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    SUNDAY SACRED 24/11/2019

    Larry Gatlin was born in 1948 in Seminole, Texas, the son of a driller in the oil field. The oldest of the three Gatlin brothers, he was by age seven, already accompanying younger brothers, Steve and Rudy in singing at family and church events.

    From 1976 to 1992 the brothers toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada and overseas. They racked up hit after hit and and banked some of the most prestigious awards in the industry. Larry penned every Gatlin Brothers hit you’ve ever heard. Larry Gatlin has written songs that were later recorded by Elvis Presley, Glen Campbell, Barbra Streisand, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Charlie Rich, Johnny Mathis, Dottie West and many more.

    In 2015 the brothers celebrated 60 years of making music together and released a new album, The Gospel According to Gatlin.

    Larry currently resides in Nashville with the love of his life, Janis, to whom he’s been married for over 44 years. They are the proud parents of two children, Josh and Kristin. He is also “Papa” to Kristin’s daughters, Parker and Campbell.,CjIVDc-_njs,3YfQEzySXtU,uQqzov38od8,dTPLlYas4Y4,REqr4u4I2wA,vFz7kYE3fMc,2agRyUJ6-ho,2C99dkNPDv0,7RCgKgjodLw,6066JG-KyYA,G9Yi-ldIq-8,lWRNcK2A8Jc,cjeYvhjJO_g,SJquvZWBpR8

    Testimony - Larry Gatlin

    In the Upper Room - The Gatlin Brothers

    Prodigal Son - The Gatlin Brothers

    Victory In Jesus / Power In The Blood · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    Peace In The Valley / Whispering Valley · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    Alleluia - The Gatlin Brothers

    Just A Closer Walk With Thee / What A Friend We Have in Jesus · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    In The Garden · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    It Is Well With My Soul · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    Rock Of Ages · Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    Broken Lady 1976 - Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers & Sister

    Sweet Hour Of Prayer - Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers

    Help Me - Larry Gatlin

    Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road - The Gatlin Brothers

    Healin' Stream - Larry Gatlin

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    SUNDAY SACRED 01/12/2019

    Many people believe that Elvis Presley was a Christian. I don't know whether he was or not, but he certainly sang many Christian songs as though he was.
    Here is a selection of them…,hCYdWvyE_SY,dVB8imSeSQo,7tGRkVx-C-I,VSU_nCYvOeU,CeihHdD3e38,0bxPJJ7vhK0,quoN4UfdRyg,eiznb6fQIqQ,Z29YZoQUVQk,viHRNCWtOVk,FbWSu0yZMDU,9Ae5pjIK8lM,8H9T7427EbI,SV6ICc7YXAA,r-P3CS_2740,nM3CKOoNuMo,sjT-r2wUo8o

    He Is My Everything - Elvis Presley

    Only Believe - Elvis Presley

    How Great Thou Art - Elvis Presley

    Precious Lord, Take My Hand - Elvis Presley

    In The Garden - Elvis Presley

    In My Father's House - Elvis Presley

    Who Am I - Elvis Presley

    We Call On Him - Elvis Presley

    Where No One Stands Alone - Elvis Presley

    Stand By Me - Elvis Presley

    Help Me - Elvis Presley

    Let Us Pray - Elvis Presley

    Sweet Sweet Spirit - JD Sumner & the Stamps Quartett

    You' ll Never Walk Alone - Elvis Presley

    Why Me Lord - Elvis Presley with JD Sumner (the deep voice) & the Stamps Quartett

    Reach Out To Jesus - Elvis Presley

    If that Isn't Love - Elvis Presley

    One Pair of Hands - Elvis Presley

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    Another paradox - Emmylou Harris.....somewhat less well known but a fantastic country musician and performer.....I'm a big fan....she has been at it for about 50 years....and oddly one of her later albums is my personal favourite.....'Wrecking Ball'....It is on Spotify...Probably around 60 when that was recorded......Brilliant composer, and severely talented vocals.....And yes, a Christian....yes, she is.....

