Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred 02/05/2021

    You would be forgiven for thinking that today's songlist is from an English speaking Church. However, they are all performed by the Oslo Gospel Choir.

    For the purists among us the last one, Lamb of God, is sung in Norwegian.,i5naQOpPDzU,FcS_I3_GQhM,ZOInoLA2cGw,9o4LFQN3hdk,sPVMD8fWmMg,0FTQYeu6nGo,NHX5oW5nFhQ,V0GhHkijmEA,wX_xf_tu0AA,Uzyth8ghIkw,4DuySwGD1js,l3FIt6ufPPw,ZdvQvDw82xA,tK1vSsY83Ns,jyVa3pvb73w,wX_xf_tu0AA,lvpp3vKrGd8,

    In Your Arms

    Your Love - Psalm 139

    My life is in your hands feat. Kirk Franklin

    Don`t You Cry

    God Gave Me A Song

    This Is The Lord's Doing

    We Give Praise (Medley)

    Open Up My Heart

    Never Let Me Go

    Glory to God Almighty

    You are Holy

    Holy is the lamb

    Sweetest name I know

    That's Why I Sing

    For God So Loved The World


    Glory to God Almighty

    Agnus Dei (Lamb of God)

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