Weekend in Las Vegas

  1. 31

    Hi guys. Are gambling establishments already open in Las Vegas? My friends and I want to fly there for a bachelor party. Is it already possible? Are the hotels open?

  2. 15

    Hi, I think you need to go to Las Vegas in the summer. I was there last year. It was a great time for me. My friends and I have been to almost all famous casinos. I was just in awe of the number of beautiful places. We usedcheap last minute flightsto save on tickets. This summer I am already thinking of flying with my wife so that she too can see this beauty.

  3. 6.9k

    flying halfway around the world to a third world shithole to give money to tax dodging casino owners is not my idea of a fun holiday .

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  4. 69

    You are way too serious, dude. I mean, you shouldn't consider casinos as something serious. You go there to have fun! Play some poker, drink some whisky, meet some new people and maybe even find a good stripper so you could have fun at night. The entire city is about having fun! The amount of casinos and clubs is tremendous. I think you should visit it, and after that, you'll understand how extraordinary that city is! I could even help you out to find the best strip club. Just check this sitestripclubconcierge.com. Trust me, and there are the best strippers in Vegas!

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