Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred 26 September 2021

    There is something about worshipping in one of the languages that Jesus spoke, so today is another session of Israeli Gospel and Worship songs.,DnJuxkl3VBI,iH1VxYFdFgE,ARtq7F6GwN0,jXY73zA_pHI,sQYF8xFeR8k,xQ-bvVJu1UY,oqI3ZFKlvNY,t7Uk0hflDoY,Wq0PqrH8Mnc,zlLpouUcXkc,ztpavyE16OI,

    I Will Bring Honor - Avi Kavod

    Psalm 117 - Praises Of Israel - Mizmor KIZ

    God of Our Fathers - Birgitta Veksler

    Odecha BeKahal Rav (I Will Give You Thanks)

    Emmanuel - God With Us @Mount Zion - Levi Davis, Nethanel Buehler, Yedidyah, Sarah and Shilo Ben Hod

    Lechu Nerannena LeAdonai (Let us sing to the Lord) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert

    Resting Place - Sukkot Special [Hebrew Worship Sessions]

    Hineh Lo Yanum (Behold He Who Keeps Israel) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert

    Oseh Shalom (He Who Makes Peace) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert

    Hariu Ladonai (Shout To The Lord) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert -

    Hinneni Kan (Here I Am) - Praise to Our God 5 Concert

    Yeshua / Our God Reigns - featuring. Rebekah Grace McNeil

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    Sunday Sacred 3 October 2021

    The first 7 tracks today are by Eliza King, who lives in Brisbane. Eliza is a Christian songwriter and recording artist.

    The remaining tracks are by Walkers to Heaven, about whom I can find nothing.,AkYbBlmJpk8,yFBuvoeW2Q8,2-L-p9YUmVY,ATNvwXxTNpY,AiUDBH4gA8s,93-axaqZL_w,mhxIOaM8gAU,Gp5-Ppm7yWc,qviE7fWWmRc,kV_QvpP0M3E,YCWkaujdXBY,lj9xou1MzHs,VcEunxHgzCk,

    The Lord's Prayer - Eliza King

    I Shall Not Want - Eliza King

    All Things New - Eliza King

    When I Survey / Saviour King - Eliza King and Joshua C King

    Redemption Plan - Eliza King

    Risen Man - Eliza King

    Feel Holy - Eliza King

    On Eagle´s Wings · Walkers to Heaven

    It Is Well with My Soul · Walkers to Heaven

    Blessed Assurance · Walkers to Heaven

    You Are My All in All · Walkers to Heaven

    Our Father Prayer · Walkers to Heaven

    Our Father · Walkers to Heaven

    You Are Mine · Walkers to Heaven

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    Sunday Sacred 10 October 2021

    Liz Vice has always had a love for storytelling. The Portland native who currently resides in Brooklyn, started her career working behind the scenes in the world of film and video, only to accidentally find herself behind the mic. Liz Vice’s sound is a fusion of Gospel and R&B, with dynamic and soulful vocals, and lyrics, deeply rooted in spirituality, that give her work a timeless feel.
    No matter how large the venue, her genuine approach to her work and playful interaction with the audience makes everyone feel like they're sitting at home on the couch watching a friend sing their heart out. Vice is very passionate and has overcome many personal obstacles; she credits her adventurous life to not forcing anything and being willing and available to wherever it is that the LORD leads. "It's all about risk, and taking risk is never regretful... well, most of the time.”,oJUoSCFyz-I,pKTPfuKX_vQ,f9Kj-_KxRqQ,mEN_GiijYIc,-Put2Sm-cTw,fXW5tOCBjd0,z7kmdE5lnGs,obJyfji7pc4,PcsWdxhNhHk,fKlaebVBbyA,UT9PBOV-zxQ,BBuYXGRz050,

    Empty Me Out · Liz Vice

    See The Day · Liz Vice

    Drift Away · Liz Vice

    There's a Light · Liz Vice

    It Was Good · Liz Vice

    All Must Be Well · Liz Vice

    Entrance · Liz Vice

    Jesus, Name Above All Names · Liz Vice

    Everything Is Yours · Liz Vice

    Truly Today · Liz Vice

    Save Me · Liz Vice

    The Source · Liz Vice

    Where Can I Go · Liz Vice

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    Sunday Sacred 17 October 2021

    I have my friend Ruth to thank for bringing today's singer to my attention.

