star trader

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    Dose anyone know anything about a system called star trader?..

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    If you are thinking of purchasing, I would suggest that you approach it with caution. Before siging up analyse it very carefully, it may not meet the expected calims made by the supplier.


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    I have been approached several times over a number of years to buy into this "system" of trading. The latest being a couple of months ago. In the latest approach I mentioned to the "sales" person that it sounded similar to something I looked at years ago. The sales person denied this. My advice to you is, do what I did, run a couple of searchs through google using "star trader" "black box systems". I'm sure it will be enlightening.

    I'm not saying that Star trader won't identify some good trades but I don't like systems I don't understand and I trust even less people who talk about secret formules and methods. I don't know how much they have offered their product for in this case but I know of offers of anywhere between $3000 and $10000 for their system.

    There are plenty of programs around that cost a tenth of these prices and offer great results by searching on technical indicators. Some examples are Phoenix AI and Omni Trader 2004 and there are many others.

    Finally, next time you speak to the "sales person" ask them why they are trying to flog this product instead of using it to make a living trading.

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    a relative of mine spent 10,000$ on a black box system - i wont name names, but it was for currency trading.

    the owner is now hiding out in the UK and my relative ended up deleting the software from his computer to save on disk space.

    waste of time.

    be careful when dealing with black boxes.... there is normally a reason why you can't look inside.

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