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    SUNDAY SACRED 16/08/2020

    Cathy Viljoen (from South Africa) singing country gospel songs.,UW-EUvDD6D8,mGL8VcuVyQk,YQE6ujcCj6U,4piunKG99WI,1K_Oe5gz6wQ,vBMv3l9TyIc,ezovnZG_3MY,wjLOifVfzNU,Tqgg9Iogoc4,vNFeGjxqe8I,_774Kie9oOE,d09CVD5s2Is,RcvEX025JHI,

    Talking To Jesus - Cathy Viljoen

    I Love Thee Lord - Cathy Viljoen

    Someday My Ship will Sail - Cathy Viljoen

    Talking To Jesus - Cathy Viljoen

    When My Last Song is Sung - Cathy Viljoen

    Due Time - Cathy Viljoen

    Born Again - Cathy Viljoen

    Mercy walked in - Cathy Viljoen

    The Hem of His Garment - Cathy Viljoen

    Anchored in You - Cathy Viljoen

    Behold the Man - Cathy Viljoen

    Between Here and Sunset - Cathy Viljoen

    You made Life worth Living - Cathy Viljoen

    Celebrating Time Is Here - Cathy Viljoen

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    SUNDAY SACRED 23/08/2020

    Eloise Saayman is from South Africa, and sings in both English and Afrikaans. She has rich deep voice and her singing and her music are quite stunning.,a7mEH70WKH4,cJY-0A3z_do,5hwtbjW6V8Q,8N6BgiuoFeM,I76IlhR_X2E,SnvHyI8f7og,hnzjHqqqb2E,IGq5P6P6aXs,Kw_J1gJs2Ew,yIjZ36rB3L4,b_-pDKYUpMM,

    Help me - Eloise Saayman

    Because He First Loved Me - Eloise Saayman

    Across the bridge - Eloise Saayman

    He's coming back - Eloise Saayman

    I know exactly - Eloise Saayman

    Forever and a day - Eloise Saayman

    Touching this soul - Eloise Saayman

    His hand in mine - Eloise Saayman

    The House of my Lord - Eloise -Saayman

    Jesus Star Breather - Eloise Saayman

    Through the window - Eloise Saayman

    Grace has a face - Eloise Saayman

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    SUNDAY SACRED 06/09/2020

    A collective of some of Scotland’s most talented folk musicians, Celtic Worship is a Scottish Music Worship ministry which blends traditional and contemporary Christian Worship music with the powerful sound of Bagpipes, Whistles & Fiddle. Their mission is to combine their working life as professional musicians with their deep love of Jesus and their passion to share God’s love through their music. The band is comprised of Scottish musicians from many different backgrounds and styles including: Steph MacLeod, Mhairi Marwick, Scott Wood, Chris Amer, Naomi Stirrat, Gus Stirrat & Ifedade Thomas.
    This week featuring Steph MacLeod.
    First of all though is the song that has been reverberating around the world, by many groups, during COVID - "The Blessing".,8kvFtXphmMU,YfUNU-sPwbQ,xsNDxIBVEx8,zmt5VNnrJIM,Zah4pRbLlkI,eTUV5G9gLsY,XiukM6WHQEQ,OpZQkSuGUpQ,ypp7ldMzQqM,j5wN7ylnFgg,uKGf06YM7rQ,o9JyjTNn4g4,5IT2A4KT8IM,

    The Celtic Blessing - Celtic Worship & Friends

    In Christ Alone - Celtic Worship

    Jesus Paid It All - Celtic Worship

    10,000 Reasons - Celtic Worship

    I Stand Amazed - Celtic Worship

    Give Me A Sight O Saviour - Steph Macleod

    When I Found Jesus - Steph Macleod

    Be Thou My Vision - Celtic Worship

    Hope Shines On - Steph Macleod

    Rain down - Steph Macleod

    Jesus Is Lord - Steph MacLeod

    How Great Thou Art - Celtic Worship

    Staying Homeward - Celtic Worship

    Light Beams - Steph Macleod

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    SUNDAY SACRED 13/09/2020

