Trump given unverified reports that Russia had damaging details about him

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    By Jonathan Landay and John Walcott | WASHINGTON

    Classified documents that the heads of four U.S. intelligence agencies presented last week to President-elect Donald Trump included claims that Russian intelligence operatives have compromising information about him, two U.S. officials said Tuesday evening.

    They told Reuters the claims, which one called "unsubstantiated," were contained in a two-page memo appended to a report on Russian interference in the 2016 election that U.S. intelligence officials presented to Trump and President Barack Obama last week.

    Trump responded on Tuesday evening in a tweet calling the reports: "FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT!" The Trump transition team did not immediately respond to a request for comment. One of the officials, both of whom requested anonymity to discuss classified matters, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation and other U.S. agencies are continuing to investigate the credibility and accuracy of the claims.

    They are included in opposition research reports made available last year to Democrats and U.S. officials by a former British intelligence official, most of whose past work U.S. officials consider credible.

    The official said investigators so far have been unable to confirm the material about Trump financial and personal entanglements with Russian businessmen and others whom U.S. intelligence analysts have concluded are Russian intelligence officers or working on behalf of Russian intelligence. Some material in the reports produced by the former British intelligence officer has proved to be erroneous, the official said.

    The FBI declined comment.


    The charges that Russia attempted to compromise New York real estate businessman Trump were presented to the FBI and other U.S. government officials last summer and have been circulating for months.

    The FBI initially took the material seriously, said the sources, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, which was first reported by CNN.

    However, the FBI failed to act on the material, and the former British intelligence officer broke off contact about three weeks before the November election, they said.

    The warning of information about Russia's compromising claims follows growing U.S. intelligence and law enforcement concerns about what Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has called "multifaceted" Russian influence and espionage operations in Europe and the United States.

    In addition to hacking computer networks and spreading propaganda and fake news, it includes efforts to cultivate business and political leaders and find compromising personal, financial and other information on persons of interest, U.S. intelligence officials said.

    Kremlin says it has no compromising dossier on Trump
    Trump calls Russia reports 'fake news - a total political witch hunt'

    The classified briefings last week were presented to Obama and Trump by Clapper, FBI Director James Comey, Central Intelligence Agency Director John Brennan and National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers.

    U.S. intelligence chiefs included a classified summary of the material to make Trump aware that it is circulating among intelligence agencies, senior members of Congress, government officials and others, one of the officials said.

    An unclassified intelligence report released on Friday concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an effort to help Trump's electoral chances by discrediting Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential campaign.

    The report said U.S. intelligence agencies have concluded that as part of the effort Russia's military intelligence agency, the GRU, used intermediaries such as WikiLeaks and others to release emails it hacked from the Democratic National Committee and top Democrats.

    (Reporting Warren Strobel, Mark Hosenball, Jonathan Landay and John Walcott; Editing by Grant McCool and Lisa Shumaker)

    courtesy of Reuters


    maybe all the Presidential candidates should reveal all the 'hidden bits ' and make themselves immune from blackmail and extortion .

    after that maybe Homeland Security needs a tough review ( seems it couldn't protect anybody's secrets )

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    Brought to you by the same intelligence that brought you the WMDs in Iraq

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    There are reports that Biff soiled hotel rooms during his sessions with KGB prostitutes. Biff is a fool if he thinks he has any friends in Russia, Vlad and his boys will play Biff like a violin or they will leak information that will see him removed from office .

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    Murdock- On the Move.

    Keith Rupert Murdoch /ˈmɜːrdɒk/,[3] AC, KCSG (born 11 March 1931) is an Australian-American media mogul. His father, Keith Arthur Murdoch, had been a reporter, editor and senior executive of the Herald and Weekly Times newspaper publishing company covering all Australian states except New South Wales. After his father's death in 1952 Keith Rupert Murdoch declined to join his late father's registered public company and created his own private company, News Limited. Murdoch thus had full control as Chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, now the world's second-largest media conglomerate, and its successors, News Corp and 21st Century Fox, after the conglomerate split on 28 June 2013.[4][5][6][7]

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    he would like to think he has that influence but staff loyalty ( even inside his own family ) , let's his grip slacken

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    mogga , the republicans were in office George Bush was the president who lied about W.M.D. in Iraq. The damage done to world peace by the last republican government has seen ongoing war in Iraq spreading throughout the middle east.

