Stock market crash/slump ?

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    Dow down another 405

    5 day change - 2.68%

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    Stock Market Rolls Over Along with Gold & Silver. What Happens Next?

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    remember .. banks , stocks and governments all rely on TRUST

    take care

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    Why aren't people talking about this "credit", borrowed "money", fractional reserve banking, the few controlling everyone by issuing invisible money that doesn't exist, getting interest on it and taking real assets from people that cannot pay back BS "money", etc;

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    because everyone loves Dire Straits ??

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    the mega rich don't get rich by doing the right thing my ancestors were white convict slaves and our religion was outlawed in Australia , enslaving and robbing poor people is nothing new in the days of the witch trials the good conservatives would burn your wife at the stake and make you watch and then steal everything you own as payment for services rendered . The debt to asset ratio is way worse than the great depression , nothing will ever change most people live in the land of the blind .

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    the mega-rich keep that wealth by buying off politicians of every stripe .. don't hope for a change in that anytime soon

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    How Much Lower Will Stocks Fall? (Market Update w/Lance Roberts 9.11.20)

    some interesting points made in this

    please note the ASX and US markets are currently NOT in lockstep


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    see what BS the fed comes out this week

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    history suggests it will PUMP until after the election

    will it be different this time

    the fundamentals are a complete mess

    traditionally the only war out of a hole this big is a MAJOR war .. would a civil war do the reset scam ( in the US )

    haven't spotted much on repo madness lately so am assuming the madness continues

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    Dow going along consistently overall, down then up again the last two days, 131 and 328.
    When are the US elections ?

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    November 3rd from memory BUT there is some noise about the result being held in limbo for days/weeks/months

    very hard to decide if the results delay has a high probability .. after all little has ever delayed a result in the US before

    even Trump's first win was declared on the night despite claims of cheating so would it be delayed this time

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    Australian shares are headed for a sharp fall, as global markets sank to their lowest level in seven weeks on fears of a slower economic recovery in the United States and Europe.

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    S&p to test 200dma 3110 ish

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