    For recording artist Mac Powell, there were people in his life that saw the gift he’d been given early, and helped him take the first steps to an extraordinary ministry.
    “My parents were a big influence on me. They both sang and played guitar, so I always had that around the house. It took me a while to realize most parents aren’t like that! Most parents aren’t singing around a campfire all the time with their kids. So I was very, very fortunate. That was probably the most major musical effect on me. And being able to sing at church. I went to a real small church in Alabama and had chances to sing solos as an 8, 9, and 10 year old kid. That built up not only my desire to do that more, but gave me the confidence I could do that.”
    And then there were the teachers that taught Mac so much more than notes on a page.
    “Then through high school I had teachers that really encouraged me musically, and told me I had a gift. They encouraged me to grow that and develop it. There were times where it wasn’t even necessarily singing. I was in marching band in high school! I loved it. And so I had a couple guys that really poured into my life and helped me learn music.”
    “I had an amazing voice teacher in college that just had the strongest voice, an amazing man. And he knew I wasn’t going to be singing opera music or these arias. He would give me things like jazz pieces. They weren’t rock songs, but something more of what my voice fit. A lot of people through the years – whether it was helping me musically or just business-wise and knowing how to move forward with the band. And, of course, the guys in the band itself – I wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for them. I wouldn’t have probably had the drive or the courage to move forward without them. So I’m very thankful to tons of people. They say it takes a village, and it took a major village to help and encourage me all these years.”,bOKaL3bee6I,RcHQFd4-GDQ,Zb-NdyxgO38,eWnSX3X7wbw,K2q-j0L9mMc,ceVLJ2Xm1UM,3B1CUPDV7uA,qaioE5jvm-4,hBpfgrNuNbI,X9rMBtPbVrw,P1voBNXVVUM,oQmSLywNfx8,q87eerYU34g,

    Love Is The Reason - Mac Powell

    God Of Wonders (Agnus Dei) - Mac Powell

    I’ve Always Loved You - Mac Powell

    Victory In Jesus - Mac Powell & Jason Hoard

    By His Wounds - Mac Powell & Friends

    New Creation - Mac Powell

    River Of Life - Mac Powell

    The Center Of It All - Mac Powell

    Soul On Fire - Mac Powell

    Love Song - Mac Powell

    Joy Of The Lord - Mac Powell

    Graves Into Gardens - Mac Powell w/ Apostles Worship

    In Jesus’ Name - Mac Powell w/ Apostles Worship Team

    Consider the Lilies & How Great Thou Art - Mac Powell w/ Apostles Worship

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    Praising & Glorifying God ~ 24 October 2021

    Gracias Choir Part 1

    While I was searching for congregational hymn singing back in September I came upon this little treasure.

    Gracias Choir calls Korea home. The Gracias Choir was founded in 2000 and has relentlessly pursued excellence in artistry of classical music, as well as emotional purification, education, and international fellowship through classical music. It was incorporated in 2013. Since then, in 2015, the Gracias Choir won the highest prize at the Marktoberdorf International Choral Competition in Germany.

    Gracias in Spanish means thank you. The music of the Gracias Choir has the special power to chime people’s hearts. This is because each member of the choir, one by one, sing with the heart of thankfulness they have received from God.

