What's your favorite car?

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    What's your favorite car? Personally, I am not a small man, so I love to drive large and comfortable SUVs. But it seems to me if I were small in stature and weight, I would all equally love big cars)

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    Hello, if you are not a small person, then you need a correspondingly large car. Personally, I like Toyota Land Cruiser and Audi Q8 SUVs the most. Only these cars are too expensive, but you can buy a used car. A car of this brand will not be cheap even if it is in good condition, so I would recommend that you check the history of the car before purchasing it so that you will not have problems in the future. You can check the history by Vin number, for thisEpicvinhas a special service where you can get a detailed history report for free.

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    Hello, I really love sports cars, but they don't really fit me in size. The only car that suited me as a person with large dimensions is thesports chevrolet. In general, this brand always produces large and spacious cars and sports models are no exception.

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    i like audi and bmw

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    I luv Suzuki Swifts....babe magnets...specially red 1s

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    I run Red Suzuki Swift on streets.
    Has sweet as red flames behind wheels.
    Cool as paint job. Chick's dig it.
    Real head Turner. Proper babe magnet. People looking at me day and night.

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    Finkin..really finking bout going for cruising in me red swift.
    Has red flames on guards
    Cool as cool as

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    Just got back.
    Chewed tank of gas.
    Blew away a BMW from the lights. Guy looked gay. Never stood a chance when I buried it. I was gone. Vroooommmmmm!!!!!!!

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    Finking bout getting big as camshaft for me suzuki Swift. Getting a Ferrari eating camshaft.
    Anyone know good website for Suzuki racing camshafts?????

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    Personally, I am into JDM culture. I was fascinated a lot by the Tokyo drift Fast & Furious, and since then, I have been a big fan of Japanese sports cars. For instance, I own a Honda Integra right now, which I bought 2 years ago from https://www.jdmbuysell.com/for-sale/honda/integra/ .Truth be told, this car is 15 years old, but I love everything about it. Even more, this car satisfies all the necessities that I require from a vehicle. What about you guys? Is there someone who is also a big fan of Japanese cars? If yes, feel free to text me. I think we have a lot to talk about.

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    Cool as man.
    Luv me Suzuki Swift.

    Got loud as exhaust now.
    Mean as.
    Got hacksaw and sawed of muffler. Gets the attention.
    Chickies babes lookin at me all time.

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    All I need is sponsors for me big as camshaft in me swift.
    Anyone here rich as rich to pay?????

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    Anyone here run souped up Swift?

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    Been finkin bout getting neons for me Swift.
    Green is mean. Front, sides and back.
    Kicking ass. All the chickie babes will be lookin at me .

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    Anyone finkin bout sponsoring neons for mulletman Swift then personal message and I send bank account details so you can pay lots and lots to make green as mean neons for me Swift.
    Ya won't regret it.

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