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    SUNDAY SACRED 04/08/2019

    Steve Grace


    A story that starts in the highlands of New Guinea sounds exotic to most people. But when the plot thickens to include driving trucks in an industrial Australian city and launching an international music platform, this is when it sounds like a major film script. Australian singer/songwriter, Steve Grace has lived a colorful life. He spent his early years on a Wycliffe Bible Translators mission station in New Guinea before moving to Wollongong in New South Wales for his teenage years.

    At 14, Steve learnt guitar and started writing songs and singing in local churches. After secondary school, he began performing in a number of bands, busking on the streets of Sydney and developing a solo career ministering in pubs and churches. Soon after, he met Kerrie who became his wife, partner, and mother to three children. When his parents sold the family hardware business, Steve began driving trucks. With time to himself on the road and time to think, Steve’s songwriting took a turn writing material that strongly relates to the ordinary man on the street.

    ‘I used to write some really deep songs, until I found that people responded to the really simple ones that I thought were a bit corny,’ he says. ‘I began to see the effect that a simple song could have on the right audience, very much in line with the parables Jesus told,’ Steve adds.

    This soon became the resource material for Steve’s debut album Young Australian Man (1986). Things changed quickly. Steve felt the call to leave truck driving and move to Melbourne with his wife and children. There he began working on a second album Children of the Western World (1988) with the Little River Bands, Beeb Birtles. This became one of the biggest selling Christian albums in Australia, and the largest by a contemporary artist. US company Reunion issued the album, which spawned several radio hits including Big Dreams and Children of the Western World. It was also released in Canada, Europe, and the UK.

    True to his missionary upbringing, Steve pioneered a concert touring ministry to Australian country towns in the early 90’s, traveling the vast expanses of the Australian continent to serve local churches in their task of reaching people with a contemporary message of hope and faith.

    These tours got churches together, some for the first time under the banner of a Christian concert. Steve challenged them with a vision for evangelism in their community. ’The key to this on-going work is to simply get out there and serve,’ he says. With new doors opening all around the world, Steve is very conscious of the great commission of Christ to simply ‘Go!’

    Whether it is small outback town halls, concert halls in large cities, or the international stage, Steve’s love for God and people shines through his music and life. He is strongly committed to serving the church and its task of evangelism.,Z-aH1_z4dpE,rnQ9m5bj45U,1ECJ5cRVVKc,cixQYqcnsoQ,9j4JrJLT3FY,brSAs4ryePI,-7qwfpfHGig,FqQx4O5CgCg,PDevIaRA9-o,MSKxR6Jd5Ys,8YNEIUA8l08,6yMugeD86l0,sdlHSItiFss,f6Gq9Y8j100,SCrvjSvN0P4

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    SUNDAY SACRED 11/08/2019

    The Jesus People movement late 1960’s/1970’s

    The Lonesome Stone, a musical about the history of the Jesus People movement in America

    The movement acted as an important outlet for young people to share their frustration and bewilderment at the state of the world.

    It appealed to varied communities because it tapped into a disappointment with the direction of the swinging 60s countercultural movement, when people expected "the promises of peace and love and goodwill ... through narcotic enlightenment".

    When that didn't always eventuate, the evangelical message spoke to something bigger that could comfort young seekers hoping for better times. From San Francisco, the coffee houses, music concerts and shared houses moved east, keeping their clear evangelical bent.

    Then, in the early 1970s, the movement spread from America to Europe — brought by a community called Jesus People Milwaukee, who toured with a band called The Sheep. For the Jesus People, music was the most authentic form of communication across language and cultural barriers.
    It was a time of great optimism, despite the social backdrop of the struggle for civil rights, assassinations of Dr Martin Luther King Jr and president John F Kennedy and protests against the Vietnam War.
    They travelled through Finland, Germany and the UK and wrote The Lonesome Stone, a musical about the history of the Jesus People movement in America.
    The Jesus People movement reached Australia, too, with the Kairos festival held in Canberra just as Gough Whitlam's government was about to sit for the first time in March 1973.
    Protesters moved through the city's streets under banners proclaiming, "The real revolution ... Jesus!"
    The demonstration was a "public response to a new era, symbolised by the election," according to Hugh Chilton, a historian researching the relationship between religion and national life in post-war Australia.
    Teens dance and sing with their arms held up, mimicking a man on stage during a concert.
    The name "Kairos" — Greek for "a special time, a moment of beginnings, of coming together" — played on Labor's successful "It's time" campaign in 1972.
    Dr Chilton says the Jesus People movement in Australia wanted to demonstrate a new model for the country.
    "They were trying to say, 'There [is] a third way between communism and capitalism, between political left and right [and beyond the] received traditional expressions of Christianity in Australia."
    The Australian Jesus people called themselves radical disciples, and were trying to return to what they saw as the way Jesus would have lived.
    The above text was taken from a news article.

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    SUNDAY SACRED 18/08/2019

    Sherri Youngward

    Within just a few notes, a few quiet lyrics, it becomes evident that Sherri Youngward is an artist with a passion for God. Her desire to express the beauty of Jesus Christ, and His love for us is the fuel that powers her music, and her love of God’s Word is woven throughout her eleven full-length albums. Two of them, Scripture Songs Volume One and Two, are straight Scripture put to song.

