Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 20 February 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Once again I have my friend Ruth to thank for the choice of today's artists,VFWF9rSAWF8,LjF9IqvXDjY,Z87vPQOKMtk,e_bj6mjUj7k,6mAvt3CxEQM,eSiN9Sf2kS4,HBrv6hKhdzg,ZaDyCHmeUBE,dEubLmNPxwg,lO-UkeNNxaQ,jiIaFUvF7k4,zmPyPIyoxhA,pilPbu8VBOU,

    Battle Belongs - Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

    God of Revival - Bethel Music, Brian Johnson, Jenn Johnson

    You're Gonna Be Okay (Lyric Video) - Brian & Jenn Johnson

    Greatness of Your Glory - Brian Johnson

    For the One (Lyric Video) - Brian & Jenn Johnson

    In Over My Head (LIVE) - Jenn Johnson

    O Praise the Name - Jenn Johnson

    Mention of Your Name (Music Video) - Jenn Johnson

    Hymn Of Heaven - Brian Johnson, Zahriya Zachary

    God I Look to You - Jenn Johnson

    Send Me - Jenn Johnson feat. Chris Quilala

    Great is Your Faithfulness - Jenn Johnson

    King of Kings - Jenn Johnson

    Victory is Yours - Brian Johnson

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 06 March 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God,LHvZCNZ45fQ,S01cDsga0bE,853mRMKguN8,3JWB6eYVOHI,CjZZGSS0t14,83COydTuhRc,A046d8eUrPM,Nr64Gr5hwIE,Bz8Qz3C21I0,Fdh1ESUJgVo,0iNAELCs03U,

    Resting Place - Sukkot Special [Hebrew Worship Sessions]

    Ram Venisa, High and exalted [Hebrew Worship Sessions]
    High and exalted is the Messiah
    Clothed in glory and splendor
    Here in my heart, the Messiah
    Dwells in His temple

    He went up to the altar like a lamb
    My punishment he paid, as a redeemer
    Every Knee shall bow, every tongue shall indeed confess

    Bow before him, the one who sits
    At the right hand of the Father
    Every eye shall see him return
    For his chosen ones

    Shma Israel, Hear O Israel [Hebrew Worship Sessions]

    Halev Poretz, The Heart Bursts Forth - Praises Of Israel

    Great and Marvelous | Gdolim Venifla'eim

    Hero Of The Story - Hebrew Worship Sessions

    Hosanna, Old City Jerusalem - Hebrew Worship Sessions

    Adonai Tsuri, Psalm 19 - Hebrew Worship Sessions, Filmed near the Dead Sea, Qumran, Israel

    You Deserve The Glory - Jew & Arab Worship Together, Live from Jerusalem

    YOU ARE HOLY - Joshua Aaron, Shilo Ben Hod

    Immanuel - Birgitta Veksler
    Lyrics (by Birgitta Veksler)
    In a dry land, tired and without water
    The earth is crying out to heavens

    We are here, awaiting our savior
    That will be revealed at the the appointed time amongst us

    In His name
    All people come
    All nations bow
    And tongues confess

    Through His word all was made
    light came down
    All for love
    He will come

    He will come and He’ll save us, He’ll come and He’ll heal us
    Emmanuel, Emmanuel

    You Lift Me - Hellen Yilma

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 13 March 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    There are many Christians in Ukraine.
    Pray for Peace and Hope for them.,dlz3TcxHB54,BTOvBmsgim0,-NKPreTNIt0,JRMDPR2obQw,GRTVx3gPoWA,b16mTfIi52Y,y7LDLCsmJVw,f9j6HC9R8Wk,CM5phjF6od8,rNyBloiPmuc,vZ4NBZetnDQ,_pWKVJFF-Pc,

    Miracles are happening in Ukraine

    The love of God - Prayer song for Ukraine

    Prayer for Peace and Hope for the people in Ukraine

    Молитва (A Prayer) - Ukrainian Christian song, English subtitles

    The King Is Born! - original Christmas Song in Ukrainian, with English subtitles

    It Is Well With My Soul - English, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

    У молитві схиляюсь (I bow in prayer) -- By group Aven Ezer from Manevychi, Ukraine

    He Will Hold Me Fast - Ukrainian Christians Singing in the Midst of Russians Invasion

    Christians singing praise inside a subway station in Kiev

    Prayer for Ukraine - (Молитва за Україну) Cover by Christina Yavdoshnyak

    A Prayer for Ukraine - Song in English

    Prayer for Ukraine, performed by Lubbock Christian University (LCU) Choir

    The Ukrainian Anthem 'Ще не вмерла України' (Oekraïne is nog niet verloren) was played all over Europe this week

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 20 March 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Christian Athletes, Actors, Actresses, Musicians who love Jesus Christ!,wJOppWTN8ZE,vr1us8gJMCs,hZ-c5i0tJhI,m3mpRWeHKX4,qJm0Bx1LYWU,niU9tf462bc,cQxlVyzrtOE,vctd5D5x4uw,98qw7Dhk_b8

    10 Famous Hollywood Celebrities Who Love Jesus

    17 Famous Celebrities who love Jesus Christ!

    Billionaires Who Love Jesus Christ!