    Continuing today with the theme of Celtic Worship.,untH2wbR7pM,zBFYyE2XS30,xKd8jez22CE,-LgE_E7yaz4,z35CZzDpjrA,MZup1mkOeyI,NKeRWT-OYSE,pgirWASyx5E,D6PHGXxUOHk,2abNVp9zpik,fONLrKD2pnU,IVTXlbrfh8E,qEZLmC4k8M4,FqzHPR43pMA,NwiMYUi2fJI,

    Fullness of Grace - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    God of Grace - Joanne Hogg, Kristyn Getty & Margaret Becker

    Glorious Light - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    The Power of the Cross - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    See What a Morning - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    Imagine - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    Holy Child Who Chose the Hearts of Men - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    Jesus Your Name - Kristyn Getty, Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg

    I Will Trust - Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg & Kristyn Getty

    O For A Closer Walk With God - Margaret Becker, Máire Brennan & Joanne Hogg

    Light Of God - Margaret Becker, Kristyn Getty, Joanne Hogg

    Join All The Glorious Names - Margaret Becker, Kristyn Getty, Joanne Hogg

    O For A Heart - Margaret Becker, Kristyn Getty, Joanne Hogg

    Oh My Soul - Margaret Becker, Joanne Hogg & Kristyn Getty

    Like The Starlight (Your Song To Me) - Moya Brennan, Margaret Becker, and Joanne Hogg

    May the Peace of God - Joanne Hogg, Kristyn Getty & Margaret Becker

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    SUNDAY SACRED 27/09/2020

    The Blessing, written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Kari Jobe, and Cody Carnes, has been circulating round the world now for a good few months. It is typically sung by people from all over parts of a country, but has taken on a life of its own and some versions feature people from many or all parts of the world.

    ©2020 Music by Elevation Worship Publishing, Capitol CMG Paragon / Writers Roof Publishing, Worship Together Music / Kari Jobe Carnes Music
    CCLI #: 7147007

    The Blessing is based on Numbers 6:24-26.,mcXJ1b3O8uA,eZQPifs2kjo,OOt7baaVSbE,m-UDnY1B0fI,Eb7g7-IIKVc,oXakV5zeonM,1K_0Ed8Tgwc,uiWZXLsdE9w,XkiAh9XIOYE,GeEf70G9les,I31lQXPd2j4,

    The Blessing (Global Choir) | Live From Elevation Ballantyne

    The Blessing (THE WORLD) Reggae - Christafari

    The Blessing | Aotearoa/New Zealand Churches

    The Blessing - Churches UNITE to sing The Blessing over Australia

    The India Blessing

    The Blessing - A Taste of Heaven - the Indian way in 31 languages

    La Bendición - (The Blessing) Feat Carlos, Delfina. Angelina y Sofia

    The Blessing KIDS - Français

    The Blessing [KIDS] - featuring kids from different nations

    The Blessing China

    The Blessing Japan

    The Blessing Italy

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    1st Group (1st) is going to pump much higher today

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    1ST shares appear to be in a long-term bearish trend confirmed by multiple indicators. Long-term, the 200-day moving average is falling and shows that demand for this stock is low. In the Medium-Term, the 5-day moving average is beneath the 50-day moving average. Finally, the stock has been trending lower in the near-term. Taken together, this is evidence that investors see little opportunity in owning this stock at this time.
    Quote from:

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    Nice one Recklyn. Double thumbs up from me. Hopefully sixtyone realises this for everyone's sake!

