This poster is funny

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    He posts under the ID of No adds on HC.

    "IMO as a shareholder I believe strongly that frank Poullas is misleading, overpaid and unqualified to be the Chairman of MNS. He has told me several things himself which were absolute rubbish.
    If you want things moving forward, shareholders or the board have to get rid of him. Everyone in that office essentially work under his direction and authority. He needs to go IMO. A major blue chip company would never let this go on for so long without having the Chairman’s head so to speak. How has this guy lasted so long without executing anything ?"

    He got 7 Upvotes for that and most posters are as clueless about MNS there as they are here.
    He claims he is a holder and has a way of making the genuine holders think he is bullish but at the same time he is full of BS and only he knows it.

    That is my idea of being funny, mongo. Not the perverted, disgusting smut that you spew.

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    "He got 7 upvotes for that and most posters are as clueless about MNS there as they are here......yada yada yada yada.........."

    Do you know what is funnier?

    Frank Poullas got 190 Million votes of support from shareholders at the last AGM in

    The salty tears are beautiful to witness.......

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    When will he do something to earn them?

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    I don't answer your questions shit lips

    I instruct fuckwits with no credibility to buy more shares and instigate change. Until then they can go and fuck yourself and themselves 🤗

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    Sounds like you have Mongo disease.

    Anyway here is NoAdds latest:
    "when you say risen you mean up 2 cents lol ? when you consider the image the company is trying to create for itself, and the amount of time it has taken, the self proclaimed “best battery in the world” and “best graphite in the world”, the dejavu of being back to square one with the “prospective customers in japan” type announcements like its 2015 again, the need for C4V founder himself creating his own “green investment fund website” which to me seems like a desperate attempt to seek funding as MNS and IM3 have clearly failed........ then going up 2cents means nothing for a for a company like this, especially with debt spiral finance. However before you tell me how miserable and pessimistic I am, quite simply, if the above concerns aren’t addressed by management, then this huge surge of 2cents will retrace back to where it belongs. If WE want MNS share price to increase, we need to fix its reputation and that can only happen with execution hard agreements, cause if we did, the share price would be up 20cents, not 2 cents."


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    Gee that Names Little owns you

    He toys with you........

    He owns your inner psyche.......

    He controls you.......

    Your life begins and ends based on his written

    Its so pathetic to watch someone being dominated but at the same time witnessing their narcissism motivate a series of lame limp wristed

    You suck........👍

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    Takes a moron to agree with another moron unless you are just one more of his creations.
    I'll keep NoAdds posts coming, seeing as you are so interested.
    Back soon.

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    "It’s going to be a mammoth task to get back where it was. Hardly any or even non-existent interest from brokers or sophisticated investors, shaky cash reserves stuck with Negma churning away with constant pump and dumps, unclear announcements without any clear business model or strategy, confused and burnt investors, plenty of director resignations.....

    once bitten twice shy. Going to be a tough battle for these guys. If they can pull it off...however I’m slightly concerned about my money tbh. Also don’t appreciate the ramping (from some) and I think it’s time to keep what’s left of the management on their toes and working hard for their $300k a year. Too many ideas and not enough execution of solid agreements from these guys."

    "I’m slightly concerned about my money tbh." LOL. He knows better than to put 2 cents into MNS but nobody there knows he is only having a lend of them.

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    Good to see I am creating sleepless nights for you Hugh I love it. Now an investment in graphite lube instead of Magnis is the right decision for you.

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    and here was the perfect reply to no adds from my boy riskon!!

    2c gain from 5c is 40%... a great ROI for those who recently bought in and for long-termers, is certainly better to be going up than down.

    I disagree that we are "back to square one"...
    - Nachu finance being sought by MCC is credible and well advanced
    - BFS for Townsville with imminent rezoning and state gov. project sign-off is huge
    - NY finance advanced with 3 reputable lenders following months of DD, well we've heard this story before but has a ring of truth to it this time imo

    Still, you always have the option of selling and investing elsewhere, might be a healthy choice for your state of mind.

    Best of luck with whatever you choose to do.

    FYI.. the poster is NOT funny... just another sad person who copies another person to gain some attention!!!

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    good to see u back Harv's.. about time we balance out the holders/trolls

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    When's the rally ending

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