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    You sure gave me a lot of interesting reading there Garbonzo!

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    SUNDAY SACRED 08/12/2019,Gz1gbU_TXb4,prUdSmnEab0,KfplGJaJCWs,MD-jBLZSZNU,dVtNXp56kiQ,HvJgSss6GC4,mRDtZeJzLi8,v5mdybeyLVc,ITIaYoWCPkE,

    Do You Hear What I Hear? - The Five Strings, a family band of five siblings.

    Still, Still, Still ~ Mannheim Steamroller

    Still, still, still,
    One can hear the falling snow.
    For all is hushed,
    The world is sleeping,
    Holy Star its vigil keeping.
    Still, still, still,
    One can hear the falling snow.

    Sleep, sleep, sleep,
    'Tis the eve of our Saviour's birth.
    The night is peaceful all around you,
    Close your eyes,
    Let sleep surround you.
    Sleep, sleep, sleep,
    'Tis the eve of our Saviour's birth.

    Dream, dream, dream,
    Of the joyous day to come.
    While guardian angels without number,
    Watch you as you sweetly slumber.
    Dream, dream, dream,
    Of the joyous day to come.

    O Holy Night - Larry Gatlin

    What Child is This - Anna Hawkins

    O Come, O Come Emmanuel - Anna Hawkins, sung in both Hebrew & English
    Filmed in Israel

    The First Noël - Lady Antebellum

    When A Child is Born - Sarah Brightman

    Silent Night - Irish singers Emer Barry and Lynn Hilary.
    Sung in Irish and fused with Brahms Lullaby

    Angels We Have Heard On High
    Over A Thousand People Came Together to Bring This Moving Christmas Hymn To Life.
    The Piano Guys, Peter Hollens, David Archuleta, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

    O Holy Night
    Soprano: Emer Barry
    Harpist: Aisling Ennis
    Violinist: Mary McCague
    Choir: Palestrina Boys Choir and Carlow Choral Society
    Accompanied by The Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra

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    SUNDAY SACRED 15/12/2019

    Continuing with Christmas songs…,JSuLNMMxqTs,8EaAmXwituc,vQWLScZC1gk,TntDqcDThVg,Y3egGjeiWEA,0K17zGHFrKU,ehMEsgEGFdQ,59ZtBX21Buk,iUFSxt7qkNw,aKSU9Dbxvrw,R9n7QDFAOXU,YBCVIJBB7o4,WTYe9sWYKdo,7EYVWFZ07-U,iUFSxt7qkNw

    The Story of the First Christmas ~ Perry Como

    Immanuel ~ Sung by hundreds of British School Children

    Little Drummer Boy - GENTRI

    Silent Night - Amy Barbera

    The Happiest Christmas Tree
    Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant

    O Come All Ye Faithful - Martina McBride

    Angels We have Heard on High - Third Day

    I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - The Five Strings

    Born on Christmas Day - One Voice Children's Choir

    Make Room - Casting Crowns

    When Love was born - Mark Schultz

    Son Of God - Michael W Smith

    A Strange Way To Save The World - 4Him

    How Many Kings - Downhere

    This Is Christmas - Kutless

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    SUNDAY SACRED 22/12/2019

    With every blessing for this Christmas and a hope that you might, each one, find a place for Christ in your heart. Recklyn,OdbKpxwKqco,qln7ADh3dTA,0L74IVtuT98,of1evCSEPtc,QmEIiII-8Rg,6aGLV5CfoTU,Fok1h3p1sh8,nT-5cP4BeoI,iaO-ybNt8r0,pnlg3zfTXZE,FZ4JA3YZCj0,8XlKiB9r6WI,emey5_53-J4,8HSJqcxiw4I,q3fiJFCCqMg,Xo_Fu6tkH-Y

    In the beginning - Joel Payne

    There Was Jesus - Zach Williams and Dolly Parton (Live from the 2019 CMA Awards)

