US gas prices rise again

  1. 3.1k

    Taken from U.S market news at Midday in the U.S......

    After losing 7% last week, crude has jumped 1.7% today, while gasoline and natural gas similarly head north. A report from the American Gas Association, which indicated that the average home heating bill will increase 50% this year.

    U.S. gas prices on the rise....

    PRE, FAR, NWE!!!

  2. 770

    Prices have cooled off a little recently, but still just under $13/mcf. But yep, coming into winter the price should probably break $15/mcf.

    FAR should hopefully have their V2 well interest fracced and flowing above 6MMcf/d before winter, if not this week, producing some very nice cash.

  3. 1.2k

    The overall market is still oblivious to out Aussie companies getting on the back of USA Gas plays. These are similar as BTA before the Sheeple realised what Relenza was used for. Now they have to be educated that Natural Gas heats 60% of USA homes and its nearly Winter, I can smell mega upside on out Gas players. Give it time these will Boom.

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