The Wristwatch Thread

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    have two Seiko Chronographs ( neither like the pictured one )

    one completely worn out ( wore out the main jewel and the back is barely legible )

    the other i bought second , but don.t need to wear a watch now so don't

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  2. 3.1k

    hahaha Sal...

  3. 82.9k

    true ! since the stuffed one was an import , it was going to be a big search to locate a main jewel ( and one or two other bits )

    since the band had been ripped apart previously( a big crash ... should have lost the hand but the stainless steel band disintegrated first .. tore it into three parts ) , i decided to give it a pension

    the second hand one was inferior ( not half the weapon in a fight ) so feel into disuse ( and is probably a later model )

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    Vietnamese emperor’s Rolex watch sets world record

    A Rolex that once belonged to Bao Dai (1913-1997), emperor of Vietnam, sold for $5m at Phillips this week.

    That makes it the most valuable Rolex ever sold at auction.

    The lot is a rare gold and diamond studded ref 6020, one of only three to feature a black dial and diamond time markers.

    Rolex Bao Dai

    Bao Dai was the last emperor of Vietnam

    It last sold at Phillips in 2002, achieving $235,000 – then a record for a Rolex.

    That equates to growth of 22.6% per annum over the past 15 years.

    Aurel Bacs, senior consultant at Phillips and the auctioneer behind the 2002 sale, said: “A watch that was originally discovered at Phillips in 2002, it was an absolute honour to offer the Rolex 6062 ‘Bao Dai’ for the second time in my career.

    “Phillips has now surpassed its own world auction record for a Rolex, set in this saleroom 12 months ago.”

    Meanwhile, a Patek Philippe ref 2497 presented to Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie in 1954 made $2.9m at Christie’s.

    That’s around three times its $1m valuation.

    Hailes Selassie watch

    Haile Selassie is considered a god by followers of Rastafarianism

    In addition to its imperial connection, the watch is a previously unrecorded variant of the reference (like Bao Dai’s Rolex, it features a black dial).

    Thomas Perazzi, head of watches at Christie’s Geneva, explained: "It is without doubt one of the most captivating and important horological discoveries in recent years.

    "The watch unites exceptional rarity, stunning looks, [and] the excitement of being a previously unknown iteration of the landmark reference 2497.

    "Furthermore, it is the one and only known example of this reference to bear a type of military-style black dial with luminous Arabic numerals and luminous Alpha hands, all absolutely unrestored and in original superb condition."

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    Phillips are getting some utterly amazing prices, I've just been looking through some of their recent results and even the likes of Christies and Bonhams aren't anywhere near that strong. I've had the guy from Christies try to talk me into listing the Zenith I posted a few pages back but the price Phillips just got for one is utterly insane. I'm a little bit worried that we're well into a vintage chronograph bubble that could burst in the next couple of years as prices have been doubling every year or two for some models but I love mine too much to ever part with them regardless.

  7. 82.9k


    coming back as an investment topic


    not for me , but others i know like a fine watch

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    A wristwatch is my favorite accessory. So, I often buy a watch for my collection even if I don't plan to wear it. I especially like buying vintage wristwatch at auctions and flea markets. I also often look at models at I had a watch and a necklace that I wanted to sell. But I decided to give them to this pawn shop. The workers originally offered me money for them, but I chose another watch there and made the exchange. A pawnshop is a great place for connoisseurs of accessories.

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