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    SUNDAY SACRED 04/10/2020

    Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger grew up in a musical home and has been involved in worship ministry since she was a child.
    Steffany carries a powerful prophetic voice and pursues the Lord with raw passion, faith, and confidence in His Presence.
    She is a worship leader and artist and is featured on recent albums including: Tides, For the Sake of the World, The Loft
    Sessions, and Be Lifted High. Steffany currently ministers in the US as well as traveling internationally.,-fpUvEKd91w,ZXzJ6PdVxbs,XFkDqQtfs0w,O99QX5qdZkA,t6-7gNeaWEY,cVVlMQved8k,Ap6wNtQr5Uo,8goSSm3UpwM,

    Steady Heart - Steffany Gretzinger (Amanda Cook on piano)

    No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus · Steffany Gretzinger

    Steffany & Amanda share the story behind the song "Out of Hiding."

    Out of Hiding - Steffany Gretzinger

    Christ The Lord Is with Me - Steffany Gretzinger

    Center of All History - Steffany Gretzinger, Matt Maher

    The Center of all history
    Your cross and resurrection
    Humiliation lifted me
    Into a new creation

    Holy, Worthy
    You have no end
    Holy, Worthy
    We sing amen

    My life now yielded to my King
    My will to Him surrendered
    I’m broken open at Your feet
    Your Presence is the treasure
    It’s You alone I treasure

    Let every knee on earth bend low
    And join the host of heaven

    To Him who sits upon the throne
    Give praise and adoration
    The gates of hell are overthrown
    The yoke of slavery shattered
    For Christ our King
    He reigns alone
    Now and forever after
    Now and forever after

    You Know Me - Steffany Gretzinger

    Remember - Steffany Gretzinger

    Forever Amen - Steffany Gretzinger

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    SUNDAY SACRED 11/10/2020

    Simon Khorolskiy is a Russian born American Christian artist who is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through his music.
    Many of today's offerings are in Russian, but beautiful neverthess, even if we can't all understand the words.

    From his website:
    Hi there!
    My name is Simon, I am a singer based in Washington State, where I reside with my wife and 5 small children. Although I grew up in the United States, I was born into a Russian Christian family that immigrated here in 1992 when I was two years old.
    Music has always been an important part of my life. After our Lord saved me and I grew in my personal relationship with Him, He has blessed me with a passion to sing and compose music for His glory. It is a great honor and privilege to wake up every day and be able to make music for a living. I find great inspiration for new songs in the Bible, many of them have been born while meditating on God’s word. In addition, the Pacific Northwest is full of God’s majestic natural beauty that I feature in my videos. It continually motivates me to praise and worship the Creator.
    My mission is simple: that many more souls will be touched by the Gospel through my singing.,GB7V4usZhVQ,mtUVJiDsFvQ,OksYaYO0HJ4,on7VPe_SG7s,dFdruGTRSUg,kRBhg7Z9YR0,zF3zb4Hbmhk,cqGzBMKycNQ,yhHKDMMjPBM,sgRWoYIVDRk,ZGWOKT7Hfvs,

    Oh, the Deep Love of Jesus - Violinist: Katie Gayduchik

    Jesus, Keep Me near the Cross - Simon Khorolskiy (In Russian)

    Sing Hallelujah To The Lord - Simon Khorolskiy

    Hallelujah - Simon Khorolskiy

    Heaven is My Home - Simon Khorolskiy & Friends

    You Are Worthy - Simon Khorolskiy

    New Heaven & Earth - Simon Khorolskiy & Friends

    I Wonder As I Wander - Simon Khorolskiy

    The Great Commission - Simon Khorolskiy

    Sweet by and by - Simon Khorolskiy

    The Sign of the Son - Simon Khorolskiy

    God be With You Till We Meet Again (Russian version) - Simon Khorolskiy & Friends

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    I said a prayer for massive life changing gains on 1st group, Praise the lord!