    What Child Is This? - Kristin Chenoweth w/ The Tabernacle Choir

    Light of the Stable - Selah

    A Christmas to Believe in - Matthew West

    Heaven Everywhere - Francesca Battistelli

    Messiah - Kari Jobe

    Oh What a Glorious Night - Sidewalk Prophets

    Hope Was Born This Night - Sidewalk Prophets

    Somewhere In Your Silent Night - Casting Crowns

    Let This Christmas Be Christ in Me - Toby Baxley

    Prince of Peace - One Voice Children's Choir

    He is the Gift - Megan Sackett

    If I Were A Shepherd - Halle Loveless

    If I Had been in Bethlehem - Sally Deford

    The Star of Bethlehem - James Loynes

    The Christmas Truce has become one of the most famous and mythologised events of the First World War. But what was the real story behind the truce? Why did it happen and did British and German soldiers really play football in no-man's land?

    Late on Christmas Eve 1914, men of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) heard German troops in the trenches opposite them singing carols and patriotic songs and saw lanterns and small fir trees along their trenches. Messages began to be shouted between the trenches.

    The following day, British and German soldiers met in no man's land and exchanged gifts, took photographs and some played impromptu games of football. They also buried casualties and repaired trenches and dugouts. After Boxing Day, meetings in no man's land dwindled out.

    The truce was not observed everywhere along the Western Front. Elsewhere the fighting continued and casualties did occur on Christmas Day. Some officers were unhappy at the truce and worried that it would undermine fighting spirit.

    After 1914, the High Commands on both sides tried to prevent any truces on a similar scale happening again. Despite this, there were some isolated incidents of soldiers holding brief truces later in the war, and not only at Christmas.

    In what was known as the 'Live and Let Live' system, in quiet sectors of the front line, brief pauses in the hostilities were sometimes tacitly agreed, allowing both sides to repair their trenches or gather their dead.

    Peace on Earth - Casting Crowns

    We wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! -The Five Strings

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    SUNDAY SACRED 29/12/2019,Nbq0tQ0FA3w,p54ZlHZsu8Q,HlINBoKOMx0,Ygkxq2fYmhc,aHGFNUlEZ8M,iJ4SY_5815o,KYj0TrgD9bc

    Ancient of Days - CityAlight

    You Crown The Year (Psalm 65:11) - Hillsong Worship

    Happy New Year 2020 and Set Your Hope on Jesus Christ

    We Can't Stop Singing Songs of Love for God - The Church of Almighty God

    You are Beautiful God ~ Sinta Sunny

    Resurrecting - Elevation Worship

    Everything Beautiful ~ Alan Wungsek

    A New Year Focused on Jesus

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    SUNDAY SACRED 05/01/2020

    The Music and Ministry of Michael Combs

    After squandering many years living in the World and nearly destroying his life with drugs and alcohol, something wonderful happened in the life of Michael Combs... or better yet SOMEONE wonderful happened to GIVE him life... His name is Jesus!

    Michael gave his life to Christ on a Monday night during a revival meeting in Jacksonville, Florida. That night was February 6th, 1989.

    Since that night many things have happened! Almost immediately God put Michael into a Ministry of Music! Combs says "never thought I would be doing what I've been doing for the last 30 years but now I can't imagine myself doing anything else!"

    Combs makes his home in Ashe County, N.C. When not traveling he does enjoy golf and spending time with his family. Michael and Denise are blessed to have two children, and seven grandchildren.,3mmMjbuqdd4,T6vGyNZbelY,xeRi4J1lYFU,Q5F4V99Kfyo,EDgjtPrmtIs,BnrAreUOdQs,p-rjNDVnaXY,2A1nnn6CHz0,vcAElC--Pws,tcB-QshW5uU,C_N6gIiT6K4,jONOknSFuVI,iiI7WeMzHUU,PySzDuUpnrs,kwjbpxPibu4,Hk2pW-rbe3M,R8zgqfboUiQ,920XoRZkLIk,lFljxKKQi3s,BefoS0tuOMM

