Startrader coming up the outside....

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    Hi Everyone,

    Well I don't know if anyone is watching this StarTradering test, but it looks like we are moving in a positive direction.

    In the Hall of Fame, StarTrader has taken 21st position, just endging infront of The Insider Trader.....

    And on the monthly leader board has pulled into 9th position just in front of his old friend Halo.

    Mate is StarTrader doing alright or what???

    Maybe I was a little generous giving it only a 3% margin over 5-9days. But I guess imagine the compound on such quick trading.

    Surely the StarTrader program can't keep this run up.

    Risky at this rate you better pull your finger out mate.

    Anyway we will see

    Happy Trading


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    Keep up the good work Startrader. I'll have to start tipping again soon to try and catch up:)



  3. 842

    just like that.... 28.50%

    I've lost 500k points as well

    very volitial market at the moment... if trading do it with strong fundamentals....

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    Well thats the market....Looks like the program is not going to be able to predict the strange psychology of a market. I guess there is now psychology factor written into the algorithm....but anyway thats the part of the test.

    I guess I will make a note here that, I am pushing this Startrader very hard. In reality you wouldn't obviously place money on every hit you get from you scan.

    I have been tipping the first 48 of stocks between $0-1 and then the next 48 of $1-100, these are ordered using the % Profitability for a Trade using the formula values loaded at the beginning of the month. These range from 100% down to about 65%, maybe if I just chose the top 100% you might see a completely different result.

    I have traded on hits in the past and have done very well. This is why the disclaimer is worded as it is. But i do think the way MCI market it as a 20-30 min scan and choose is a little far fetched. And aiming this at people new to the share market is very irresponsible indeed.

    Looking at these results regardless of the market fall there is a lot more to buying shares than just using a technical analysis. Fundamentals as Risky said above is very important in trading. And the trades I have done well in were seen using StarTrader but it took alot more than 20-30 min choosing one with fundamentals.

    Anyway I think we are seeing alot from this little test, I do challenge Insider Trader (Keith) to place at least 20 tips a night on TS to test his program for us to see. But maybe there will be bias, as from what i understand your program (Neliesen Indicator) does not scan the whole market in like 2 mins and spit out the results.

    Correct me if I am wrong, the NI is a one stock at a time input and is ideal to be used predominantly on your watchlist of say 50 stocks. Is it able to scan the whole market at once??

    Time will tell

    Happy Trdaing


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    I will start tipping hard again as soon as I free up some time.

    With regards to scanning the market with the Nielsen Supply Demand Indicator, we can entire scans of the whole market within seconds and then look at the results. This is done on the PhoenixAI software package.

    In reality, I have 3 basic scans and set a time limit of 8 minutes to choose stocks. Its a good basis for a starting point to save time, and as you know in this day and age of too much information thats a good thing.



  6. 6.7k

    Hi Keith

    Would you care to post those basic scans you use? Not the results but how you set the scan up.


  7. 2.5k

    HI Keith,

    Hmm thats nice. I didn't realise it could scan the market. I haven't given it much time to research though.... maybe I should.

    Thanks for the info Keith.


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