Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred 02/05/2021

    You would be forgiven for thinking that today's songlist is from an English speaking Church. However, they are all performed by the Oslo Gospel Choir.

    For the purists among us the last one, Lamb of God, is sung in Norwegian.,i5naQOpPDzU,FcS_I3_GQhM,ZOInoLA2cGw,9o4LFQN3hdk,sPVMD8fWmMg,0FTQYeu6nGo,NHX5oW5nFhQ,V0GhHkijmEA,wX_xf_tu0AA,Uzyth8ghIkw,4DuySwGD1js,l3FIt6ufPPw,ZdvQvDw82xA,tK1vSsY83Ns,jyVa3pvb73w,wX_xf_tu0AA,lvpp3vKrGd8,

    In Your Arms

    Your Love - Psalm 139

    My life is in your hands feat. Kirk Franklin

    Don`t You Cry

    God Gave Me A Song

    This Is The Lord's Doing

    We Give Praise (Medley)

    Open Up My Heart

    Never Let Me Go

    Glory to God Almighty

    You are Holy

    Holy is the lamb

    Sweetest name I know

    That's Why I Sing

    For God So Loved The World


    Glory to God Almighty

    Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

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    Sunday Sacred 16/05/2021

    Nichole Nordeman was raised in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where she played the piano in church. She got her start when she entered a Gospel Music Association (GMA) contest in Los Angeles, California and was noticed by a music producer.

    Nichole is one of Christian music’s most respected singer/songwriters, with four No. 1 songs and seven Top 5 radio singles, including hits such as “Holy,” “Legacy” and “Brave.” Her album Brave debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Christian & Gospel Album Chart. Nichole also wrote and contributed 17 songs to the 2011 album Music Inspired by The Story, which debuted at No. 11 on Billboard’s Christian & Gospel Chart. In 2013, Nichole contributed to My Hope: Songs Inspired by The Message And Mission Of Billy Graham.,eC73Qa90phg,Zf9WTToa-Us,T9XyoLjFLOo,Ee7SPESCc_Y,-dwpdZdvCl8,waYUzxK8TYA,jD9-omLKwWI,bZV6eqsHY9Q,7Eqdg9zm56g,yISuxYYOtws,f658EuiDRAc,UXCXEb1Qupg,

    Just As I Am ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Small Enough ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Finally Free ~ Nichole Nordeman

    You are Good ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Anyway ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Every Season ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Gratitude~ Nichole Nordeman

    How Deep The Father's Love For Us ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Love You More ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Who You Are ~ Nichole Nordeman

    Holy ~ Nichole Nordeman

    What If ~ Nichole Nordeman

    "I Am” (Woven And Spun Album Version ) ~ Nichole Nordeman

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    Sunday Sacred 23/05/2021

    While it takes a few conversations with some people to uncover their life’s true passion, it takes roughly thirty seconds when talking with worship leader Christine D’Clario. From beginning to end, it’s clear that worship is her lifestyle, and proclaiming God’s goodness, faithfulness and grace is her top priority – pure and simple.,i3dyoohRbaE,7JFx85PCZQw,e2H47CvRTcU,YldSKbOBbFs,H9VL2c5sg-Q,E1PEyy6WNsM,hmo5ZRJQ28g,DmIGvrq6N4I,B-oH64N5Bck,9aAqJDOgPL4,IvZt01jySjc,53c-N7Oe3qQ

    Father of Mine


    Holy (It's The Name)

    Who Is Like The Father




    Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is

    Your Love Has Found Us


    Great I AM

    Let The Heavens Open

    Who she is

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    Sunday Sacred 06 June 2021

    The Foster Triplets - Malaika, Mahari and Mikaili - are three awesome young ladies - who minister for God in melodious singing.
    They reside on the picturesque island of Jamaica, where they were born to parents Markquin and Nicole Foster.
    Their gift of singing was discovered at a very tender age during family worship, when they inadvertently or serendipitously sang in harmony.
    They are 18 years old now and have just completed 10 years in ministry so far. They must have a huge wardrobe!,uR90Ccm0-Ks,7X4lFQu_w7w,UjX0wr5fEds,-HCBwXi4Oj4,QMK6aWcxj9s,omVQBe5f8vI,ZKDUc8gR4LU,6JDZ_z1TMTg,U2JtWxaIGVs,rOR9622987s,6WdPmbzPyeI,UASbsusn6BI,nZsCQbWFIO4,

    Sometimes It Takes A Mountain

    He Paid It All

    Beautiful City of Gold

    He Has Forgiven Me

    His Life For Mine

    Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior!