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    SUNDAY SACRED 18/10/2020

    Nathan Armand Pacheco, of Brazilian origin, is an American tenor singer and songwriter.,R5THcSLgh7s,6nJ0PZt05H4,UiJiDphZvbs,8UMNrImIWLk,Tmp6oLceDZA,Wx6hGFIEjz8,2kEzi8g6jdU,X4EJGEY4fkI,tFTS6vksuxg,a_y1m6pySaQ,X-PByg-NhiE,TKE4zYT-q6E,icpuOzCTDrk,

    Nathan Pacheco 5-Minute Fireside: Surrendering To God's Will

    Laying it all Down - Nathan Pacheco

    Forever - Nathan Pacheco

    Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Nathan Pacheco

    His Love - Nathan Pacheco

    It Is Well - Nathan Pacheco

    Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Nathan Pacheco

    All My Hope - Nathan Pacheco

    Make Me a Channel of Your Peace - Nathan Pacheco

    Through All My Days - Nathan Pacheco

    I'll Walk with God · Nathan Pacheco

    In Christ Alone - Nathan Pacheco

    Come as You Are - Nathan Pacheco

    The Lord's Prayer - Nathan Pacheco

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    SUNDAY SACRED 25/10/2020

    Referred to by many as the “singer’s singer” and called “The most awesome voice in gospel music” by Billboard Magazine, Cynthia Clawson has received a Grammy and five Dove awards for her work as a songwriter, vocal artist and musician. Her career has spanned over four decades with 22 recordings to her credit.

    She was three years old when her father first asked her to sing in the small church he pastored, and Cynthia has not stopped since – from local neighborhood churches to London’s Wembley Stadium. Though never considered a southern gospel singer by critics and fans, she has been honored to be a frequent guest on Bill and Gloria Gaither’s Homecoming Series. Cynthia has reached millions throughout the world with her music.

    Cynthia currently resides in Houston, Texas and is married to lyricist, poet and playwright, Ragan Courtney,n-FGjI4WVG4,7FylTg9aHVM,V5Vw2gvAgKo,7RC3nbbQcic,0G28GsTDXd8,yaSNyua5akI,XbcDxSPyi_w,rr-yT69NxWM,x2meniV-MBM,ZJXJm_PzwJ0,R969Jx5E9Vs,zmm-G-vz9d8,jzZCe81SD1o,RItaDaAB0MA,

    My Mother's Faith - Cynthia Clawson

    Hear the Voice of My Beloved - Cynthia Clawson

    In His Presence - Cynthia Clawson and Brian Mann

    I Quietly Turned to You - Ragan Courtney (Cynthia's husband), Cynthia Clawson

    He Speaks To Me - Cynthia Clawson

    I Will Survive - Cynthia Clawson

    Thank God For The Promise Of Spring - Cynthia Clawson

    Sometimes A Light Surprises - Cynthia Clawson

    How Tedious And Tasteless The Hours - Cynthia Clawson

    Flee As A Bird - Cynthia Clawson

    Jesus Hold My Hand - Cynthia Clawson

    Come Celebrate Jesus - Cynthia Clawson

    Trust His Heart - Cynthia Clawson

    Tell Me the Story of Jesus - Tanya Goodman Sykes, Reggie Smith, Wesley Pritchard, Cynthia Clawson, Ivan Parker

    I Know That My Redeemer Liveth - Cynthia Clawson

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    SUNDAY SACRED 01/11/2020,3y7ol82la9I,wGgsmCEgf4w,u16gZmfYC9M,-7spyhVBrA4,-c6pl6CaiD0,5ovnm-gzLfs,hrSIYEEZxyI,hNxXUa0cE8o,fmpshXiCVis,e2H47CvRTcU,halHtdlQn08,

    His Eye Is On the Sparrow - Sylvia Burnside

    Softly and Tenderly - Hugh and Maria Doherty

    Psalm 42 - Tori Kelly

    Where He Leads Me - Freddie Hart

    Seek Ye first the Kingdom of God - Ingrid DuMosch

    Is He Worthy? - Andrew Peterson

    It Is Well - Sounds like Reign (Lindsay)