    Sherri is often found performing off the beaten path in small churches across the United States and abroad, including her twelve trips to Russia. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and continues to enjoy playing concerts, retreats, women’s events, outreaches, and wherever else the Lord leads.,WayIj3CwLRM,bzOX9QOvASY,QXkaIapZHCg,pNiQVl3-vws,jBHS8iRj16w,4Fz0f4p8mu0,VgjWEdY1WKY,b4biZo680gM,X_cVPvXiMtw,6SNo24tFQw4,TzBPSLosyys,lcKLh-F_nYg

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    Cathy Viljoen hails from South Africa, and sings lots of good country gospel songs. She sings in both English and Afrikaans.,mGL8VcuVyQk,YQE6ujcCj6U,4piunKG99WI,1K_Oe5gz6wQ,vBMv3l9TyIc,ezovnZG_3MY,wjLOifVfzNU,Tqgg9Iogoc4,vNFeGjxqe8I,_774Kie9oOE,d09CVD5s2Is,RcvEX025JHI

    Talking To Jesus - Cathy Viljoen

    Someday My Ship will Sail - Cathy Viljoen

    Talking To Jesus - Cathy Viljoen

    When My Last Song is Sung - Cathy Viljoen

    Due Time - Cathy Viljoen

    Born Again - Cathy Viljoen

    Mercy walked in - Cathy Viljoen

    The Hem of His Garment - Cathy Viljoen

    Anchored in You - Cathy Viljoen

    Behold the Man - Cathy Viljoen

    Between Here and Sunset - Cathy Viljoen

    You made Life worth Living - Cathy Viljoen

    Celebrating Time Is Here - Cathy Viljoen

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    Shabbat shalom...
    For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.”

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    Shalom bullseye....are you Jewish? I personally am not but I have many members of family that are....That doesn't mean I am anti - Judaism.....It means I am not a practising Jew, but I respect and admire the faith and the history.....and the huge accomplishment of the Jews....around the world....and particularly in Israel....

    I am a friend of Israel, and always will be.....they walk point for western civilisation - against the barbarians.....

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    No bro.... But a Catholic........
    N a person who💞💞💞💥the father❣️
    #unitedwithisrael + Vatican,Rome

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    SUNDAY SACRED 15/09/2019
    Christian Reggae,anUIU1Vph6Y,zd6ZcfhichE,osERfnTHnkw,XedA3tGcw6Q,SezXUj8kL1Q,Q5ZiFTosu2A,O8oqR4FnehE,5rZrdnfccrg,2UZ-_rwSzb4,pcLr4sx0BSE,OHhE8FxpPbM,yrukH62mxMk

    Selah - Christafari

    Know You More - Christafari

    Beautiful - Christafari - feat. Isaac Blackman & Avion Blackman

    Not Ashamed - Christafari - Brasil & Argentina

    Wherever Your Treasure Is - Christafari

    Love Supreme - Christafari

    Good Good Father - Christafari

    Your Beauty Chases Me - Christafari (Havasupai Indians/Supai Falls)

    Fly Away - Christafari

    Devotion - Christafari - feat. Dillavou & Avion Blackman

    Forever Reign - Christafari

    10,000 Reasons - Christafari

    Hosanna - Christafari

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    SUNDAY SACRED 06/10/2019
    All Sons & Daughters,9i5RVOvIIZM,9tevVTnYvss,yBH8FLgtzHs,7XcgIo5T4X8,PUCCGcCm6w4,nMDNV9_KiN4,pxGHh2l2qfk,mVKjCKYSGT4,PkalShCfEi8,7j2IRgLYQ4o,EYrTqBioaZ4,j-ZpcJzGBpE

    Heaven Meets Earth - All Sons & Daughters

    I Wait - All Sons & Daughters

    All Creatures of Our God & King - All Sons & Daughters

    This My Inheritance - All Sons & Daughters

    Creation Sings - All Sons & Daughters

    Christ Be All Around Me - All Sons & Daughters

    Path Of Sorrow - All Sons & Daughters

    You Are Love & Love Alone - All Sons & Daughters

    Rest In You - All Sons & Daughters

    You Hold It All Together - All Sons & Daughters

    I Surrender - All Sons & Daughters

    Come Thou Fount - All Sons & Daughters

    Oh How I Need You - All Sons and Daughters

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    That's a week or two without salvation - I hope he is OK.

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    He was on another site for a few days last week - different name of course.

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    last month had a rash of hospital visits

    the cardiologist happily informs me my health has returned to October 2016 levels ( just 3 months before Centre-link took a week to decide i needed a disability pension )

    just a shame the medicos have only tested my heart, lungs and blood ( there is more to me than an upper torso )

    ( maybe 3 bad outcomes have broke their spirit )

    the technician doing the echo-cardiogram in March floated the idea of a LVAD .. Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD)

    as a stop gap until i have a heart transplant ( or heart/lung transplant )

    but a buddy says they won't do that because i am single ( and 'too old ' )

    SOoooo ... i am still looking for a cutie that looks good in black ( wink )

    ( maths skills to look after my portfolio looked on favorably )

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