    I Bowed on my Knees and Cried Holy - Michael Combs

    Wings Of Prayer - Michael Combs

    God at His Best - Michael Combs

    Just until my Jesus comes - Michael Combs

    Almighty God - Michael Combs

    The Grand Tour - Michael Combs

    What A Day That Will Be - Michael Combs

    All Alone - Michael Combs

    The Guide - Michael Combs

    It was Me - Michael Combs

    Stand by Me - Michael Combs

    Going To A City - Michael Combs

    When the Savior Reached Down for Me - Michael Combs

    Beulah land - Michael Combs

    The Lighthouse - Michael Combs

    Drinking from my saucer - Michael Combs

    Not for Sale - Michael Combs

    One Blessed Man - Michael Combs

    Going Fishing - Michael Combs

    The Old Rugged Cross - Michael Combs

    I Bowed on my Knees and Cried Holy - Michael Combs

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    SUNDAY SACRED 12/01/2020,9DFxbGbIDrY,J4HKb4xAhqU,UFiyEFmIXvA,yutmTFtalKs,B1CV-HtsMvc,y_4Xfj2LRSA,qh3WuenttBM,gjJYCTzOvXQ,MN0OJGb2Pjg,6xsWS_ziJqI

    I Will Rise - Alex Boye

    There Was Jesus - Zach Williams and Dolly Parton

    Angels among Us - Kristin Chenoweth w/ The Tabernacle Choir

    God Only Knows - for KING & COUNTRY and Dolly Parton

    Just Be Held - Casting Crowns

    Power In The Blood - Dolly Parton

    Angels Among Us - Alabama

    He Will Carry You - Scott Wesley Brown

    Thank God for the Preacher - Mike & Kelly Bowling

    Victory In Jesus - The Band Steele, featuring Bo Steele

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Dolly Parton

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    SUNDAY SACRED 19/01/2020,OnJFGtAXxGs,7tElvdnId4Q,di3qYbUvpj0,7GfvL0eF-bE,ON4ZLifVnmY,SgQ6vWEhH5E,N_3zLTGbJ9M,tykrNzbGyxY,iuyOEOEo_AI,Wx9_OY-sZQE,pc9JzoUvSzE,MmlH7kDqS3Q

    Redeemed - Big Daddy Weave

    Loving My Jesus - Casting Crowns

    All My Hope - Crowder, featuring Tauren Wells

    Your Cries have awoken the Master - The Isaacs

    Lay Them Down - Larry Gatlin

    I Hope We Walk The Last Mile Together - The Singing Cookes

    Your Love Never Fails - Newsboys

    Oh Give Thanks - First Minden Choir & Rachel Chapman

    If I Had It To Do All Over Again - Dallas Holm

    Come Unto Jesus - Dallas Holm

    I'll Go To Be With Jesus - Kevin Spencer Family

    Blessed Assurance - Christafari – feat. Geneman

    It wasn't the nails - The Singing Cookes

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    SUNDAY SACRED 26/01/2020

    Lauren Ashley Daigle is an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. Lauren is signed to the Centricity Music label.
    With a voice that is both smoky and sweet, Daigle has forged a unique sound that is reminiscent of the soulful, heart-in-throat vulnerability of Adele mixed with the raw power of Amy Winehouse. Her ability to connect with her audience has captured critical acclaim and recognition as the fastest-selling new artist for her genre of the last decade. Daigle’s GRAMMY Award winning crossover single, “You Say,” has appeared in the Top 40 of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart and Grammy Award winning album, Look Up Child, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart. Her debut album, How Can It Be, has been certified platinum by the RIAA and has produced three certified Gold singles.

    Again I have to thank my friend Ruth for reminding me about Lauren Daigle.,vtrGgJH0jII,eQmimtMdCCg,ofFpPBRvAl0,U7eyU9EPGWo,B9TE8D5Vs8k,O0OdHu4BHQM,7NAYz0zh_Es,gYR0xP1j4PY,zgvV_iQW4O0,qv-SXz_exKE,LWlijlbq76M,m_a3vyadvkM,KjZ03ZFeE0s,dCRunZGYBi4

    Lauren Daigle Wins Artist of the Year ~ 50th Annual Dove Awards 2019

    You Say ~ Lauren Daigle

    "You Say" Wins Song of the Year ~ 50th Annual Dove Awards 2019

    Love Like This ~ Lauren Daigle (Ruth's favourite!)

