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    I need your help... And you can help new traders..The Inside Trader has been asked to publish a book based on 'common sense' trading techniques - in fact it's almost finished. However, we realise that many of you have some great advice and experience that could be of use for our readers and we'd like to invite you to help us out.

    If your advice gets published, we'll send you a free autographed copy as soon as it's released. You'll also be proud to know that your contributions will make it on national bookshelves.

    All you have to do is send an email to yourstory@theinsidetrader.com.au and answer any or all of the following questions:

    1. What's the best piece of trading advice you've ever received?

    2. What would be the first piece of adice you'd give to beginners in the market?

    3. What's you greatest stock market success?

    We really look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks very much,

    Keith Nielsen

    Please note that your comments may be published in a forthcoming book and we will need to include your initials and state in the publication. There are no guarantees that your comments will be published.

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    The best advice I ever got was your site tip on Degrey mining, I had $50,000 on it. So thanks to you Keith.

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