1. 70.4k

    what could possibly go wrong

    i guess time will tell

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  2. 5.7k

    What's not to like if Trump takes America to war he wont have to worry about being voted out in December , the fact that Australia has no significant military capability wont be considered by right wing supporters who will figure this all out when it is too late .Australia needs to remain neutral and offer no opinion on any American disagreements with China.

  3. 70.4k

    don't you worry Australia will be a large portion of the casualties and the awesome part is young women can go into the battle-zone now too

    i hope the children of the MPs will be conscripted this time AND serve some time in the front-lines

    these wars are all well and good until the elite's children have to go and get shot at

    but given all the folks of Asian ethnicity in Australia already , it is going to be a heck of a task working out which ones are China sympathizers and which are spies since our government leaks so badly already

    but after all the killing is done .. the pollies will simply accept more migrants to compensate for all the tax-payers lost 9 after all it wasn't THEIR children maimed and dead was it

  4. 334

    Jesus...relax!!! Nothing like that will happen at all.
    Anyone who believes China’s military is anything but a number, is a fool.
    Their shit doesn’t work. They can’t even make an impact driver work properly under load.

  5. 70.4k

    but the West are bullies , they try to attack nations unlikely to strike back , China isn't the problem .. unless your government is corrupt and willing to sell/lease key assets to anyone

    the SECOND problem in the West is they are unwilling to nurture their own future tax-payers , so they import future tax-payers from all over the world , including the arenas of future conflicts

    as for Chinese workmanship .. maybe you get what you pay for

    they have managed to put up a space-station AND put humans in there after the activation of the systems AND have had a little scout vehicle survey part of the moon

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  6. 5.7k

    China is a formidable superpower and anyone who believes otherwise is a fool .

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  7. 70.4k

    a FINANCIAL super power , sure China has invaded Tibet and has desires for Taiwan and the anti-communist Chinese , but then the non-comms basically took over Formosa so they just refugees who overwhelmed the natives

    but so far China has resorted to buying politicians and cultivating trade partners , with very few regime changes to their name ( compared to the US , UK and France among many )

    China on it's own home soil is very formidable , but remember the Japanese invasion of Asia in WW2 China would face similar problems if they tried the same .. and they probably understand that well

    i THINK China will focus more towards space exploration because to the Chinese war isn't a profit-making business , and Chinese love PROFIT

  8. 3.1k

    China is the kings of fake.......check the info on the "gold reserves" they hold

  9. 70.4k

    a very strange tale that

    think of the amount of effort needed to make a convincing fake

    and think of all the electronics that copper AND gold would make each bar would make plenty of $500 phones and laptops

    are those copper bars meant as a decoy against theft , perhaps

    several Western governments would be very happy to steal even one fifth of China's ( or Russia's ) gold reserves , the US resists any audit on their gold reserves

    remember the US has already placed sanctions on China , .. sanctions are an act of war ( part of the siege strategy ) , and all war is based on deception

    the US declared the war , and so far think they are winning

    time will tell

    i just wished Australia had been smart enough to sit on the side-lines rather than try to throw itself under the bus early in the prelude to a blood bath

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