    Remember ~ Lauren Daigle

    Wordless ~ Lauren Daigle

    Look Up Child ~ Lauren Daigle

    Rescue ~ Lauren Daigle

    Everything ~ Lauren Daigle

    Trust In You ~ Lauren Daigle -

    Once And For All ~ Lauren Daigle

    O' Lord ~ Lauren Daigle

    Peace Be Still ~ Lauren Daigle

    Light of the World ~ Lauren Daigle

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    SUNDAY SACRED 02/02/2020,bUdEL3Tu7WE,WUSZoNEkn9Y,XTIGMBlFuNI,zvJcpdhBLQI,Hk2pW-rbe3M,Pt1Ee_oQ0-Y,gzt4GNa5hys,Hkc91ZhgIlU,6pUPIVHifrM,xKeOdCIZzsY,hg25OHwfh1g,g3Lgb7J4FIM,rXJMjxu-Ma0

    Waiting ~ Wells ("Waiting" is the new single from the Christian synth-pop sibling duo, Wellš.)

    Wounded Soldiers - Kevin Spencer Family

    At the Feet of Jesus - Chuck Compton

    He's got it planned - Farlon Lyte

    Satisfied - Viwe Nikita

    Not for Sale - Michael Combs

    The River Flows - Mike Manuel

    When I see the cross - Greater Vision

    Keep Me In Your Will - Jessica King

    Help is on the way – Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

    I Got Saved - Jake & Rachel Chapman

    Changed - Jake Cowley

    In Christ Alone - Todd DuBose

    The Shepherd Of The Lost - Kevin Spencer

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    SUNDAY SACRED 09/02/2020,kKcj53x7TH8,pc9JzoUvSzE,N1BBjpxcAxY,MmlH7kDqS3Q,js387Dq6aD8,vcAElC--Pws,qjAdrT21mp0,ErzKJLlJk-g,Pt1Ee_oQ0-Y,Hkc91ZhgIlU,6pUPIVHifrM,5FA58V6LrTo,gzt4GNa5hys,spLltc1-r9E

    Bigger – Steve Crown

    Psalm 23 ~ A Psalm of David - Jeff Majors feat. Al Johnson

    Blessed Assurance - Christafari – feat. Geneman

    When Your Victory Comes - The Cupps

    It wasn't the nails - The Singing Cookes

    Miracle God - Viwe Nikita

    It was Me – Michael Combs

    Light at The End of The Darkness - Chuck Compton

    Lord, I Need A Miracle - Heirline

    The River Flows - Mike Manuel

    Keep Me In Your Will - Jessica King

    Help is on the way – Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver

    This Blood - Rachel Chapman

    When I see the cross - Greater Vision

    Christ Is Still The King - First Minden Choir & Jake Cowley

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    SUNDAY SACRED 16/02/2020

    Since December of 1990, Greater Vision has inspired audiences with their rich vocal blend and their effective ability to communicate the message of the gospel. They have established a firm place at the pinnacle of Christian music

    Gerald Wolfe, the group's founder, serves as Pianist and Emcee. Multi-Award-winning Songwriter, Rodney Griffin, sings the Lead part for the trio. Chris Allman, Gospel Music’s Favorite Tenor, and also a prolific songwriter, sings Tenor. Jon Epley is the newest member of the group, having joined April of 2017 as the Baritone singer.

    Greater Vision appears regularly on the InTouch television program, hosted by Dr. Charles Stanley, as well as on the Gaither Gospel Series.

    More than 175 times every year, Greater Vision presents the Gospel, through music, in a way that has endeared them to audiences around the world.