    Over and Over

    Four Days Late

    He Didn't Throw the Clay Away

    I Know A Man Who Can

    This Is Just What Heaven Means to Me

    Jesus Never Fails

    Bigger Than My Circumstance

    No More Night

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    Sunday Sacred 13 June 2021

    Rita Springer

    Rita believes that the joy of being a worship leader is to make those listening, jealous for what has been found in Christ. Making Christ famous through the art, act and physical sound of worship is Rita’s anthem and her deepest desire is to see this arise in the body of Christ. Her motto is; “To make the Lord famous in whatever I do with my worship and relationship with Him”. Born out of that deep desire and to see women free through the tools of the Word, Worship and Prayer, she started her own women’s conference in 2000 called ‘Fragrant Oil’ it was an incredible season of 7 years watching God use worship powerfully to transform lives across the globe.

    In 2008 she began a worship school called DIVE. (Deep - Innovative - Vertical - Expression) The School trains and encourages upcoming worship leaders all over the world with weeklong intensive one-on-one courses. Staying true to her calling, Rita continues to write new songs and leads worship at churches, conferences and events around the country. Rita released her first book in 2013, Finding Eve.,aChD1NjbjKk,jKivKOqoxLk,YFbpDf6xllo,ZCsvnVq6HcM,YWdzoAqrH3o,B_EUnAD2sek,huSKL0G0qM0,-9sbYnl3JrA,DRG1Ldz4VBg,z6Gm8lR5gPc,3T9gb-C7F6g,2J3n_4ClDEg,

    Worth It All - Rita Springer

    Holy Spirit Come - Rita Springer

    You Are My Hallelujah - Rita Springer

    Defender - Rita Springer

    When I Think About The Lord - Rita Springer

    Lord Let Your Glory Fall - Rita Springer

    All My Days - Rita Springer

    I Have To Believe - Rita Springer

    Midnight - Rita Springer

    Home - Rita Springer

    There Is A Power (feat. Dante Bowe) - Rita Springer

    Our God Is With Us - Rita Springer

    This Blood - Rita Springer

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    Sunday Sacred 20 June 2021

    Highlands Worship - Part 1

    Highlands Worship is a collective team of pastors, musicians, worship leaders, and songwriters who serve every week at Church of the Highlands.

    Pastor Chris Hodges planted Church of the Highlands in 2001. Now with multiple locations throughout Alabama, we have seen God move powerfully in our church, reaching thousands of people. Highlands Worship focuses on creating an experience where authentic, Holy Spirit-inspired worship connects people with the heart of God. Led by Pastor John Larson, the worship team is motivated by the core belief that just one second in the presence of God can change a life forever.,P1-PqD1hvuE,Y_4KUVrbBQo,3P8h8GTGC_s,PmNe0UJZk9g,aUnyyogrD2o,MA5BfCX3e7Q,Dt5TipoMNbA,O7mvEmxyr38,Z_W4AOMAAH0,ymMa0lN-QwQ,TDodZiFMr7M,YLLStENs_OE,6H8wshQuC7U,Cf1rRh0M2ho,

    Song In My Heart - Highlands Worship

    Holy Holy Holy (Jesus Reigns) - Highlands Worship

    Calvary's Cross - Highlands Worship

    Wonderful Things - Highlands Worship

    Alive In Me - Highlands Worship

    One Moment - Highlands Worship

    Heaven Is My Home - Highlands Worship

    Victory - Highlands Worship

    How I Need You - Highlands Worship

    Who Is Like The Lord - Highlands Worship

    Jesus You Alone - Highlands Worship

    For the Glory of the Cross - Highlands Worship

    All Or Nothing - Highlands Worship


    Shepherd - Highlands Worship

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    Sunday Sacred 27 June 2021

