his nose growing every time he spoke.

  12. 10.7k

    That means if he dyes his hair red we will have a pidgeon pair of evil lying morons, then all we have to do is convince Swan to join them, he's a bit slow on the uptake though :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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  13. 3.4k

    so does that make it the 3 stooges???

  14. 10.7k

    No that would be at least three of the faceless men that back these three morons

  15. 15.6k

    I still can't understand why the shop owner didn't throw the pie at Shorten? Was a once in a lifetime chance.

    She would have become an overnight sensation and have been everyones hero!

  16. 10.7k

    Bit slow on the uptake I guess and would have wasted the cost of the pie plus her 10cents profit. Shyte I would have let him have it and added sauce at no extra cost :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

  17. 61.0k

    after being friends with a few varieties of Asians i am very surprised she didn't try to turn into "pie filling " .would have been popular in LNP pet circles , they really could have enjoyed S**T on Shingle . :)

  18. 3.4k

    Why doesnt Shorten stop harrassing lady workers on his day off?? If this was Abbot can you imagine what the Labor idiots would be doing on TV/Radio interviews etc about him and the incident!

  19. 10.7k

    Now all we need is to through in that idiot I'm trying to sing and dance Emerson twit. Then we would almost a full house. Only need one more twit have the three morons

  20. 61.0k

    didn't you watch the ABC comedy series Bill (the pet) was always around Julia's heels, maybe life imitates comedy in the ALP. :wink:

  21. 61.0k

    1 out of 100 more possibles -- any particular gender ?? too easy !!

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