Sunday Sacred 06/12/2015

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    Nice one Recklyn ..........Like the Litt;e Drummer Boy, one of the favorites at Christmas.Recks, maybe you could "plant" the you tube "stuff" from our former and wonderful Moderator, Andre. How did Andre know that we would all like his choice? Amazing. Yeh, a few years back !Thanks Andre .......;threadid=870539&postid=870539#p870539I trust you and your Family have a great Christmas, wherever you may be, and take care.See what you can do Recks !Merry Christmas to ALL.;threadid=870539&postid=870539#p870539

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    By special request of Caterpillar

    Christmas Flash Mob ~ Journey of Faith at South Bay Galleria;version=3&hl=en_US

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