    About Rebecca J. Huseby
    I am who I am by the blood of the Lamb
    Rebecca J. Huseby: Musician, vocalist, studio engineer, song-writer/composer, dramatist, interpreter for the hearing impaired, artist, playwright, drama/choir director, worship interpreter, Israel Tour coordinator, actress, author, poet, fitness/health instructor, huntress, child, woman, warrior, friend of man, enemy of Satan, servant of God!
    THE SOUL FORGIVEN FREELY SINGS! COME! SOAR WITH ME ON SPIRIT WINGS!,cyftBtwxzw8,0laRaY1iYeI,Fjd-26ik0Rk,-WeDMsRYm70,mAO4zAdwzkg,PdgNanqv_vE,y8uUNm7uQCc,yP6A0RPk3J8,28vjwLdx4A0,yuAiVW4EBKA,9M2Vu8Xq60w,lxR_9g3peXo,

    We Come · Rebecca J. Huseby

    A Single Touch · Rebecca J. Huseby

    Comin Home to Jesus Loves Me · Rebecca Huseby

    It Wouldn't Be Grace · Rebecca J. Huseby

    Over the Hill · Rebecca Huseby

    Mercies · Rebecca J. Huseby

    Welcome Home · Thad Huseby · Rebecca Jo Huseby

    He Came · Rebecca J. Huseby

    Wait-n-Watch-n-Pray · Rebecca Huseby

    All Right · Rebecca J. Huseby

    Sometimes a Lion · Rebecca Huseby

    Say the Name · Rebecca J. Huseby

    High Praise · Rebecca Huseby

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    Sunday Sacred 4 July 2021

    Southern Raised
    Committed to the Lord, each other and bringing their music to the people” defines this phenomenal group of three sisters, Lindsay (bass), Emily (mandolin & violin) and their brother Matt (guitar), that are sweeping the country with a sound that has been described as “The other side of amazing.”
    There is a warmth and realness about them that draws you in, making them one of the best, most unique sounds on the scene.
    They have the distinct ability to cross genres, winning the hearts of all who hear them. When asked their heart behind the music, Southern Raised says, “Jesus is the reason we sing, the passion that burns, the cause we carry and the One we love! We thank Him for allowing us the honour to share His message with the world!”
    The selection of songs below includes their latest recordings plus a couple from longer ago.,8e1K6YVGZTY,SggpAD4AosI,rLseO7pw4KE,YWJ3xVZGu-w,SKRVahX1Y20,Wvvs2tk0RPU,18HS995Fmfg,hCp4ej5StKQ,k1oemInJ8dw,

    For You He Left the Ninety Nine ~ Southern Raised

    Beethovens 9th/Journey On - Southern Raised (feat. Trevor Willoughby)

    Fanny Crosby's hymn Blessed Assurance - Southern Raised

    Rise Again - Southern Raised

    I'd Rather Have Jesus - Southern Raised

    Letting Go - Southern Raised (original song)

    The Scarlet Cord - Southern Raised

    Amazing Grace - Southern Raised

    Wayfaring Stranger - Southern Raised Sings

    Here With Us - Southern Raised Bluegrass

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    Sunday Sacred 11 July 2021

    Highlands Worship - Part 2 (Part 1 was 20 June 2021)

    Highlands Worship is a collective team of pastors, musicians, worship leaders, and songwriters who serve every week at Church of the Highlands.

