*** VectorVest $10,000 Comp. COMPETITOR LIST

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    Members... this post will show the official VectorVest $10,000 competition registered TopStocks members throughout the Competition period.UPDATE 21/8/2012 : Members... the registration period has now ended.* No further registrations are being accepted.* 202 competitors will trade it out now for top position.For most browsers, please press ctrl-F5 to update the chart belowOFFICIAL COMPETITION ENTRANTS BELOWNote : To be able to win the $10,000, a competitor must have taken the VectorVest free 60 day trial which has now also expired.

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    Mod can you feel out Eddies Form and the cheque for $10,000 simultaneously?

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    Hi Mod,

    Does my member name get picked up automatically? I can't see where I would enter it on the 'entry form'.

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    Hi Cloth Ears... yes, member name and email address get's picked up automatically.

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    Yeah same here

    i threw in the my normal details so hope they dont get posted as my name is gertude moonbeans

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    Skipt will just call you Gerty from now.

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    Gertvader please !

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    do we have to share our details with vectorvest to win the cash??

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    Hi JourneyMan... entry details including email address are shared with VectorVest as per the Competition rules, terms and conditions.

    Entry to the Comp is free... and you do not need to buy anything from anyone... but most members will take up the VectorVest 60 day trial to gain the extra 100,000 rank points to start the comp with to gain an advantage.. not to mention the advantage of having the VectorVest software working for you throughout the comp helping you pick stocks and sell triggers etc.

    UPDATE 6/7/2012 : To be able to win the $10,000, a competitor must take up aVectorVest 60 day free trial exclusive to TopStocks members available now.By taking up this free trial, you gain an extra 100,000 points to compete with.

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    Wow, thats a LOT of people ... this will be a serious challenge (especially with Matross' 120,000 handicap! LOL)

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    I am not sure how it works. I entered the competition for fun. Please make it as easy as possible for topstock member... I dont like too much paper works because I am busy with scanning the stock market :D :D

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    Members.. please note. All members who take up theVectorVest 60 day free trialwill receive a bonus 1,000,000 rank points in their rank account at the start of the competition. This will help you compete with Matross who has 120,000 points due to his TopStocks posting history.

    If Matross takes up the 60 day trial also.. this will mean he has 200,000 additional rank points at the start of the competition, i.e. 200,000 more rank point 'capital'. He will start with 1.2m rank points which gives him more opportunity to earn profit.

    If you do not take up the trial and Matross does.. you may have 200,000 rank points less at the start of the competition. This is equivalent to starting a portfolio with 16.6% less capital.. in order to make profit from.

    Note.. the VectorVest 60 day trial is FREE... and has been designed SPECIFICALLY for this competition. It is EXCLUSIVE to TopStocks members. You will only be billed IF you continue with the service beyond the 60 day free period. You can cancel your subscription at any time prior to the 60 days. Note : VectorVest does not share you credit card details with anyone, not even with TopStocks!

    You have nothing to lose by taking up the free trial... you can only gain from it due to

    1. it actually will help you choose your competition stocks, when to buy them, when to hold and when to sell

    2. you gaining an additional 1,000,000 rank points capital to compete with in the competition

    3. there is nothing stopping you using the software and the knowledge behind it, in the real market!!!

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    Mod , The terminology used to describe the method of trading below is called swing trading,(T+3)

    I have to get used to the points processing irregularity of not being able to place a sell and buy order at the same time, when there are insufficient availble points and rely on the available points first from a sell ( closing a position)

    Although I had insufficient available points to buy a stock I relied first on the available points after placing a sell (closing a position),

    If the process was to add the points of a sale first, then there would be points available, however if the process was to calculate the buy order 1st then there is insufficient points available to place a buy order.(open a position)

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    I've now learnt how to adapt and close & open multiple positions within T$ points available point scoring, by borrowing against closing points.

    Ie, 19,886 available points X 8 @ FMG short($4.620) ( 19,886 x 8 @ $4.620 = $734K) What I should have done yesterday,

    Whats matross on about? buggered if I know!FMG last of the big IO miners that has not until today taken a significant SP drop.

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    Hi Matross.. for the moment, this will work.

    But just before the competition starts... the system will limit you to open a trade on a share.. only once for that share for each day.

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    Mod, none of the orders went through again last night.

    To date, I've decided not to join the comp, because I've found it so frustrating when CRON doesn't do its thing, and that is just on a play comp, so if this happened when we were playing for some real rewards, it would be terrible.

    Can we have any guarantee that if CRON doesn't pick up the trades that night that they would be manually checked and put through please as I've lost a lot of 'points' on trades entered that haven't been picked up?

    Others will no doubt be in the same situation.

    Edit: Haha, I'll sound as pedantic as matty soon!

  19. 3.4k

    Hi Jughead.. the CRON is working perfectly. All trades that should have gone through last night, did.. including one of yours.

    You have two trades pending.. both with the stock SWM. SWM has had no volume on the ASX for the past three days.. hence why these trades have not gone through. As per the Tipping Rules and Guidelines #54, no open or close trade requests will go through if here is no volume for that stock on the ASX real market.

    Your SWM trades will stay in pending status until there is volume on the real market.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks mod, but no, it was one for the previous night that didn't go through, so I cancelled it yesterday morning before writing the post.

    I understood about SWM in trading halt.

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    IMO Compatability issues between the old click systems and Integrated trading systems,that result in malfunctions, one is manually operated the other live streaming technology

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