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    Copper May Rise as Dollar Spurs Inflation Concern, Survey Shows

    By Anna Stablum

    Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Copper may rise in London as a weaker dollar spurs concern about inflation and makes raw materials priced in the currency cheaper for holders of other monies, a survey showed.

    The Dollar Index, a six-currency gauge of the greenbacks performance, has dropped 6.3 percent this year. The U.S. currency fell yesterday within a penny of the lowest in a year against the euro.

    Eight of 16 analysts, investors and traders surveyed by Bloomberg, or 50 percent, said the metal would rise next week. That was the first forecast for higher prices since the week ended May 29. Five expected a drop, and three predicted little change in prices.

    Copper for three-month delivery was up 2.1 percent this week at $6,379.50 a metric ton at 5 p.m. yesterday on the London Metal Exchange.

    The weekly copper survey has forecast prices accurately in 27 of the past 55 weeks, or 49 percent of the time.

    This weeks survey results: Bullish: 8 Bearish: 5 Hold: 3

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    yep that's right !

    Hope ya win cobber


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    TG...I am laughing mate.

    When it comes to gold , i am like a fish out of the water .

    Thanks for the title mate , but i don't deserve it

    But it's good for us to have a laugh.

    Life is bloody short. Very short :lol:

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    Dus its true :lol:

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