    Pastor Chris Hodges planted Church of the Highlands in 2001. Now with multiple locations throughout Alabama, we have seen God move powerfully in our church, reaching thousands of people. Highlands Worship focuses on creating an experience where authentic, Holy Spirit-inspired worship connects people with the heart of God. Led by Pastor John Larson, the worship team is motivated by the core belief that just one second in the presence of God can change a life forever.,BEiWxJayeKc,RYed7IqDjxc,NsuHnS-Xs54,dlZzX83Q1sg,NjOcYvV80CI,1Vez4etbSaI,zw-P3R42350,LLRNCjnZYkA,7pkUvYTLR2Y,qBNwLkHkGQc,8Rw8yVXsHg0,pss2dlbPFz0,fZ_AP9e0bEs,

    You Are My God - Highlands Worship


    Your Love Is Enough - Highlands Worship

    I Will Praise - Highlands Worship

    Joy - Highlands Worship

    Victory - Highlands Worship

    This Is Jesus - Highlands Worship

    My Hope - Highlands Worship

    Thank You - Highlands Worship

    Call Upon the Name - Highlands Worship

    Greater - Highlands Worship

    Here I Surrender - Highlands Worship

    I Will Sing Jesus - Highlands Worship

    Behold the Lamb - Highlands Worship

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    Sunday Sacred 18 July 2021

    Just a collection of songs that I especially like. One of the benefits of doing Sunday Sacred.,Yzejd6r9DwE,zmzQ-fSBRdc,-h4LTXywFiM,SVx35ENmYzw,uR90Ccm0-Ks,L3xPrC_GMXo,84MCch_fb2c,Ip-IZsnHMpI,Y8d36XQXcUU,p2jpAdXEtV0,XHqJIFZPiZ4,3UK0X3983wk,lWGx7EL_rsQ,

    JESUS, What A Wonder You Are - Maranatha Singers

    Healer - Kari Jobe

    Louder - Alisa Turner

    Come Holy Spirit - Vertical Worship

    The Victory Song - Ada Ogochukwu Ehi

    He Paid It All - The Foster Triplets (A song they wrote themselves)

    All That Thrills My Soul - The Joslin Grove Choral Society

    Words of the Prophets - James Dunne

    Whither Thou Goest - Joni James (From the Book of Ruth on pledging her loyalty to Naomi, her mother-in-law))

    Shadow of Your Wings - Her Heart Sings

    To The Table - Zach Williams

    Take Me to Your Land - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    All My Tears - Selah & Kim Hill

    There is a Place - Nathaniel Bassey

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    Sunday Sacred 1 August 2021

    Shane & Shane is the combination of solo artists Shane Barnard and Shane Everett. After meeting in college, Shane & Shane began writing songs and touring the country leading worship. Over 15 years later, they’re writing more music than ever, with no intention of slowing down. Their desire has always been to glorify the Lord instead of themselves and they do so by writing music that is biblically based, lyrically rich, and sonically engaging.
    Over the past few years, Shane & Shane have dedicated their lives to encourage and equip worship leaders and their teams through an online resource called The Worship Initiative. The Worship Initiative is an equipping ministry and a collective of worship leaders that, over the past few years, has grown into a thriving community in and of itself.
    Today's offering is a concert that Shane & Shane performed at Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg, Virginia, last Wednesday night.

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    Sunday Sacred 8 August 2021

    If you enjoy the skirl of bagpipes, then today's selection will be right up your alley.,sYGZ7FSvUGw,AEF_B2wDeIQ,sV4l5a-G8lI,PHKf-0tWhCw,oFHypH9j0EQ,QZ3yd0vaNTk,LL_oZ2n9pZw,jPpd3Wxm-Bs,KtAQmwTQF2A,d_kx7cmAR-o,XAk1ssT3JaU,so5jIOHm4m4,rpBw0oCO4C8,