    What impresses me about them is that many of their songs have scripture woven through them.,H3vPHpSLQMU,yk5S6FGdSTE,tYMGxUUGCCc,dBgNbTwUwy4,RhNw0M1_PaA,PHssGFxabxY,U12RNY4x9BA,7Ljw0g7v-3k,bSKHFK_jGCQ,h5Vffl9lE08,gzt4GNa5hys,SCrZPD4f2Sc,OF5-AGzLCFM,UI2xOT3dSb0,CRIr1Nm1kcw,4xzg4xRfEt8,F0YIIgzrBt8,Uc-a-KwJlfA,W28llprTZRk

    A bit of comedy to begin…
    Winging My Way Back Home - Legacy Five and Greater Vision

    Still - Greater Vision

    Just Ask - Greater Vision

    Put Out The Fire! - Greater Vision

    With All The Many Miricles - Greater Vision

    His Grave Wrote The Song - Greater Vision

    He's Still Waiting By The Well - Greater Vision

    I Know a Man Who Can - Greater Vision

    A Pile of Crowns - Greater Vision

    Just One More Soul - Greater Vision

    Preacher Tell It Like It Is - Greater Vision

    When I see the cross - Greater Vision

    If That Isn't Love - Greater Vision

    The Lily of the Valley/Fairest Lord Jesus - Greater Vision

    God wants to hear you sing - Greater Vision

    The Blood Hasn't Ever Changed - Greater Vision

    Since I Have Been Redeemed - Greater Vision

    Paid In Full Through Jesus Amen - Greater Vision

    A Mighty Fortress is Our God - Greater Vision

    The Longer I Serve Him - Greater Vision Quartets feat. Ed O'Neal

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    SUNDAY SACRED 23/02/2020,GVJyyOqZ40s,OSO2n_AjG34,iypfVvcZYbI,cBYFuBUECxw,qJqP2qcy8GY,RpC8gQZT9HY,OUDZQK_TRc0,ggyEhs3ywY8,AAw78FOkhZs,0VsjSa1X7iA,yenReBNixT4,_FQb-cVwbKE

    Still Small Voice · Nashville Tribute Band feat. Alex Boyé

    Rock-a My Soul in the Bosom of Abraham - Alex Boyé and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    Ev'ry Time I feel the Spirit - Alex Boyé and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    He's Got the Whole World in His Hands - Alex Boyé and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    Blind · Nashville Tribute Band feat. Alex Boyé

    Wayfaring Stranger- Alex Boyé & Jenny Oaks Baker

    Be Still My Soul - Alex Boyé

    I Will Rise - Brigham Young University, Hawaii Concert Choir, with Alex Boyé

    Jesus, Lover of My Soul - Alex Boyé

    Goin' Home - Alex Boyé & Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    I Want Jesus to Walk With Me - Alex Boyé & the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

    Amazing Grace - (ft. Alex Boyé) The Five Strings

    I Will Rise - Alex Boye

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    SUNDAY SACRED 01/03/2020

    Jim Felix is a First Nations Cree Artist from Sturgeon Lake First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada. He has been in the ministry for over 20 years and has travelled extensively across the country of Canada and many parts of the United States.,gAqWBjHw4OI,xksBuYGg5ms,BcInPzhZ7b8,H0nQuippN7Q,rCoGJvfarTw,6rwGLAzkwxs,jdA_sbwKOoE,f__qlwG_B0M,1-jj7GU4MOQ,vlad7hKNIs0,3UZKyDyjeOw,9OS45z0ugH0,y5cy933r0Bk,zhBuKm8Ntuo,ESdzTnp1LWY,Q9T-CCIY9Fc,pqkcEiazrsc,7KOHbulkZps,xXPfkLo9xUQ,dzsKDT_tiE4,qZM_7arT-QQ,JiIPnghJ6wM,

