*** TopStocks jackets, polo tops etc. ***

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    Members.. I would like to make an order from Promotions International (or another supplier if anyone can suggest one?) for some TopStocks merchandise, ideally TopStocks branded jackets or polo tops. I am open to suggestions on other items as well.I can then give these items away as prizes instead of WILDCARDs in our Friday night competitions and other smaller events. I welcome your feedback on which items if any, you would be interested in.. either to receive as prizes or interested in purchasing.The items will need to per-ordered in minimum quantities of 25 so there will be a limit on sizes, colours etc. Once ordered, it may well be first come, best dressed... literally.Can you please provide your thoughts on the following or advise what other products I should consider.JacketsPolo ShirtsThank-you and regards Andre.

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    Bit of advertising as balls always get lost

    PS im pretty sure mine are in my misses handbag .


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    Mod Eddie will wear TopStocks clothes everyday for payment of AUD$25 dollars a week.

    PS - i will surely look better than Handbrake and Matross wearing these jackets and polo tops.

    If you required me to model that will be an additional AUD$100/month.

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    Anti-stress bulls would be fun

    not sure if you can put a logo on it


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    good to see that TopStocks is growing strong and has the capital to fund jackets and polo tops while the world markets are collapsing.

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    Golf Balls - preferably Titliest Pro v's, I can cope with the T$ logo as long as they're pro v's, don't want any cheap cr@p!

    Golf Caps.

    T-shirts XXL in size.


    PS and a "special" just in case you let Matross win something, T$ gardening gloves!

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    T-shirts XXL in size!

    My size Yamba

    Generous in character, Generous in personality, Generous in intelligence and of course generous in size!

    :) :)

  8. 3.0k

    I thought i'd try modelling the first jacket style for Mr Andre.

    What you reckon ? pretty dapper i thought!

    :lol: :lol:

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    Man that's one ugly Model.

    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    apologies gootch


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    they got my bad side :oops: :oops:

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    Hi Andre, send me an email and I'll send my address for one of those black hoodie jackets and shall wear it with pride and free advertising, maybe something similar to winning the tipping comp. like a green jacket, but Those with x amount of years posting should be given one for free.


    Send one to handbrake harry for his enlargement operation lol

    I need the hood for my head ;)

    Make it medium cause Im cut and buff

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    Aside from jackets, polo tops,Caps would be nice and even car stickers.

    Will you pls reserve me a black jacket and polo top Mod?,large size for me.Cheers!!!!

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    Yep - the ubiquitous baseball cap - keep it simple keep it cheap.

  14. 2.1k

    "Yep - the ubiquitous baseball cap - keep it simple keep it cheap."

    Caps..so that when we meet...we can have a cap-raising :?:?

    No thanks :shock :lol:

  15. 3.9k

    "Andy Capp" ?? If and when I win I'll shout you a cap. :D

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    Ah ha ..... the Yambaman is right on track MD, Promise !Too easy to Promote TopStocks in ALL the right places !Get the brand right ...... the Sky is the Limit.There are NO limits for honest TS Members .....Just give me two Dozen of these highly approved balls, and I can almost guarantee that they will reach the top Ten Broking Houses in Adelaide.............. from the south course in North Adelaide ..... Just so easy with a One Wood ! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:The best piece of Memorabilia that TS could ever produce :! :! :!They will be a collectors item after the 27th July this year :DMay Top Stocks remain the Professional & Ultimate Place for Traders & Investors ...... For Ever.TopStocks:D

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    dont ask everyone which jacket or polo they want everyone will want something different say

    "I am getting the number 4 in yellow do you want one for $Xx"

    Or "Number 4 any colour or size you want $xxx

    People have already said they want the hoody so put a price on it

    I would be interested in TROPICAL weight short sleave polos but it would depend on the price

    remember the members in Darwin and cairns and have at least one quote for tropical weight shirts and caps

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    My suggestion would be add some flat caps, skivvies for people from Melbourne and hoodies so we can hang in dark alleys and mug hotcopper members. :idea: :D

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