    Amazing Grace with more than 200 bagpipes; live in Berlin

    Hyfrodol (Our Great Savior) - Ballycastle Players

    Praise to the Lord, the Almighty - Gibson Highland Bagpipes

    Hail the Day That Sees Him Rise - The Sign Posters

    Abide With Me - Pipes & Drums Royal Scots Dragoon Guards

    Jerusalem - The Sign Posters

    For the Beauty of the Earth (As With Gladness Men of Old) - The Sign Posters

    The Lord's My Shepherd - The Sign Posters

    Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing - Skip Cleavinger

    Nearer My God To Thee - Gibson Fireside Pipes

    Be Thou My Vision - The Sign Posters

    All Things Bright and Beautiful - The Sign Posters

    Just As I Am - Steve Thrasher

    This last one is just for fun. No Hymn in it. I think it's 'Scotland the Brave".
    Massed Pipes & Drums parade through Deeside town to start the Ballater Highland Games 2018

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    Sunday Sacred 15 August 2021

    Celtic Source Vol. 1 – Worship On Ancient Soil

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    Sunday Sacred 22 August 2021

    Arab and Israeli Gospel and Worship songs.
    Some songs are in Arabic or Hebrew. Hopefully you will see English subtitles - I do. If not, just listen to the worship in their voices.,Zkb0NYPp_cs,Ygkxq2fYmhc,dEFFF6nQZGQ,2Z54L2gdn94,05Fn3Xrbpn8,RjEehbjbIAY,F4vgl4ZVvc8,5j7X_ret3D4,WlILURVJ5NE,N_tRhF6Vc8g,p5jX2G1hHtY,XV2zva0XKZY,ZHW0uTpzsCM,--UABwqW9Sg,VTkgv26DcLA,kzqrWae5lK4,

    Hevenu Shalom - Alehem /Jerusalem Academy flashmob

    At Your Home | Bevetcha - Shilo Ben Hod

    You are Beautiful God - Sinta Sunny

    My life is Yours - Better Life Team (Arabic Christian Worship Team, based in Egypt)

    Ha Hallelujah - Arabic Christian Song, Egypt

    You Deserve The Glory - Ribon Olam

    Immanuel - Arabic Christian Song @ Cave Church, Egypt

    Inta Elaahi (You are my God) - Arabic Christian Song

    ZION (Live in Jerusalem) - Aaron Shust

    How Great is our God - Shema & Gadol Elohai, Joshua Aaron

    He Who Did Not Spare · Shilo Ben Hod

    Gadol Adonai (Great is the Lord) - Hebrew Christian Song. Lyrics/Music/Singer : Sarah Liberman

    Adonai Machesenu (The Lord is Our Refuge), Haruach Vehakala (The Spirit and the Bride)

    Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) Hebrew/Arabic (Official Music Video) - The Voice of One Calling

    Psalm 104 sung in ancient Hebrew - English words below

    Spirit and the Bride - Sea of Galilee, Israel ~ Joshua Aaron

    And what better way to end than with The Blessing in Hebrew.
    THE BLESSING in Hebrew! HA BRACHA הברכה (Official Music Video) Jerusalem, Israel | Joshua Aaron

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    Sunday Sacred 12 September 2021

    Great Hymns sung by great voices,5WmQmL77WkE,mISbGETVr84,Zd0FyrzVUCM,MYVm_ZDL6Qo,lXhxbEjfxxc,SNrbDR8TxYI,k_SE-kDlHwo,ZYbs0Vi1W_Y,TzejzO8ag2k,UV8bv4QuDtM,OpC78nfVdfY,dTKIqmdfHSk,5WVSyGBBfi8,

    Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken 200 Voice Mass Choir India

    To God Be The Glory - Fountainview Academy

    And Can It Be That I Should Gain - 200 Voice Mass Choir

    Immortal, invisible, God only wise Hymn - Westminster Abbey Commonwealth Day Service 2020

    How Great Thou Art - Gracias Choir

    Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Hymn - Westminster Abbey Commonwealth Day Service 2020

    Holy Holy Holy - 250 Voice Mass Choir

    Joyful Joyful

    Lead Kindly Light - 300 Voice Mass Choir

    Down in the River - Shenandoah Christian Music Camp

    Behold Our God - California Baptist University Choir and Orchestra

    He Leadeth Me - Michael Curb Congregation

    Great is thy Faithfulness - Songs of Praise 2010

    All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name - First Plymouth Church, Lincoln Nebraska

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