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    kreugs - the US political battle is not between Democrats and Republicans as they would have you believe

    it's between globalists and nationalists

    Both Bush and Obama were/are globalists

    It remains to be seen whether Trump is one as well
    might just be wolf in sheep's clothing or a sheep in wolf's clothing
    time will tell

    It seems he has drained the swamp and re-filled it with the same muck

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    sadly i share your concerns.

    not 'dye-in the-wool ' muck this time , but could easily be shape-shifting muck .

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    "but could easily be shape-shifting muck "

    Does that mean David Icke could become Education Minister sal

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    after Carl Icahn

    Carl Celian Icahn (born February 16, 1936) is an American business magnate, investor, activist shareholder, and philanthropist. He is the founder and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified conglomerate holding company based in New York City, formerly known as American Real Estate Partners. He is also Chairman of Federal-Mogul, an American developer, manufacturer and supplier of powertrain components and vehicle safety products. In the 1980s Icahn developed a reputation as a "corporate raider" after profiting from the hostile takeover and asset stripping of the American airline TWA [1][2]

    Icahn has held substantial or controlling positions in many corporations, including RJR Nabisco, TWA, Texaco, Phillips Petroleum, Western Union, Gulf & Western, Viacom, Uniroyal, Dan River, Marshall Field's, E-II (Culligan and Samsonite), American Can, USX, Marvel Comics, Revlon, Imclone, Federal-Mogul, Fairmont Hotels, Blockbuster, Kerr-McGee, Time Warner, Netflix, Motorola, and Herbalife.

    On December 21, 2016, it was announced that Icahn would serve as Special Advisor to the President on Regulatory Reform under President Donald Trump.

    Jamie Dimon

    James "Jamie" Dimon (/ˈdaɪmən/; born March 13, 1956) is an American business executive. He is chairman, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase, largest of the Big Four American banks, and previously served on the Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.[5][6] Dimon was named to Time magazine's 2006, 2008, 2009, and 2011 lists of the world's 100 most influential people. He was also named to Institutional Investor's Best CEOs list in the All-America Executive Team Survey from 2008 through 2011.[7]

    Dimon is one of the few bank chief executives to become a billionaire, thanks in part to a $485 million USD stake in JPMorgan Chase.[8] He received a $23 million pay package for fiscal year 2011, more than any other bank CEO in the United States.[9] Dimon received $20 million in compensation for his work in fiscal year 2013.[10]

    and some others .

    will the muck actually help the US( as well as themselves)

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    Dimon should get along well with Mnuchin

    JPM and GS - the Sultans of Swamp!

    The swamp is becoming a bayou sal

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    might have to brush up on gator-hunting techniques , could have some big biters in there now

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    Where is Crocodile Dundee when you need him sal

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    in the US ( avoiding ATOgators)


    have some skills of my own bait ..(might provide some opportunities) HHMmmmm!

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    US P.E Don T has a very strong chance of establishing total world peace but the likes of China/Russia will need to engage with the US + allied forces and it looks like they may just do that with how the US are pissed off regarding the Sth China Sea and now with the US military build up in Poland currently :()

    Of course it's all to do with preventing nuclear annihilation and seeking total world peace mi peeps (NOT) 🤓

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    warning disturbing content (but not as offensive as nuclear war

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    Wonder what the damaging things they have on trump?

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    written by the mob that had proof Saddam had nuclear weapons ??

    anything they could dream-up at a guess .

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    Golden shower gate are the rumours ,was the leader of the free world jacking off watching coked up prostitutes piss on each other ???? If it is revealed that these allegations are true Trump will be deemed unfit to hold office.

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    after some of the previous exploits of anointed presidents .

    only 10% of Muslim men would qualify on that standard ( and most of them would be under 18)

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