Step aside Craig, here come Michael...

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    Juliar Gillard has let down women by supporting Craig Thomson

    Secretly, Labor MPs are telling themselves that they have months before the allegations relating to Craig Thomson are finally resolved.

    They are so desperate to stay in power that they hope to use this time to somehow convince voters they really do stand for something.

    Can't Juliar do anything right...

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    HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson walked into Surry Hills police station this morning and spent more than an hour with senior detectives outlining concerns about improper conduct.

    "I've come today because I've concerns about the organisation and how money has been spent in the organisation," Ms Jackson told reporters after the meeting.

    "And there may be corrupt activities occurring within the Health Services Union."

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    Good to see at least someone in the union has the guts to stand up against the corruption and do the right thing by there members.

    Well done Kathy Jackson

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