    The music of the Gracias Choir has the special power to comfort the hearts of the listeners and to change their sadness to joy. With the belief that music changes people’s hearts, the Gracias Choir has performed over 200 times in the last 20 years in numerous countries in world renowned venues, in front of presidents, kings, as well as in slums and run down neighborhoods. The Gracias Choir has spread comfort and hope into people’s hearts through vivid sounds and soul-echoing harmonies. The Gracias Choir continues to be loved by people all over the world.,8x4VH2hWx70,ygo94KY7jZg,nr2_4_2ioYQ,JoWaKoM4sEg,sE4Oq05GoTU,cmljIcNBCA8,lvWXo8B9i-E,NmyRnxQP1OQ,d3CC6VkkUYI,fJaV3Gt5d8M,_tv0eu-xbU0,6GTAhOzucp8,MYVm_ZDL6Qo,octqDAg_vg8,

    The Love of God - Gracias Choir

    I Know Not Why God's Wondrous Grace - Gracias Choir

    No Other Friend - Gracias Choir

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Gracias Choir

    Close to Thee - Gracias Choir

    I Come to the Garden Alone - Gracias Choir

    Because He Lives - Gracias Choir

    Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus - Gracias Choir

    It Is Well With My Soul - Gracias Choir

    Worthy is the Lamb, Amen from the Oratorio “Messiah” - Gracias Choir

    At the Cross - Gracias Choir

    As the Deer - Gracias Choir

    The Lamb of God - Gracias Choir

    How Great Thou Art - Gracias Choir

    The love of the cross - Gracias Choir

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    Glorifying & Praising God ~ 31 October 2021

    Joshua Aaron is an award winning American-Israeli, independent singer and songwriter. He resides near the Sea of Galilee with his wife and 5 children.,gkrIZHW82iM,W1DclNmrKc8,VfBLriq7a1E,Q8mcHKURgC8,Qk5KHyEbDFc,Dl5iPXltMH4,pX9bllb9kJ0,Wom79R2cwhk,uQ_6_95NZz8,i6QTFXrHMjk,a_FToHAsMZ4,awiVrQRHnf8,L7AxaBKq2FY,BGW62zTwfiw,

    Spirit and the Bride, Sea of Galilee, Israel ~ Joshua Aaron

    HalleluYah, Sea of Galilee ~ Joshua Aaron

    Salvation is Your Name, Jerusalem Hills ~ Joshua Aaron (feat. Mike Weaver)

    Blessed be Our God (Psalm 68:32-35), The TOWER of DAVID, Jerusalem ~ Joshua Aaron

    You Are Holy, Jerusalem - Joshua Aaron

    None Like You, Jerusalem ~ Joshua Aaron (feat. Aaron Shust)

    Immanuel, Sea of Galilee ~ Joshua Aaron

    He's Coming Again, Jerusalem ~ Joshua Aaron

    ONE BIG FAMILY from Israel & Around the World (Official Quarantine Video) ~ Joshua Aaron

    Cover the Sea ~ Joshua Aaron (feat. Levi)

    We Will Wait, Golan Heights, Israel ~ Joshua Aaron

    Holy, Mt. of Transfiguration ~ Joshua Aaron

    The Sacrifice Lamb, Messianic Worship Song, Written by Joel Chernoff, ~ Joshua Aaron

    Lullaby (Safely In His Arms) ~ Joshua Aaron

    Hoshiana, Jerusalem - Joshua Aaron

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    Glorifying & Praising God ~ 07 November 2021

    How Hinge Point Was Born
    “After Covid hit last year and everything was shut down we didn’t really know where we fit in to everything. We realized that things that seemed important before were fading and that our focus was changing too. We felt guided to officially start our singing group and focus our music on Jesus Christ. There had been lots of references to hinge point and we all felt like that name would be perfect. It was a literal change in focus and direction.”,R2CwNShduV0,m4LAH8oFqlQ,7yRnxDEbK9g,WsD4Om8a9kU,JZ8ANQoCEdI,sRHxQ1ow920,YQsdI-dFJVw,RJVsdV-qI4o,BKFLFcH-1jw,R2CwNShduV0,WYiqJoFvc-k,26lS4Wx2Wpc,hgxrUkLACcw,

    Treasure. A song about sisters - Hinge Point

    See Deeply - Hinge Point

    Me, Myself, and Jesus - Hinge Point

    My Jesus - Hinge Point

    There Was Jesus - Hinge Point (Feat. George and Grant Marriott)

    Consider the Lilies - Hinge Point

    Reaching Out - Hinge Point

    Living Water - Hinge Point

    Give it Up - Hinge Point

    Truth Be Told - Hinge Point

    See Deeply - Hinge Point

    Trust - Hinge Point

    Jesus, You're the Answer - Hinge Point

    Heaven Everywhere - Hinge Point

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    there has never been a better time to pray for divine guidance the more i see of man the more i admire dogs.

