Stock market crash/slump ?

  1. 3.9k

    Are we going to have a crash/slump, or was March it ?
    It appears to be a bit of a balancing act between the on going corona virus and restrictions applied, along with continuing/dis-continuing stimulant packages.
    As we know the stock market behaviour is not synchronized with economic performance but more the prediction of it or at least companies and their survival or success possibilities.
    March was definitely a big fall and since then its been a gradual climb back up.
    Will this continue ?
    Perhaps it needs another event to cause another fall.
    Could be a cure for the virus by the end of the year which would have to stimulate the market.

  2. 81.7k

    i have not seen enough to call this a genuine recovery

    but history shows us the US markets will be propped up until after the presidential election

    but recently many new records have been set , will history rhyme or are these unprecedented times

    i will have a plan for each major move ( that is likely )

    with some exceptions the market is horribly over-valued on future earnings

    the virus isn't the problem , HUGE financial debt is

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  3. 3.9k

    If HUGE financial debt is the problem then the virus is the cause of the problem.
    You will never solve the problem until you either come to terms with, or eliminate, the cause.

    A proven vaccine or cure would be a sign to the markets that things can return to normal ( as far as that is possible ) and therefore predicting the future and where to invest your money easier.

    Meanwhile I'm still favoring a decent amount of cash.

  4. 81.7k

    i disagree ,

    the Repo crisis was in September , and the yield curve inversion was last year as well

    the virus has been a blip on the radar HOWEVER political mismanagement has been epic

    as an example WHAT IF Australia had closed international borders in January or as late as Mid-February

    if those silly temperature checks and isolation was going to work they would have been fantastic in FEBRUARY , but no we even let in INFECTED cruise ships .. we could easily have sent them to Xmas Island to quarantine and flown medical staff as needed

    if you probe deep enough you realize the GFC was only papered over this crash was always coming BUT it would have looked like a global bank meltdown , what we have is a massive bank bailout dressed up as a virus crisis ( and the guilt and debt placed on the masses )

    a 'proven vaccine' ??? how nobody is testing it properly in 5 years time the vaccine will have been tested on the global guinea pigs ( who will pay to be tested on )

    the only drug on the horizon is hopium ( more bullshit dressed up as a bright future ) all the safeguards on bank stability and robust assets has been dropped if the financial gangsters have been let loose again how can any economy improve this is fair worse than the GFC NINJA loans these loans are on a global scale .. look at Mr Magoo's first home buyer loans .. ALL the things you do NOT want a home owner to be AND right from the start

    they would have been better buying the house putting the new owner in and using a rent/buy system .. so until paid off the GOVERNMENT would own the house worries about bank collapses etc etc

  5. 6.9k

    it gives me no pleasure to see the millions of Australians who were fooled by Magoo and the Liberal Nazi Party having their lives destroyed by the lying rabble they voted for. In 5 years time Australia will be exactly as it was in the convict days everyone will be considered a criminal or a potential criminal most people will be locked up in prisons and concentration camps .

  6. 81.7k

    but Western Socialist governments like Germany are doing exactly the same

    just remember crime is an equal opportunity employer

  7. 3.9k

    A fairly realistic summation on the state of and outlook for the share market.
    No precise timelines involved but more about the current hype as against the more stable fundamentals.

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  8. 3.9k
  9. 81.7k

    WBC is not so cheerful either

    not enough blood to get me excited but some companies will be reporting next week

    more than i whiff of pessimism in the air , i think

  10. 81.7k

    No ‘junk’: How the Sydney Stock Exchange plans to reinvent itself

    this could be a interesting twist , some of my delisted stocks might reappear here in the future

    i wonder if the online trading platforms will take up the challenge ( i might need another online broker )

    i hold some delisted 'crypto'-related stocks

  11. 3.9k

    I'll be just sticking with 'comsec'.
    I wonder if they will take up the SSX .

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  12. 81.7k

    i am with Commsec and Bell Direct and neither have shown any interest on trading on the NSX so i will watch with interest ( i already hold at least one NSX listed stock

    and since i am not terrified by illiquid stocks it MIGHT be worth the effort of seeing what the other brokers offer

    i hope so it might clean up the micro-caps ( in a good way )

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  13. 3.9k

    Seems any company I come across is listed on comsec so until I find one that isn't I won't worry.
    It's enough for me at the moment.

  14. 81.7k

    sometimes the ASX has a hissy-fit with a company , like say ISX , BPG and a few others

    but sadly loves CDU , CTP and some other fiercely debated stocks that had to re-invent themselves

    good luck with your holdings

  15. 3.9k

    Don't quite understand the tech-stock business but found one at 4 cents that has a lot of support and growth happening, so hopped on it.

  16. 5.1k

    Hey Hoonose, thanks for sharing link above etc. as curious/wondering what 4c tech stock did you buy into ? Cheers tela

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  17. 81.7k

    yes i agree with Tela ,
    some of my media sources have ceased output

    am not so focused on small-caps ( now ) but have have some interesting outcomes in the past

    but my focus could change again in the future

  18. 3.9k

    Haven't got my fill of the 4 cent stock yet. The price is dropping in the last few days. Hoping to buy up cheaper this week. I'll tell you after that !!!

  19. 3.9k
  20. 81.7k

    none of those three attracted me , feel free to grab my share of them if you wish to

    but the link might still be useful


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  21. 3.9k

    Fully invested now, bought my last lot at .036 this morning.
    I'll wait until somebody else buys your share at multiples of what it is now, hopefully.

    I don't understand the business much or its demand, but

    Institutional investors 15.8%
    Worldwide growth, Europe, N. America, India, Australia ....
    46 partners

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