Stock market crash/slump ?

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    Pelosi delayed the stimulus , remember ( even several Dems criticized her for that )

    Newsome was too busy partying so obviously California is fine

    New York is out partying

    besides Biden thinks he is running everything now , including bullying officials for his transition cash )

    Trump can always run again for president in 2024 for president if this election goes against him

    after he finishes declassifying documents the FBI and CIA will be ruined

    Trump is still president until January 20th AT LEAST

    there is a stimulus bill on the table but will Nutty Nancy still be Speaker of the House to sign it

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    $TSLA performance has been incredible
    1D △ 3.82%
    5D △ 23.68%
    1M △ 17.26%
    3M △ 34.46%
    6M △ 212.64%
    1Y △ 602.64%
    5Y △ 1038.83%
    10Y △ 8050.81%
    YTD △ 487.12%

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    interesting to study analytical information. fix the date and news. read it again after a month. What will be the result?

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    Great for gold stocks like...
    NORTH STAWELL MINERALS LTD (NSM) just listed on the ASX. IPO was 50 cents, with 40 million shares on offer.

    Drilling starts late November (All eyes on NSM for an explosive move upwards!!!)
    Share price 43.5 cents.
    Nil Debt
    $20 million cashed up
    2 year drilling campaign
    High Grade Gold Targets

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    Speculative stocks are booming.
    I have 13 on my watchlist and 10 are in the green.

    Back to very high call volumes at comsec, like a few months ago ?

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    Too early to think of selling, looking at 6-12 months for a better price.

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    Greed guage at extreme

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    What's that supposed to mean.

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    It's not what the stock-market does, which you can't predict, it's what the company's you're invested in do, in the next 6-12 months, that counts.

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    And the likely regulatory environment they operate in.

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    Have you been following the rare earth story ?

    China the main/biggest supplier, set to cut off supply to US, 1st December 2020 ( next week ).

    What about a company in Canada, the next rare earth producer, progressing towards production in 12 months time. ( VML, up 24% today )

    Regulations ?
    Thing is, VML will be environmentally the cleanest producer in the world i.e. supplying mixed rare earth carbonate to company's who will then process it into various individual rare earths.


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    Code Tmrc in the usa

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    Big crash on crypto overnight, hope you were able to get out and take profits. Take a look at NSM today as its just started high grade gold drilling. NSM will shoot well north of 50 cents today!

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    You're not very communicative Sandunes, talk to yourself a lot do you.

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    Australian coal flotilla stuck off the Chinese coast tops 80 ships
    Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says reports of the growing coal delays have raised the government’s concerns about china’s trade practices.
    Trade Minister Simon Birmingham says reports of the growing coal delays have raised the government’s concerns about china’s trade practices.
    9:00PM NOVEMBER 26, 2020387 COMMENTS
    The Australian coal flotilla stuck off the Chinese coast has swollen to more than 80 ships carrying blacklisted cargo worth more than $1.1bn, prompting the ­Morrison government to raise concerns about “discriminatory action”.

    The Australian can also reveal coal exports to China have plunged by 96 per cent in the first three weeks of November, as a go-slow by Chinese officials crunches the nation’s second biggest export industry.

    Trade Minister Simon Birmingham said reports of the growing delays had raised the government’s concerns about the trade practices China was deploying. “We are working closely with the industry as well as seeking assurances and clarity from Chinese authorities that this is not discriminatory action against Australian coal,” he said.

    “We reiterate that all terms of our free-trade agreement and world trade obligations between Australia and China should be upheld and respected.”

    The widening coal halt comes at a difficult time for the Morrison government, which is ­attempting to reduce tensions with its biggest trading partner after a seven-month spat.

    Coal was the biggest export industry on a list of seven Australian products Chinese state media reported were banned in early November. There are now 82 coal vessels carrying 8.8 million tonnes of coal worth an estimated $1.1bn stuck off China, four times the number of ships known to be stranded just two weeks ago, according to industry sources. Up to 1500 seafarers are stranded on the vessels.

