Sunday Sacred 08/05/2016

  1. 8.0k

    Invisible Hands ~ Virginia Lee

    Amazing Grace

    Holy and Anointed One ~ Worship Africa

    Come People of The Risen King ~ Keith and Kristyn Getty

    More Love to Thee O Christ ~ Best Loved Hymns

    In Moments Like These ~ Maranatha! Music

    The Look ~ Steve Pettit Evangelistic Team

    Take My Hand Precious Lord ~ Jim Reeves

  2. 6.9k

    I always loves an amazing Grace.

  3. 77.9k

    nope ! not me

    reminds of a dead friend's funeral and the back-biting needed to make it a full military funeral as was his due .

  4. 6.9k

    I'm so very zozzy to have reminded you sal :(

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  5. 1.8k

    You are Amazing Sal ..... but obviously with no Grace !

    You posted .... reminds of a dead friend's funeral

    Are you still burying people alive in Queensland? Uh? LOL

    No wonder I left Qld in the late 70's !!!!!!!!!!

    I shakes my head !

    Next thing you Queenslanders will be sitting back and telling me you are watching the Sun set in the West. :-)

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  6. 77.9k

    the death was sad enough ( tragic in fact ) but the pettiness of a serving member killed just before a premonition , just boiled several folk's blood ( one brother is still serving and the mate's captain as well )

    but it can't be helped now and one family ( apart from the still serving officer ) will never rush to defend this country again , one killed, two quit , not a happy tally from a proud Ozzie family .

    but saw the traces of similar treatment with my WW2 veteran rellies , so was disappointment rather than a shock .

    the high-point was the lone piper playing ( you guessed it )

  7. 1.8k

    It appears to have all gone straight over your head Sal !

    You said ................................... reminds of a dead friend's funeral

    So, are you still burying people alive in Qld?

  8. 77.9k

    counting returned veterans YES ,
    Malaysia/Borneo , Vietnam , Korea , ( several places where it seems we never,ever had troops ) Timor , Afghanistan ,( the REAL early days )

    but buried in PTD , and in several cocoons of medications , oh yes
    but things have changed in QLD the dead can vote but the living can't .

    i don't about know the Sun , but the nation's future is sinking with the West ( and i have been to both states and a few in between )

    i shakes my head too , but then the Australian pollies always wanted to throw Queensland to the wolves .

  9. 8.0k

    Sorry Sal, but I have a lot of different versions of Amazing Grace to come yet. Just don't play them.:)

  10. 77.9k

    not your fault ,either Recklyn , but i hope another is always haunted by guilt .

    have fun

    cheers !!

  11. 6.9k

    "but obviously with no Grace !"

    Dear oh me Caterpillar, talk about calling the kettle black, yeah ok, can see what yur on abouts but jeesh!

    Keeping within the context of the conversation and acknowledging, would have been more appropriate don't you think?

    Trying to be a funny man is fine, but watch for that line drawn, and especially if yur a 'PERFECT' top notch intellectual ;)

    Maybe it's best to leave the funnies to me and Mogga :) and and and the sacred stuff to Recklyn :)

    Cripes! I gots to choof off now, TOOT TOOT!

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