    Famous Athletes Who Love Jesus

    Famous pop artists speak about Jesus

    Top 10 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Christians

    10 Famous Scientists Who Believe In God

    5 Ex-Criminals turn to Jesus

    George Foreman Testimony - My Encounter With Jesus In Near-Death Experience

    Top Famous Rap Artists who believe in Jesus Christ

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 27 March 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Celtic Worship is a collective of some of Scotland’s most talented folk musicians who craft worship from a unique standpoint, blending traditional and contemporary Christian music with the sounds of their native roots.
    The band is composed of musicians from many different backgrounds and styles, including Steph Macleod, Mhairi Marwick, Scott Wood, Gus Stirrat, Naomi Stirrat, Ifedade Thomas and Chris Amer.,XKOoeTbjSeI,LOuw3rLY7Zg,RFIr8-gH55E,GGTjTrzPrs8,GL5VjnO7mB4,C6bK-2oiemg,iUuvfjNAL6A,r7g0IMTUWHs,vvcRyrZidq4,pldbEUCkAnc,CWygzKyWrno,

    How Deep The Father's Love - Celtic Worship

    Come Thou Fount - Celtic Worship

    Blessed Assurance - Celtic Worship

    Because He Lives - Celtic Worship

    It Is Well / I Exalt Thee - Celtic Worship & Praise Gathering

    Psalm 23 - Celtic Worship

    O Be Still My Soul - Celtic Worship

    Great Is Thy Faithfulness / How He Loves - Celtic Worship

    Father Of Light - Celtic Worship

    I Trust In Jesus (Official Audio Video) | Celtic Worship

    Old 100th - Celtic Worship

    The Celtic Blessing

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 10 April 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God,pz5t7XTCxNE,Zc1c9YBunK4,CLvCs8U9YsQ,3fNkShqrhKw,2xhGUFwuTpU,vHwF5a9MSe4,xjfb-wfie4w,07qdl03QRpc,kimLXNhzZMA,Pw-ENs_sT0Q,37wV6D49iEY,-LwBqG7uXbY,

    The Love of God - Mercy Me

    Echo Holy - Red Rocks Worship

    God of Revival - Emmy Rose | Bethel Music

    BEHOLD HE IS COMING - James Block

    His Mercy is More - Steph Macleod and the Praise Gathering Choir

    Hallelujah Salvation and Glory (Revelation 19:1)

    Almost Home - Matt Papa & Matt Boswell

    Fulfilled (The Beatitudes) · James Dunne - Connor Patten

    Sometimes a Light Surprises · Songs of Grace

    When I Survey The Wondrous Cross (Kathryn Scott

    Down From His Glory - Chip Dorton with the Chancel Choir of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, FL

    There Was Jesus - Zach Williams, Dolly Parton

    Because He Lives (Amen) - West Coast Choir

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    Sunday Sacred Easter 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God Easter 2022,eCPJ9jIPepA,pglZ_vOj8dM,-rS_mVV22B8,9a2Va94Tldc,

    The Crucifixion - A Medical Perspective

    An Easter Hallelujah - Cassandra Star Armstrong & Callahan

    It Was Finished Upon That Cross - Keith & Kristyn Getty, CityAlight

    Resurrection Hymn - Cornerstone Worship

    Easter Song - Matthew Ward

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 24 April 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Gaither Vocal Band Australian Tour 2003 Live at Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia,ybU_ZK0rPeo,TCn4DzdeSnM,_Q8dYPNV4OQ,_hX0tVH4ug4,1QtFVN9OZvM,JpE58sa4CLg,NikEE6VTLTs,9MW_tQwqFoI,jJu7rOv-c8M,qq-upb1KeTQ,vcFoLtDuANI,iq81J-tWRX0,0W-MQFVSEXc,Y-_frJSq0bY,jg-VJd3-4EA,

    I'm Gonna Sing - Gaither Vocal Band

    These Are They - Gaither Vocal Band

    There Is a River - Gaither Vocal Band

    Not Gonna Worry - Gaither Vocal Band

    New Day - Jeff & Sheri Easter, Charlotte Richie

    O Love That Will Not Let Me Go - Gaither Vocal Band

    It Is Finished - Gaither Vocal Band

    You Must Be Born Again - Jeff & Sheri Easter, Bill Gaither, Charlotte Richie

    Heartbreak Ridge and New Hope Road - Gaither Vocal Band

    Everything Good - Gaither Vocal Band

    When the Rains Come - Gaither Vocal Band

    Let the Glory Come Down - David Phelps

    I Love You, Lord - Gaither Vocal Band

    He Touched Me - Gaither Vocal Band

    Alpha and Omega - Gaither Vocal Band

    Hallelujah Chorus - Whole Gaither Group

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 01 May 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Kortney Jamaal Pollard, who performs under the stage name Mali Music, is an American recording artist, singer-songwriter and producer.,qnqBK8KvqzY,rxNO3KBQfmU,qdGxqjyEOXA,i5I9o9KdG2E,F1gbYAzQpLU,BCCS4voDfhk,onNPKbOn8uU,gJtMVp7DHo4,fjuslhxDRls,f4tv1jLOh00,