    Foreign affairs diplomat calls out China’s ‘coercion’
    Australia's top diplomat has called on China not to resort to coercion – arguing Beijing has more to gain through cooperation as the relationship continues to sour.
    READ MORE:If Australia declines it will be by choice, not chance|Xi’s congratulations for ‘old friend’ Joe|Kowtowing kangaroos and perils of a free press|China crisis ‘can still be averted’|US ambassador blasts China over Morrison ‘grievances’|A way ahead with China?
    Australian shipments of coal have plummeted to a single shipment of 190,000 tonnes in the first three weeks of November compared with up to 5 million tonnes expected this month, sources said.

    Fears are mounting over a big earnings hit and job losses at coking coal producers as prices remain at rock bottom levels of just $US100 a tonne, down from $US200 in 2019 and $US300 two years ­earlier.

    Consultancy Wood Mackenzie said: “If the limit on Australian imports persists, we may see greater disruption to normal buying patterns. Australian coals will be forced into markets in Europe and South America, resulting in lower prices in those markets.”

    Australian producers have been forced to send shipments to far-flung destinations in response to one of their biggest customers shunning supplies from Queensland and NSW mines.

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    Eight shipments of discounted coal were sold to Turkey in the past two weeks, sparking concern among miners that China’s ban had eliminated the premium ­attached to Australian supplies.

    Opposition trade spokeswoman Madeleine King said “billions of dollars in trade and thousands of Australian jobs” were at risk from China’s trade retaliation.

    “The government has no idea what to do next,” Ms King said. “It’s hard-working Australians who are paying the price.”

    Australia’s rivals are cashing in. Coal from North America is now being sold into China at a huge mark-up to Australian supplies, the first time American coal has fetched a premium in the market.

    China’s Foreign Ministry this week indicated the hold-up of ships at the northern Chinese ports of Jingtang and Caofeidian were linked to environmental checks.

    Frydenberg to reaffirm trade relations with Beijing
    Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has claimed the Morrison government is committed to restoring a working relationship with Beijing and is ready to continue a “respectful and beneficial dialogue” amid trade tensions.
    Senator Birmingham said Australian coal should pass “any credible testing regime”. He said Australian coal exporters in most cases had already been paid and the delays were also occurring to foreign vessels and crews.

    “These countries have also made representations to Chinese authorities,” he said.

    Australia’s biggest miner has been caught up in the go-slow. BHP chief commercial officer Vandita Pant recently met analysts amid speculation China might look to buy more coal from North America and Mongolia at the expense of Australia.

    UBS analyst Glyn Lawcock said: “It remains unclear whether BHP is currently loading ships to China and the situation appears likely to continue into 2021. To shift away from Australian coal, China may look to import a higher proportion of North American and Mongolian coal, which could see global trade flows adjust.”

    Analysts at Morgan Stanley said the slowdown could be related to Chinese quotas but noted “the situation for next year remains uncertain”.

    One of the ships is an ­Indian-flagged vessel packed with Australian coal, which has been prevented from leaving Chin­ese waters, even after Japan offered to accept its cargo to end the more than five-month standoff.

    Victorian timber was added earlier in November to a list of ­industries banned by China, which includes wine, barley, beef, wheat, lobsters, cotton. Sugar and copper are cited by state media as the next targets in the extraordinary campaign by Australia’s biggest customer.

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    If Australia d

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  18. 6.1k

    The Morrison government has been a trainwreck since day 1 ,strategically and economically Australia is now between a rock and a hard place with our most important trading partner thanks to our P.M. bending over backwards to please Trump .

  19. 3.1k

    penny has to drop how serious this is... stock mkt wise

  20. 72.2k

    bent over backwards to please anyone with money

    but that is what the leaders of most big parties do

    if the leader is incorruptible they buy all the 'trusted advisors

    if all else fails they stat a civil war

    at last Trump hasn't dragged us into a new hot war ( despite that scum-bag Bolton's best attempts )

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