US Dollar - North or South

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    I figured I'd start this thread with a chart expressing the possible rise and fall of the dollar. But which way will the dollar head over the next 3 months is the question I'd like to know the answer to. Any thoughts feel free to share your opinions. Initially I charted what I see as a cup and handle pattern evolving. It wasn't until I cross checked price in my chart that I came across 2 possible symmetrical triangles (charting terminology). One of those triangles may exist and come into play near the current price action which is close to now and the 2nd soon after a breakout of the cup so at $1.02. In conclusion I'm torn between a possible high of $1.22 and the low as indicated in my chart.. or will there be an element of manipulation if the second triangle comes into play, so will someone cut my string so to speak at $1.02 soon after breakout and the dollar is heavily invested into... makes me wonder.


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    the pressure on the $US is up

    reason 1. the Fed and US want the appearance of 'strength for their economy ( when reality suggests differently )

    reason 2. since the $US is still the benchmark currency other nations can gain a small advantage by weakening the perception of their currency . ( but don't call what is happening a full-blown currency war against allies [G7 ])

    i assume the G7 and G20 are overwhelmed by the sense of self-importance ( the G7 omits China and the G20 omits Russia )

    inadvertently confirming gold as the unofficial benchmark.

    interesting times.

    the US have finally weakened the Taliban in Afghanistan leaving ISIS to stat filling the void

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    Hows a strong US$ going to be for our commodities and interest in some of our mining projects, they say everyone runs home to Mamma when the toilet is about to be flushed, will the AU$ come up a little to offset the gap, or are we already in the bowl so to speak.

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    is 'Mama' the $US or yuan , remember our banks ( and others ) have been relentlessly been pushed overseas ( or at least in foreign currency ) for finance .

    i suggest a rush towards the currency most of the debt is in ( and that is less likely to be our currency )

    i don't deny your logic , i just think most have been distracted be the money-go-round .

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