Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred 12/06/2016

    Keep Me In Your Will ~ The Barn Again Gang

    I Saw A Man ~ Connie Smith

    Where We'll Never Grow Old ~ The Church Sisters

    Fishers of Men ~ Rhonda Vincent

    The Old Rugged Cross ~ Virginia Lee

    Daniel Prayed ~ Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless

    I Found The Lily In My Valley ~ Written and sung by Quinton Mills

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    SUNDAY SACRED 19/06/2016

    In The Garden ~ Connie Smith

    When I Travel My Last Mile (He'll Hold My Hand) ~ Rhonda Vincent

    Celebrities were asked if they believe in GOD

    Each Step of the Way ~ Virginia Lee

    Homecoming ~ The Church Sisters - live with Carl Jackson and Jimmy Capps

    He Giveth More Grace ~ Don Moen

    Just as I Am ~ Best Loved Hymns

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    SUNDAY SACRED 26/06/2016

    I Believe ~ Jimmy Fortune, Dailey & Vincent

    Amazing Grace ~ Virginia Lee

    Mercy Said No ~ Cece Winans

    Your Great Name ~ Todd Agnew

    A Beautiful Life ~ Jim Reeves

    Be Thou My Vision ~ Alison Krauss

    How Deep the Father's Love for Us ~ Stuart Townend

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    Sunday Sacred 03/07/2016

    Lead Me, Lord ~ Gary Valenciano

    We Are The Reason ~ Avalon

    I Wanna Know How It Feels ~ Karen Peck & New River

    LORD, I can’t make it without You ~ The Isaacs

    Count your Blessings ~ Ann Williamson

    In Moments Like These ~ Maranatha! Music

    Abide With Me ~ Antrim Mennonite ChoirImage and video hosting by TinyPic i5nbq_VEea0?autoplay=1

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    Abide With Me ~ Antrim Mennonite Choir

    Edit: Missed a little space there in the last post.

    Mods, could we have longer to edit posts, like about 12 hrs, please? (Used to be 24 hrs in days of old)

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    SUNDAY SACRED 10/07/2016

    Praise Him, Praise Him ~ The Celebration Choir (Written by Fanny Crosby)

    I Know Who Holds Tomorrow ~ Slim Whitman

    What a Friend we have in Jesus ~ Rhonda Vincent

    What Grace is Mine / In Christ Alone ~ Keith and Kristyn Getty

    Your Great Name ~ Anthony Evans

    Grace Flows Down ~ Christy Nockels

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    SUNDAY SACRED 17/07/2016

    Revelation Song ~ Kari Jobe

    Hebrews 9:28Image and video hosting by TinyPicWhispering Hope ~ Connie Smith & Nat Stuckey

    Eagle’s Wings ~ Hillsong

    Nearer, My God, to Thee ~ A familiar Christian hymn written by Sarah F. Adams, 1841. Sung in the video by the Sharon Singers of the Sharon Mennonite Bible Institute

    Prisoner of Hope ~ Written and sung by Abigail Miller

    Yes, I Know ~ Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing Yes, I Know (feat. Gaither Vocal Band) [Live]. (P) (C) 2012 Spring House Music Group.

    All The Way My Savior Leads Me ~ Wintley Phipps

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    Sunday Sacred 24/07/2016Image and video hosting by TinyPicHoly and Anointed One ~ Worship Africa

    In Christ Alone ~ Travis Cottrel

    There Is A Reason ~ Alison Krauss

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus ~ Best Loved Hymns

    I Stand Amazed ~ Music video by Bill & Gloria Gaither performing I Stand Amazed. (C) 2013 Gaither Music Group

  9. 31

    Recklyn you ungrateful bible bashing legend remember this one?

    Dont be scared of real men peace......

  10. 4.1k

    Not only do you flash your manhood around the traps, you insult on of our more gentler gentlemen.

    Do you have a handbrake on your mouth?

    Might want to engage.

  11. 31

    Hey chill bladerunner i made Recklyn a very rich man and he wouldnt even shout me a beer........but he bought devil worshippers a new pulpit without a second thought.

  12. 5

    Recklyn is a good bloke leave him alone 123trouble

  13. 3.9k

    You still haven't learnt how to spell - welcome back anyway, always good for a laugh.

  14. 5

    Cheers Cabbie long time no see thank God as recklyn would say ..........mate you got anything worth a punt and dont say MEU

  15. 5
  16. 3.9k

    I assume from your unwelcome presence and from several posts already that your lack of knowledge of the share market and abusive nature has seen you banned from all other sites - so you come back here for another visit ??? Good luck. Shortlived it will be.

    Congrats. on coming up with two nics. in the space of an hour - did you learn anything else in computer class.?

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  17. 5

    Oh common cabbie MEU was a cracking call put me on another winner bud i promise to behave

  18. 8.0k

    @ 123trouble

    Anyone can claim that, but in this case you're wrong. You haven't been a member long enough to have made me anything, let alone wealthy.

    In any case, I'm not, wealthy that is, in the way you think of wealth, but I am wealthy in the things that matter. :-)

    Dip your nose into the Bible, for starters John Chapter 3, and store up some of that wealth for yourself, and may you be blessed as you do so.

  19. 4.1k

    123trouble seems to be using the "old" Mr Grumpy avatar? I thought Mr Grumpy was suspended.

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  20. 8.0k

    Aaaahhhhh. Now I see. He claimed at the time that he was putting me onto good stocks. Ha!

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