    Angels Cry Holy - Jim Felix

    Hosanna - Jim Felix

    Wonderful to stand - Jim Felix

    He's Alive - Jim Felix

    Heavenly Father - Jim Felix

    They Know Not Who I Am - Jim Felix

    Take Up Your Cross - Jim Felix

    Brand New Anointing - Jim Felix

    One More Valley - Jim Felix

    This Joy That I Have - Jim Felix

    Keep Me Sanctified - Jim Felix

    He Gave Me A Call - Jim Felix

    Secret Place - Jim Felix

    He is Holy - Jim Felix

    I Want You To Move - Jim Felix

    Glory - Jim Felix

    Lord Help Me Walk - Jim Felix

    Take Me By My Hand - Jim Felix

    Merciful God - Jim Felix

    Power Belongs to God - Jim Felix

    Hold on - Jim Felix

    I can hear Him calling - Jim Felix

    Lovest thou Me - Jim Felix

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  19. 8.0k

    SUNDAY SACRED 15/03/2020

    Singer, songwriter - and now author - Ellie Holcomb began her musical career by touring the country with her husband in the Americana band Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. Her honest voice and rich lyrics shined on her first solo album and deemed her the Best New Artist at the 2014 Dove Awards, followed by the hope-inducing Red Sea Road album. In 2018, she created a new generation of little fans with her first children’s book and album: Who Sang the First Song? and Sing: Creation Songs. Ellie, her husband, Drew, and their three children live and make music in Nashville, TN.,9YcBGhKKOz0,cl1HF5NchLg,pvDmrsqTdjg,OnuC_zEugo0,Sjog4uWUSnQ,XVU00hkaGbY,gpOXrY4BHMA,De9qqohtfWI,7-5axIcYFVA,KMgh0VSD_0M,fn4qY0pC4Z4,jrwSvQx3Xqs,YeLnMegXeLc,

    He Will Give the Weary Strength ~ Ellie Holcomb
    "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Isaiah 40:31

    Living Water ~ Ellie Holcomb

    May The Words ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Red Sea Road ~ Ellie Holcomb

    We've Got This Hope ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Place My Hope ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Man of Sorrows ~ Ellie Holcomb

    The Broken Beautiful ~ Ellie Holcomb

    As Sure As The Sun ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Marvelous Light ~ Ellie Holcomb

    You Are Loved ~ Ellie Holcomb

    He Will ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Wonderfully Made ~ Ellie Holcomb

    Find You Here ~ Ellie Holcomb

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    SUNDAY SACRED 22/03/2020

    Over the years many have endeavoured to put the Psalms to song. In fact all of the Psalms have been set to music by various artists.
    It is even believed by some that there is secret music that has been hidden for centuries in the ancient Hebrew text of the Bible! The word “psalm” literally means a sacred melody.
    Most would be familiar with Psalm 23 which is often sung at funerals, weddings, and other occasions.,EAhsVoJjF9E,9wCTmn2TGjE,4m1TLw7BJw0,O96GCJDJH-o,Mo3HgtT_OiE,A-qLa_2GPcM,HjVoPBuBRj8,DfW2mkkMTAg,wGgsmCEgf4w,yjsG6IHEUUE,Y_naQm-7TgE,E1oCEN8qUf8,67wC6-kWWSo,kgvx9drZXpk,eYt0VI3iGNI,zIMRQUtLiiA,sFEslz-2zQ8,--UABwqW9Sg,fk8LsvewEPk,vOGbZGzHOog,r40CZW7uZ3E,LICDBT9LF_Y,k21elfw_0NQ

    Psalm 3 - Jason Silver

    Psalm 13 - Bethany John

    Psalm 18 - Shane Heilman

    Psalm19:1-6 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 23 Esther Mui/Rebekah Mui

    Psalm 23 - Shane & Shane

    Psalm 23 - Ingrid DuMosch

    Psalm 25 - Maddie Michaelson

    Psalm 34 - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    Psalm 42 - Tori Kelly

    Psalm 51 - Jason Silver

    Psalm 75 - Jessi Colter

    Psalm 91 Song - Esther Mui

    Psalm 91 - Esther Mui. New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

    Psalm 91 - New Creation Church

    Psalm 98 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 103:1-6 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 103:8-14 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 104 - sung in ancient Hebrew with English subtitles

    Psalm 121 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 136 - Jessi Colter

    Psalm 145:1-13 - Esther Mui

    Psalm 150 - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    Psalm 150 - Jessi Colter

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