When This Runs Short, Watch Out!

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    At the of the day high diesel prices are already close to making road frieght unviable , the idiot politicians who thought it was a good idea to close down rail lines in important agricultural tourist regions should be all be sacked , it is far more cost and energy efficent to move two thousand tonnes of frieght by rail than it is by road..

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    Gazprom Says it Can't Guarantee Gas Pipeline Will Work After Return of Equipment


    ** Gazprom has refused to reroute contracted supplies to Europe through other pipelines, without giving any explanation. **

    reroute 60% of the EU gas imports through the other existing pipelines ..... i can't think of a printable explanation either

    HOWEVER i would be severely tempted to try it , just to see how big the explosions would be ( and then shut the gas off totally ' for safety reasons ' )

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    Manchin secures commitment for completion of troubled pipeline project


    let's see if Manchin gets betrayed .. if he does i want have any sympathy he has been a Democrat politician for years so must fully understand the nest of vipers he is in league with

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    "Very Crooked Numbers": Biden Admin Accused Of Fabricating Low Gas Demand Data To Hammer Price Of Oil


    getting to the stage when most traders will just watch to see the 'bot reaction to government announcements/data releases and just trade the price move if attractive

    ALSO there is a LOT of fossil fuels now traded outside the US Dollar ( Petrodollar ) framework which must crush the accuracy of data published in the West .. for example Russia has long preferred long term fixed price contracts so there would be no need to publish those contract prices ( i would guess Iran would be doing similar )

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    Oil Bulls: No Big Storm? Then Pray For Exports Of U.S. Crude And Gasoline


    ( remember the US is allegedly selling down the strategic reserve , currently )

    sadly my two major oil plays ( WDS and BPT ) are way above 'top-up- price '

    but maybe i should run the calculator over TEG again ( i hold deeply underwater ) and see if it is worth an 'average down '


    don't forget a LARGE amount of crude is now trading outside the Western markets ( and US Dollar ) this more like betting at the local bush-meeting ( rather than Epsom or Doncaster )

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