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    it will certainly be a test of faith ( and loyalty )

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    Sunday Sacred 14 November 2021

    Melody St. Clair Randazzo

    If you enjoy old hymns from bygone days, you will appreciate Melody St. Clair Randazzo's sweet renditions in this week's Praise to God.,alDtvzji_sU,7bUJ5yzN79c,q9Xi_NjnmB0,E-6BwEfk60Q,T8y5cVG-CCo,KhKNiHbMeD0,HM-RYEMScDE,TUhcMW12_mE,W49Qhwaboz0,bZvgNMJn8eI,6ovDLj2OC9I,

    All the Way My Savior Leads Me - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Day by Day - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    I'd Rather Have Jesus - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Nearer My God to Thee - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Be Still My Soul - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Sweet Hour of Prayer - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Come Thou Fount - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Only Trust Him - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    I Must Tell Jesus - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Sweet Bye and Bye - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

    Were You There - Melody St. Clair Randazzo with Greg Howlett on piano

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    Glorifying & Praising God ~ 21 November 2021

    Lize Hadassah Wiid

    From her website:

    I have learned through all my trials and errors, that if Yeshua is not the centre of what we are doing, it is all a striving after wind, and serves no purpose. We are not here for ourselves and our own glory and comfort. We have been created to worship and glorify the King of Kings in everything we do and to walk in an intimate relationship with Him! That is our purpose in life! Nothing is about us! It is all about YESHUA!!!,FLX83HbefrI,F7rkeW7Yn0M,JoxMp28CQHE,AphQhH5hBCU,brOv7YMRufg,0xOCRYENXTk,0J6fcXilEY0,W9I1f7lx6kQ,XHqJIFZPiZ4,PsQmsEE_2-s,vvDYY02_V54,-quMliTprA0,XgNrLY-N0PY,w7IquvKK2OU,

    The Lord's Prayer - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Proclamation Song - Lize Wiid & Sarah Jubilee

    You Are Mine - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Blossoming Lampstand - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Are You Out There - Lize Wiid

    Priestly Blessing Song - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Victory is Yours - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    The Last Eve - Lize Wiid & Sarah Jubilee

    First Love - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Take Me to Your Land · Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Wait On Me - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    It's All About You - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Heaven Awaits - Lize Wiid

    Heaven's Armies - Lize Hadassah Wiid

    Adonai - Lize Hadassah Wiid

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    Sunday Sacred 28 November 2021
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Lou Fellingham

    Louise "Lou" Fellingham is a Christian worship leader, singer and songwriter from Brighton in East Sussex, England.

    “I’m believing that as these songs are used as a tool to worship Father, Son and Spirit, we will see the Kingdom of God poured out on His people. God is in the business of bringing freedom to every area of our lives. We’re asking that He will bring salvation and healing, freedom and deliverance as people lift their hearts and their eyes towards Him. He is the one who saves. He is the one who heals. He is the one who binds up the broken hearted and gives strength. Everything is from Him and for Him. We are looking to God to come and breathe on these songs and awaken men and women to Him.” - Lou Fellingham,4AO_bzMYzt0,SGJlZvl8PJM,wLp_7hAw8ZA,LJ--3X8R4no,IORuofzaK34,S7QJME7n9FQ,ryip0dD1uoo,aIgOMY_fdKQ,R80vcoXpB-A,TL8UgNFzyoI,9YbnU7rBi6s,D7QZNBmgSMs,

