This site is absolutley Awesome! Its the Best!

  1. 1.2k

    To the guy's that put this site together I want to congratulate you on putting together the best stock site in Australia. The extra that you get with a Pro membership is worth its weight in Gold, it has easily paid for itself by the amount of good tips and information that is provided. The Market TV that you have just blew me away with all those finance channels.

    Keep up the most excellent work.

  2. 938

    Hi Stock hopper, when you have had it for the time that I have you sometimes take it for granted.

    David Fellowes is a senior person/broker at Tricom in Sydney and is a good bloke to go with it .

    For MDSnews, he also does Power Points on a wide variety of our indicaters which are as a learning tool.

    By 'our', My software is Market Analyser Pro that I feel most happy with.

    I think I asked John to check with MDS whether you can seek to put to David,as to him taking stocks on and reporting back the next week.

    If he does,he works mainly on Blue Chips not speccies.

    Our newbies should pay up to get this type of info NOW as you're on a good thing here, cheers,Norm.

  3. 5.3k

    too right fellow members

    this site is far superior to anything else out there atm

    best functionality by a country mile

  4. 6.7k

    yeah - our own tv station.

    fantasic innovations

    glag to pay a few $$ for the full access

    well done ts

  5. 405

    Some picture facility where I can see what you mugs look like would be a laugh! Then again, I may reget it?

  6. 103

    learning leaps from this site!

    i hope moderator will not start imposing any fees when it gets too popular and too good.

    moderator, i'm sure you'll take care of us oldies, won't you? after all, we took a time to invest in this site and i guess the returns would be being 'life members'. what say you?

  7. 3.4k

    Kerosam... We have been charging for PRO accounts from day one. One committment we are making to our loyal members is that we will never increase the PRO account fees if you have joined before we increase them.

    Everyday we are working on deals to make the PRO more enticing and one day soon I can see us raising the monthly price as the value in the service increases.

    WE WILL NEVER raise the price for members who are on a paying PRO account before we raise the price.



  8. 1.4k

    Yes I'll Vouch for Stockhoppers endorsement of TS

    Keep up the good work John.



  9. 2.5k

    LOL is LASS here for more.......than just and education???

    LOL risky comeand help here mate..

  10. 685

    Sounds likes she is putting out feelers you should get one of those web cams Halo and try your luck

  11. 842

    yup she's here for more then educations... she's here for checking out the 'profits' too =)

    i'm sure there's a few shy girls around on this site wanting to learn more???

    anyways... day's over... the market ended as expected...

    lets hope we get some market confidence tomorrow

  12. 2.5k

    Got the cam mate, never leave home without it.

  13. 405

    Settle lads, and especially you Halo!

    Wouldn't pictures be good though next to our posts for those not shy enough to put them up? I for one would do it.

    Risky.. yes market closed. Not a good one for me today from a net point of view. Extract Resources stould firm though which helped me a little.

    ** I'm targeting low cap compaines between 5-20c with high volume and large (1-2c) trading ranges every day with some substance behind them if the market in general has a bad day. Any thoughts on what I should add to my watch list based on the above guys?

  14. 6.7k

    Hi E Lass

    Whats on your current list?

  15. 2.5k

    Sorry LASS.....good day on the market and got a little carried away...

    There are many good stocks out there, make 4-7% gains. Find those and tarde quick compounding your investment. You will do well and be very surprised how quickly it runs.

    Sorry if I offended anyone with my sexist, male shovenist I said in my Hello post..just a bloke trying to turn a quid.

    Happy Trading


  16. 405

    lol. I'm playing with you Halo. Don't worry, I have thick skin really.

    I have been day trading the following with some success.


    Best ones to day trade I find are TOX, EXT and SBM.

    Can anyone suggest any more?

  17. 3.1k

    Hey Lass,

    I like AGS, RPT & FAR as well as some of the ones you mentioned (PRE, AUZ, NWE). Also like FXR at the moment.

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