Survey of the best and worst countries for investments

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    The top
    The top jurisdiction in the world for investment based on the Investment Attractiveness Index is Western Australia, which moved up from 2nd place in 2018.

    The bottom
    When considering both policy and mineral potential in the Investment Attractiveness Index, Tanzania ranks as the least attractive jurisdiction in the world for investment. This year, Tanzania replaced Venezuela as the least attractive jurisdiction in the world.

    However just ask fuzzywuzzy/mongo (now disguised as Names little) how "clever" he is for "investing" in MNS

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    It’s a survey Hugh. If I did a survey here and asked who is the most stupid troll here it would be you and Pilots. Surveys don’t mean shit. Ask Bill Shorten.

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    ###Surveys don’t mean sh#t. Ask Bill Shorten.###
    110% Correct, BUT!!!!!!!! try raising finance to open up a mine in Tanzania and see how you go when it comes to raising finance, LOL, it will be a lot harder that it was when they tried that in NY, this puppy's days in the sun are Dunn and dusted.

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    Your "survey" would be biased to say the least, Mongo. More like complete lies.
    The bottom line is, you have picked a losing company that has it's interest in the worst country probably in the world when the are hundreds to choose from right here, which is at the top of the choices.

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    If I had my choice between being "the most stupid troll here" or holding MNS and averaging down, then I'll choose the former any day, especially as those making the decision would be from the holders of MNS.

    You are a prize clown, mongo, Not just because of what you do with MNS but also all this ridiculous stupidity and smut like creating fake IDs to give you Thumbs Up. How can you even suggest you know what you are doing when this is an example of your priority?

  6. 1.6k

    The fake smut IDs tells you all you need to know about this toss pot, makes my day to know its holding MNS.

  7. 1.4k

    Thanks for agreeing you are the most stupid troll here Hugh. Although beating the dumbest shit I know Pilots is not an easy task.

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