    My Blessings (Love Me) - Mali Music

    Everlasting - Jonathan McReynolds & Mali Music

    Beautiful - Mali Music

    Lord Forgive Me · Mali Music

    God is Good - Jonathan McReynolds

    Blessed - Mali Music

    Make Room - Jonathan McReynolds

    I Believe - Mali Music

    Yahweh - Mali Music and Jonathan McReynolds

    Royalty · Mali Music

    Loved By You - Mali Music ft. Jazmine Sullivan

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    hey Recklyn a mate is trying to organize a funeral , so far Amazing Grace has been considered .. do you have any other suggestions ??


    i hope all is well with you and your family

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    A couple of good ones Sal.
    Psalm 23
    Great is Thy faithfulness.

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  13. 82.0k


    i will pass them on


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    Hi Sal

    Another couple...

    Sissel - Going Home

    Sissel - You Were Always on My Mind

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    will pass them on as well , thanks heaps


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    Sunday Sacred ~ 08 May 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Israeli Songs of Worship
    Every so often I list Israeli/Arab songs that I have not used before... Some are in English, some in other languages, principally Hebrew.,81HSXFtYMRs,eCz-dlIgOFc,S6cxaxnV1nA,RWM8gSSnz_8,-XfJNbKrLqU,uCTu6CkFTD4,CAhk6dniCbI,Smvy8hvbBcA,Uu4EcADUeog,TBEJ8M8rX7w,wfraiiWHvQc,4DONvgJ2UQA

    You Deserve The Glory - Jew & Arab Worship Together

    Shema | A Prayer For Israel (Official Lyric Video) - Misha Goetz & Shae Wilbur

    Consuming Fire - Israeli Worship

    John 3:16 in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, English, Korean and Persian

    Psalm 23 - Miqedem. The entire Psalm 23 in the original Hebrew.

    So Much Grace - Kama Hesed, Hebrew Worship

    God Almighty Reigns | Misha Goetz (featuring Joshua Aaron)

    Kadosh Shimcha La'ad | Israeli Worship

    Great is the Lord | Gadol Adonai

    Eli, Eli (A Walk to Caesarea) - Maayan Band

    I'll Fly Away, Live at The Southern Steps of The Temple, Jerusalem Israel

    Salvation is Your Name (Yeshua) - LIVE at the TOWER of DAVID, Jerusalem // Joshua Aaron

    Draw Me - Mashcheni, Hebrew Worship from Israel

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    Fanks Recklyn.
    I raised as Christian.
    In hiding at prisent.
    Finking Boyz from Redfern station mite be after me so in hiding. All cos I sorted problem 4 them few days bak.
    So mummy, if ya reading this
    Happy Mother's day
    Luv mullman

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    most people who live at the fern are yuppies these days you are full of it mullet.

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    Leaf aggrission for the vaxxers on the Corona thread kugers. This thread for nice stuff, not social hate old fella

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 15 May 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Russell Taff (born November 11, 1953) is an American gospel singer and songwriter who grew up in Farmersville, California. Taff's younger years were taken up with the church and a tumultuous home life where he suffered physical and verbal abuse from both parents.
    Taff is married and with his wife Tori, has two adult daughters. Taff's history of alcohol abuse, which started when he was 26, experienced a stretch of sobriety from 1988 to 1997 between his father and mother's deaths, but did not last. He finally gained victory over his addiction through Christian counseling and intense trauma therapy.
    Russ Taff’s music has won him not only a wide audience and critical acclaim, but a total of five Grammy awards and nine Gospel Music Association Dove awards. One of his best-known performances is the song "Praise the Lord". He has also been a member of the Gaither Vocal Band, and occasionally tours with Bill Gaither in the Gaither Homecoming concerts.,KtTk9Kas9Cs,gbg11aisP4Y,S7qTx64dhRM,OYaz9yWLEWg,6iYC55-469U,tJ0e6G-hGVk,edxpzIAQf0s,AwcK1FEQ-i4,RrhMud6Plk4,8jN-h1wEfyc,35L0rgFGIG0,uByXpOte0Rw

    Hold to God's Unchanging Hand - Russ Taff

    When He Set Me Free - Russ Taff

    I Still Believe - Russ Taff

    Be Still My Soul - Russ Taff

    Ain't No Grave - Russ Taff

    Praise the Lord - Russ Taff

    They Call It Gospel Music - Russ Taff

    Bethlehem, Galilee, Gethsemane - Russ Taff

    We Will Stand - Russ Taff

    Trumpet Of Jesus - Russ Taff

    O Say, But I'm Glad - Russ Taff

    I'm Not Alone - Russ Taff

    Oh Buddha - Russ Taff

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