SWP - Business Update and Upgraded Guidance

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    • Upgraded guidance to reflect VoiceHub acquisition and improvements in
    overall business performance
    • The businesses acquired since listing have all seen organic growth under
    Swoop ownership
    • Organic Net Service Growth is tracking ahead of budget
    • FY22 Revenue now expected to be between $50m - $53m
    • FY22 underlying EBITDA now expected to be between $12m - $12.5m
    • Acquisition pipeline has increased in quality and size since capital raise
    • Final stages with several acquisitions which are on track to be announced in
    the coming weeks
    • Reviewing credit approved term sheets from multiple banks for debt
    facilities of between $30m-$40m.
    Swoop Holdings Limited (ASX: SWP) is pleased to announce an upgrade to its FY22
    Revenue and Underlying EBITDA guidance previously provided in October 2021.
    • FY22 Revenue is upgraded from $43.0m - $45.0m to $50.0m - $53.0m, which
    represents ~72% yoy growth from FY21
    • FY22 underlying EBITDA is upgraded from $10.5m - $11.0m to $12.0m - $12.5m
    which represents ~150% yoy growth from FY21.
    The upgraded guidance consists of an 8 month estimated contribution from the VoiceHub
    acquisition, stronger performances from the businesses acquired since listing as well as
    better growth from the original Swoop/NodeOne business. As a result, Net Service Growth
    (new connections less churn) is tracking ahead of budget and the business is performing
    better than previously guided.
    Swoop CEO, Alex West stated, “Our focus on the right acquisitions and discipline in both
    the due diligence and integration process, together with strong organic growth, has
    resulted in us tracking to an improved result. Integrations are progressing well, and we are
    starting to see the early-stage benefits of increased and centralised marketing on the
    businesses we have acquired.
    This along with an amazing team which continues to provide a great service to our
    growing customer base, is leading to a lower than industry standard churn and strong
    sales performance. I could not be prouder of what we have achieved in such a short time.”
    This announcement has been authorised for release by the Board of Swoop Holdings Limited.


    i do not hold this share

    gee if only i didn't believe the government was going to regulate the profit out of this industry , i would be very tempted to have a dabble here ( as a 'speccie ' )

    i would be GUESSING no divs for the next two years , but then you are liable to have a company that is growing , not shrinking ( like BHP , the BIG a banks , AGL AMP , etc etc )

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