    Everlasting Arms (Lean Hard) - Lou Fellingham

    O For a Thousand Tongues - Lou Fellingham

    I Will Say - Lou Fellingham

    Wonder of The Cross - Lou Fellingham

    Bring It All To Jesus - Lou Fellingham

    Nothing but the Blood of Jesus - Lou Fellingham

    Our God Is For Us - Lou Fellingham

    Build This House - Lou Fellingham

    Amazing Love - Lou Fellingham

    My God Cares - Lou Fellingham & Phatfish

    To God Be The Glory - Lou Fellingham

    This Changes Everything - Lou Fellingham

    There Is A Day - Lou Fellingham

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    Sunday Sacred 5 December 2021 The Christmas Month
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Highlands Worship is the Worship Ministry of Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. "We exist to connect the people of our church to the heart of God through vibrant life-giving and relevant praise and worship.",1X8P8CyBvfI,I19qA4MA1cY,Lz8N2OGkojU,B01fVR-M4ek,5nvEDViG324,5WJGKIZYHjc,xoItDPJH32g,B6zKymS8sWo,EepzdUq9QVg,GzHIEwmKXRY,2AWwk030qdM,

    Away In a Manger - Highlands Worship

    The First Noel - Highlands Worship

    O Holy Night - Highlands Worship

    Christmas Song Medley - Highlands Worship

    Little Drummer Boy - Highlands Worship

    O Come All Ye Faithful - Highlands Worship

    He Has Come - Highlands Worship

    O Come O Come Emmanuel - Highlands Worship

    Born in Bethlehem - Highlands Worship

    Carol of the Bells - Highlands Worship

    Earth Stood Still - Highlands Worship

    Joy To The World - Highlands Worship

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    Sunday Sacred 12 December 2021 The Christmas Month
    Glorifying & Praising God,60EG9xjFwgw,VY_NW6Arxzk,dVtNXp56kiQ,_zWxAXxncYg,d6kx8m9DbWc,OsfGJuugPUk,wrXqYrrR7AY,NVN2bnjBlCU,RkTJhdI_2mg,eywhFR7DlCA,zuhKuB-mPgY,

    Christmas Eve - Trans-Siberian Orchestra

    Star · 2nd Chapter Of Acts

    Silent Night - Sissel

    The First Noël - Lady Antebellum

    What Child Is This · Nathan Tasker

    O Come, O Come, Emmanuel · Linda Ronstadt

    O Holy Night (feat.Tauren Wells & SVRCINA) – Tommee Profitt

    Believe - Mat and Savanna Shaw feat. Rexburg Children's Choir

    He Shall Reign Forevermore - Chris Tomlin

    Hark the Herald (Sing Out Loud) · The Spirituals

    A Baby Changes Everything Suzy Nash- Faith Hill

    Let It Be Christmas - Jamie Biller

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    Sunday Sacred 19 December 2021 The Christmas Month
    Glorifying & Praising God,Y6VGVXjGLBQ,

    Blind woman stunned when Mat and Savanna Shaw show up and sing to her and her family

    Breath of Heaven (Official Music Video) - Daddy Daughter Duet - Mat and Savanna Shaw

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    Sunday Sacred 25 December 2021 Christmas Day
    Glorifying & Praising God,iJOj9umiMjs,LbYkLJoUs5Q,mRDtZeJzLi8,mHpmX7aoKHY,ZFDeelWpjXI,20g05lJm0D8,fNUk349w-tg,SarPJv6rUiQ,5yhucU3EvzE,41xzmdRuPxc,uZC9yJPpynI,1X8P8CyBvfI,iDskUKFAbeI,

    Angels We Have Heard (Glory Be) - Mat and Savanna Shaw Put last???

    Hymn Of Joy - Chris Tomlin

    Celtic Christmas Medley - Taryn Harbridge

    Silent Night - Irish singers Emer Barry and Lynn Hilary.

    Comfort & Joy (Interlude) · The Spirituals

    There's Still My Joy - Indigo Girls

    Refugee King - Liz Vice

    O' Come All Ye Faithful (Bless the Lord) · The Spirituals

    Hallelujah (Light Has Come) ~ BarlowGirl

    It's about the cross--Ball Brothers

    The Christmas Hallelujah

    The Lord's Prayer - Amira Willighagen

    The First Noel - Highlands Worship

    Breath of Heaven - Autumn Dust

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    Sunday Sacred 09 January 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God ~ Future Date