    Love Came Down - Kim Walker-Smith

    Hallowed Be Thy Name - Steve Kuban

    Safe - Alisa Turner

    Who Is Like The Father - Christine D'Clario

    Deep Peace - Salt of the Sound. Deep Peace is a song about finding God in the unexpected places. We often search for God in the sacred and assume He dwells among the steeples, hymns and rituals, but more often than not He shows up in the everyday ordinary

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    SUNDAY SACRED 08/11/2020

    Keith Gordon Green (October 21, 1953 – July 28, 1982) was an American contemporary Christian music pianist, singer, and songwriter originally from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York.
    Beyond his music, Green is best known for his strong devotion to Christ and challenging others to the same. Several of his compositions became standards of contemporary Christian music.
    Notable songs include "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful", "Asleep in the Light", "Your Love Broke Through", "You Put This Love in My Heart", "The Prodigal Son Suite", and "There Is a Redeemer", the last of which was written by his wife Melody.

    Along with eleven others, Keith Green died on July 28, 1982, when the Robertson STOL-modified Cessna 414 leased by Last Days Ministries crashed after takeoff from the private airstrip located on the Last Days Ministries property.
    The small two-engine plane was carrying eleven passengers and the pilot, Don Burmeister, for an aerial tour[19] of the Last Days Ministries property and the surrounding area.,NJpJAsC-Frg,MqEDLZ4A8ko,7w_K9vTIGHY,BFe4r3qe1x0,7wtZmkLmIPU,r-XIGanYS2s,c27znFbcFrg,jEx_0_AXL3w,rMAxed2cOdk,yRqRrb8du88,-wNcv2FT9MU,

    Your Love Broke Through - Keith Green

    Oh Lord, You're Beautiful - Keith Green

    Make My Life A Prayer To You - Keith Green

    There Is A Redeemer - Keith Green

    Create In Me A Clean Heart - Keith Green

    You Put This Love In My Heart - Keith Green

    The Lord Is My Shepherd - Keith Green

    He'll Take Care Of The Rest - Keith Green

    My Eyes Are Dry - Keith Green

    Grace By Which I Stand - Keith Green

    Jesus Commands Us To Go! - Keith Green

    Until That Final Day - Keith Green

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    SUNDAY SACRED 15/11/2020

    Taryn Harbridge is a Christian musician living in Pennsylvania.
    "My desire as a musician (and person) is to share Jesus with the world, whether that be through a nature video or a cover of a hymn.
    The Gospel of Jesus Christ is THE most monumental, life-changing story to ever take place, and I want my music to be an outpouring of my praise and thankfulness for what Jesus did not only for me, but for everyone.
    If you don't know Jesus, please consider reading through the gospel of John and dive into finding out what He's all about. :)",scDRvuAGHGE,nXjORYEiHuc,HcHfi4TwxfM,V_DzUgr0hyI,lsigbU596d4,XWjfActtsfM,uty2jlD55G8,-E4625N4uEQ,yBcr7GUJvxI,Ad9xb4RKYi0,0lfHzMJ6auo,7i424JKlai0,7-Frqen4KrM,

    As the Deer - Taryn Harbridge

    Psalm 91 (On Eagles' Wings) - Taryn Harbridge

    In Christ Alone - Taryn Harbridge

    Before the Throne of God Above - Taryn Harbridge

    It Is Well With My Soul - Taryn Harbridge

    How Great Thou Art - Taryn Harbridge

    'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus - Taryn Harbridge

    How Deep The Father's Love For Us - Taryn Harbridge

    Awesome God - Taryn Harbridge

    I Have Decided to Follow Jesus - Taryn Harbridge

    This is My Father's World - Taryn Harbridge

    Come Thou Fount - Taryn Harbridge

    Jesus Paid It All - Taryn Harbridge

    How He Loves - Taryn Harbridge

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