Sunday Sacred

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 22 May 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    There are many different versions of Psalm 23. Here are but a few…,yHQoRfFr1rE,AIrS3h7cH_A,GL5VjnO7mB4,O96GCJDJH-o,Mo3HgtT_OiE,A-qLa_2GPcM,kKcj53x7TH8,e93ifRvDIUY,IdBRxcCOfCs,OxDmms3KEl4,RWM8gSSnz_8,

    Psalm 23 - Beautiful Version

    Psalm 23 - Crimond. Probably the version that we all know best.

    Psalm 23 - Best Explanation

    Psalm 23 - Celtic Worship

    Psalm 23 - Esther Mui/Rebekah Mui

    Psalm 23 - Shane & Shane

    Psalm 23 - Ingrid DuMosch

    Psalm 23 ~ A Psalm of David - Jeff Majors feat. Al Johnson

    Psalm 23 ~ Bible in Song

    The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

    Psalm 23 - The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

    Psalm 23 - MIQEDEM, in Hebrew

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    Sunday Sacred ~29 May 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Today we look at The Lord's Prayer through a few different eyes. Some people regard it as "Our" Prayer, as Jesus gave it to "us" as an example of how to pray.,up3epar5xek,i2uQZye-rjU,GpYFJgi5VuI,vfJG72pUu8Q,FcotLT3zbzk,myzQ7FJLyCE,PY1pwgVh6Mc,gbsPF4xvDps,3IGN6Fq_mlU,HzTHDZh35Vs,QJcNlzsWFAM,3PwPwsjrXIU

    The Lord's Prayer - SPIRIT WORDS

    The Lord’s prayer: Easy way for kids to learn the Lord's prayer

    The Lord's Prayer - Traditional Version

    Our Father Prayer (The Lord's Prayer) Song

    Our Father - Lord's Prayer in Hebrew

    Our Father - Covenant CHOIRS

    The Lord's Prayer

    The Lord's Prayer - Narration by Chris Foster

    The Lord's Prayer in different languages

    The Lord's Prayer - Mike Curb Congregation

    The Lord's Prayer - Charlotte Church, Live From Jerusalem 2001

    Our Lord's Prayer in ancient Aramaic

    The Lord's Prayer - Taesu Im

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 05 June 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Songs of Praise and Worship of God,LlD3mdLo3h0,Krpgq64_R38,ifu6aJTOEVA,gGLBzihwByg,TascsWZPj8U,d48-qbcovVY,

    He Is... Names and attributes of God (From Genesis to Revelation)

    Crown Him and All Hail King Jesus - Sounds Like Reign

    Agnus Dei Live At Festival Of Hope Lviv Ukraine With Michael W Smith

    The Cause of Christ - West Coast Baptist College

    I see the Lord - Andrew Surace (Based on Isaiah 6 vs 1 - 8)

    The Irish Blessing - over 300 churches from our island sing a blessing over Ireland and beyond ...

    The WORLD BLESSING: Easter 2022 - 154 Nations, 257 Languages - Surprising unity in our divided world

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 12 June 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Eliza King Revisited. Eliza is a Brisbane based Christian songwriter and recording artist.,71ScZWJ2gk8,dk6sDKLZsOQ,yMxhLzEzI8I,SUwjD8qzA24,lAfrfmsStVQ,kS_YTkN6lT0,qntgRHtCbuo,Nu0J71nh3pE,AnLAMyhTQDI,s15-361fn4Q,

    How Deep - Eliza King

    Risen Man - Eliza King

    God Sees Me - Eliza King

    Secret Place - Eliza King

    Gratitude - Brandon Lake Acoustic Cover by Hillside Recording & Eliza King

    Christ Abides - Eliza King

    All Things New - Eliza King

    Receive Him - Eliza King

    Let Go - Hillside Recording & Eliza King

    Son of God/Son of Man - Eliza King

    God so Loved - Eliza King

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 19 June 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    There are many Christians in Ukraine and they are still worshiping God.,d76dvTE-cHw,xOlxrJfGt7o,p6ITpDbijaA,glL_mWmzXoM,bqQHpCV6RZ0,zufpmhBDjqA,

    Ukraine Choir singing on Easter Sunday

    All My Life You Have Been Faithful - Ukrainian Christians from Kiev had to evacuate their homes due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    Ukrainian Refugee Greetings

    Glory To Jesus - Ukrainian Christians Singing On The Streets Of Amsterdam

    Prayer for Ukraine (Молитва за Україну) - The United States Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants

    Pray for peace - Stop the war in Ukraine

    Agnus Dei - Performed by Ukraine Choir made of 2800 Christians, with Michael W Smith at LVIV City

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    Sunday Sacred ~ 26 June 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Fresh Life Worship is a collective of musicians and songwriters based out of a move of God through Fresh Life Church (USA). We believe worship is the sound of a healthy soul -- our desire is to see God's Church impassioned to praise and to pursue His heart, and in doing so, anchor ours to heaven.

    I especially like the last song, calling God's Holy Spirit to fall afresh on us.,3UOFol4fWqY,x5zeH6yXOKk,JZrKZFba1_4,lSzoNYqe3QQ,fAJMikjmhOc,-k2Mytp4zAA,59hGTcvBzDw,HGQX_3nHWy0,zEQG_kvo0kc,7T28Dt_Ttjo,1_FLynjuHI8,cBPK9jY-cc0,

    Loved - Fresh Life Worship

    Oxygen - Fresh Life Worship

    Good Shepherd - Fresh Life Worship

    Raise a Hallelujah - Fresh Life Worship

    Holy Fire - Fresh Life Worship

    Fortress - Fresh Life Worship

    Still · Fresh Life Worship

    Never-Ending · Fresh Life Worship

    More Than Enough · Fresh Life Worship

    Mountains - Fresh Life Worship

    Lift My Eyes - Fresh Life Worship

    Lion's Roar - Fresh Life Worship

    Fall Afresh - Fresh Life Worship

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    Sunday Sacred 03 July 2022
    Glorifying & Praising God

    Scripture Songs by Sherri Youngward,EDduoas838A,FzrAipHYmjw,mXDE2Ortkjw,ferCvtj4ITA,nL4PHc5JQ2I,UPzKtlJW6Tw,z4pOSm2p9oM,TzBPSLosyys,GmVbywjOe2Q,7sxNzZjDo34,pNiQVl3-vws,uF5d7z72nX4,I4KlK5sFKUE,pnwJos32IDI,

    Psalm One · Sherri Youngward

    Man Of Sorrows - Isaiah 53:1-6 · Sherri Youngward

    God is the Strength of My Heart - Psalm 73:25-26 · Sherri Youngward

    These Things Don't Change · Sherri Youngward

    I Shall Not Be Afraid - Psalm 56:3-4 Psalm 121 · Sherri Youngward

    Praise the Lord - Psalm 113:1-6 · Sherri Youngward

    Be Anxious For Nothing - Philippians 4:6-7 · Sherri Youngward

    Songs Of Deliverance - Psalm 32:1-7 · Sherri Youngward

    Peace -- by Sherri Youngward

    In The Shelter, Psalm 61:1-4 - Sherri Youngward

    Restore My Soul · Sherri Youngward

    The Lord Is My Shepherd - Psalm 23 · Sherri Youngward

    Your Unfailing Love - Psalm 143:8-10 (feat. Taylre Nelson) · Sherri Youngward

    Love Never Fails - 1 Corinthians 13:1-8 (feat. Josh White) · Sherri Youngward

    Heaven - Revelation 21:1-4 · Sherri Youngward

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