    Krissa Somero appears to have only recorded 1 album, and tracks from it are below. It's a pity, because she has such a sweet voice.,lDXAVSU5_og,VPlGexBxtxs,JX8jgAGwSmo,ZU6ZnRl6ciA,9ilrL91WhCM,yui4dZhjtzo,VClBer9ddu8,-9znzMuAm8A,qR5jBLV30NI,

    Lord I Hope This Day Is Good · Krissa Somero

    In The Garden · Krissa Somero

    A Living Prayer · Krissa Somero

    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus · Krissa Somero

    Precious Lord, Take My Hand · Krissa Somero

    There Is A Reason · Krissa Somero

    My Jesus I Love Thee · Krissa Somero

    I Need The Every Hour · Krissa Somero

    His Eye Is On The Sparrow · Krissa Somero

    Sweet Hour Of Prayer · Krissa Somero

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    Sunday Sacred 23 January 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Meredith Andrews has always had a gift for writing honest, compelling songs that resonate powerfully with an audience. Over the course of her albums, people have come to appreciate the Dove Award-winning artist’s love for God and her heart for people. She’s formed a strong bond with her audience, being open and vulnerable with her music.,qoh26pC2RT8,Ne_pP_SpWPQ,hPks3NQwH28,qirWI3WNrY8,wg5dqbNaan8,rjKYpCugScc,92CRFVyCw2Y,S9R_gMueioM,_HLIp59Aq4M,F47gSuHpzQE,7QWsUTCXZ6A,Ay22avYCkkc,LhCdJUI-9O8,

    Draw Me Nearer - Meredith Andrews

    Not for A Moment - Meredith Andrews

    Behold The Savior - Meredith Andrews

    Spirit Of The Living God - Meredith Andrews

    Faith and Wonder - Meredith Andrews

    Open Up The Heavens - Meredith Andrews with Vertical Church Band

    My Jesus I Love Thee (With Every Breath) - Meredith Andrews Sooter

    Soar - Meredith Andrews

    A Million Saints - Meredith Andrews

    Glory In The Highest - Meredith Andrews

    Sunrise - Meredith Andrews

    Lamb Of God - Meredith Andrews

    I Look to the King - Meredith Andrews

    Revelation Song - Meredith Andrews

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 30 January 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Elenyi is a refreshing new female Pop singing group which just happens to be comprised of three talented teenage sisters (two of whom were born in Chile) – Seli, Desi, and Ari – from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their angelic voices blend beautifully together to create distinctive harmonies that leave their listening audiences awed. They are bilingual and perform their music in both English and Spanish.
    The original name of the group was “Shine,” but it was later changed to Elenyi. The name “Elenyi” is of Greek origin and means “sun ray.” On their official website, they state, “One of our main goals in singing is to be able to touch the lives of others for good. Music was made to help change the mood of people who might be having a bad day, or things just aren’t going right for them.”
    Get to know us! - ELENYI Q&A,dYVpb4dpWTE,ssBmFi51z_k,gZ9lYwA9zVk,F-b3bybTDSQ,Km8b_hkwHtE,rXqd36oY7Jg,YBT4sfxj4V4,HUjDwIw5ih0,pXoK9ZkLovc,azRVPeWF3AY,pUH2gWwGhTU,

    I will Trust in YOU - ELENYI

    Footsteps - ELENYI

    OCEANS (Where Feet May Fail) - ELENYI

    How great Thou art / Как Ты велик - English & Russian - ELENYI, feat. Jarom Hansen

    Consider the Lilies - ELENYI, feat. Emily Brown on harp

    Be Thou My Vision - ELENYI

    What a Beautiful Name - ELENYI, feat. cello Jaantje & Trevor

    I Know that My Redeemer Lives / Yo sé que vive mi Señor - ELENYI, feat Masa of One Voice Childrens Choir

    I am a Child of God / No Longer Slaves - ELENYI - help rescue children

    I Need Thee Every Hour / Señor Te Necesito - ELENYI, feat. Cayson Renshaw

    Be Still My Soul (In You I Rest) / Calma mi alma - ELENY

    Lord I Would Follow Thee / Sim eu te seguirei - ELENYI, feat. Sarah Young

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