When It Comes to a Travel Restart All Vaccines Are Not Equal

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    As far as I know, today, it is tough to travel across Europe without a COVID certificate. That means that you should have a COVID test that proves you are not ill or a COVID vaccine recognized by the World Health Organization. I traveled by train in Germany some weeks ago, and I should present a COVID certificate for buying tickets. Still, I managed to buy them at https://www.dbauskunft.com/de/ quickly.

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    i am simply boycotting any airline that has a vaccine mandate ( who wants to fly with a pilot that may suffer blood clots or has the extra risk of heart problems )

    will make life interesting for the travel insurance industry even if the risk is increased by 2%

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    PS someone made a take-over offer for SYD , i offloaded the shares ( i received in MQG divestment ) for $8 a share

    how graceful was that ( lucky break )

    am still trying to offload the AIZ

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    Will be interesting to see if numbers of unvaxed, boycott other places that require Vax certificates to enter, shop or eat.

    Just imagine a group wanting to eat at a restaurant, etc, but because they are not vaxed, not allowed to enter, so the business loses that trade. :)

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    am already boycotting a local business that no longer accepts cash

    don't normally frequent restaurants anyway , but who wants to eat in a room full of super-spreaders

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