Where to from here ?

  1. 7.2k

    How about we start a new "Where to from here ?" thread now that the blue dress won't be bothering us anymore.

    Dow Jones Industrial Average 26,119.61 −170.37 (0.65%)

    The S&P 500 and the Dow were largely flat on Wednesday as a record rise in coronavirus cases in six U.S. states dented sentiment following a three-day rally on hopes of a swift recovery from a coronavirus-driven downturn.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average slid 100 points before trimming losses early Wednesday ahead of testimony from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, as the coronavirus stock market rally continues. Dow Jones stock Apple hit an all-time high.

    The Nasdaq composite moved up 0.5% early Wednesday. The S&P 500 turned up 0.1%, while the Dow Jones industrials edged lower.

    Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell will testify before the House Financial Services Committee Wednesday. On Tuesday — in testimony prepared for the Senate Banking Committee — Fed chief Powell said the Federal Reserve would vary corporate bond buying based on market conditions and that it didn't want to run through the bond market "like an elephant."

    He also commented that economic activity is still "far below" their pre-pandemic levels.


    This looks to be a good day all round :) Good rain here last night, my crops & animals are happy too

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  2. 70.4k

    bloody hell

    *** He also commented that economic activity is still "far below" their pre-pandemic levels.***

    he noticed that ??.. so the glasses aren't just a fashion accessory

    next he will be commenting the moon is round

    have you thought of breeding honey badgers i don't know how you train them to target trolls though

    BTW does Coca-Cola still own the copyright on that bottle shape .. it is iconic after all ( wink )

    but back to topic , assuming China is close to accurate with the recent economic figures how far will economic levels sink , South America is being disrupted currently as will be India and possibly Indonesia , there is still Brexit to come


    so how many badgers in Australia .. we send in the army to shoot water buffalo surely we can spot the difference between a badgers and water buffalo but we still have BTB in cattle

    good luck on the farm watch out for corporate tricksters

  3. 1.4k

    So Sal is saying Mucus has an iconic bottle up his ass? Does that make it more valuable?

  4. 70.4k

    i am saying the now ESG focused Coca-Cola might be very protective of there copyright

    good luck with a company struggling to improve profit

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    It will take years to recover from these sad employment figures ...

    APAC economist Callam Pickering says Australia's 7.1 per cent unemployment rate is high in its own right - but a more accurate estimate is around 11.3 per cent.

    "That accounts for the total loss of jobs that have occurred since March - counting everyone who lost their jobs as being unemployed," Mr Pickering said.

    The nation shed another 227,000 jobs in May, with the unemployment rate reaching 7.1 per cent, its highest level since 2001.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics on Thursday revealed the country has now lost more than 824,000 jobs over the past two months, taking employment down to where it stood in March of 2017. Unemployment lifted from an upwardly revised 6.4 per cent in April.

    The overall result would have been much worse but for another fall in the participation rate, which edged down to 62.9 per cent, its lowest level since 1998.

    Since February, the country has shed 838,000 jobs, although the total number of people unemployed has increased by a much more modest 231,300.

    At 927,600, the number of officially unemployed has climbed to its highest level since December 1993, when the country was still recovering from the 1990-91 recession.


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  6. 70.4k

    having spent long periods in casual and temporary positions , i focus more on the under-employment data

    and i worry the news is worse than it looks and household income has been cut by more than assumed

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  7. 7.2k

    Youth employment has been hit hard ... the regions will suffer with low tourism figures & youth exodus ...

    The participation rate for 15-64 year olds, which controls (in part) for the effects of an aging population, decreased by 0.8 pts in May 2020 to 75.3%. This decrease was slightly higher than for the total population, highlighting the relatively larger falls in participation in the younger age groups.

    The participation rate for 15-24 year olds (who are often referred to as the "youth" group in the labour market) decreased 2.6 pts to 59.9% in May 2020. Employment for 15-24 year olds decreased by 102,900 people (-6.0%). The unemployment rate for this group increased 2.0 pts to 16.1%.

    The graphs have gone off a cliff ...


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  8. 70.4k

    *** The graphs have gone off a cliff ...***

    as will our economy

    all we need is a major war to thin the unemployed and make the disaster certain

    those with skills to ill to work , those with health and vitality too dead to work
    and corporations too under-cashed to buy robots ... and few workers to hire ( and then train ).

  9. 3.5k

    Point is though this is an investor forum and there will be companies that will thrive and be worth investing in. Life will still go on and there will be areas/companies that prosper even while the economy overall may be in the doldrums. Anyone with a job will have their income and carry on as always. I cant see the point in constantly dwelling on the losers and worst possible scenarios. Keep an open mind.

  10. 70.4k

    SOME COMPANIES will survive and thrive .. sure i agree with that

    NORMALLY you would go for well-run companies with solid balance sheets and modest ambitions .. survive first grow later

    however in an atmosphere of the worst rogues being discovered and saved or at least bailed out from the consequences ( am thinking of the Hayne Royal Commission here but the aged care Royal Commission might apply also )

    will that be the case this time .

    another trend MIGHT be towards greater job swapping as cashed up crooks lure away key staff from solid businesses , and deeply indebted corporations lent more credit to become corporate raiders

    some day the winners lose also .. , plenty of history to show that .. taxis killed by the loss-generating Uber and peers , as an example

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  11. 7.2k

    all true hoonose ... its great being optimistic & so you should be ... realistically we need to see the economic trends to help our stock picks ... eg online sales favoured KGN to a multi-bagger, more use of older cars favour BAP, trades wars hurt resources stocks, etc

    it is an exciting time to be trading, for sure ... so many possible winners

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  12. 70.4k

    i went for SNL in preference to BAP

    i see the era of disposable cars coming sooner rather than later ( maybe more leased or never fully paid out like the US )

    however heavy vehicles need to operate long enough to pay off the leases and loans

    of course buying in just under $2.50 swayed that decision a fair bit


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  13. 70.4k

    Why We're Fighting For Our Future - And Why We'll Win


  14. 70.4k

    Boris' Secret Brexit Deal, w Stephen Fry


  15. 7.2k

    At close
    XAO 6051.90 -57.20 (-0.94%)
    XJO 5936.50 -55.30 (-0.92%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX declined Thursday, losing 0.92% on lower than normal volume. 9 out of 10 sectors were lower, led by Consumer Discretionary, which lost 1.95%.


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  16. 1.4k

    Settle Mucus.

  17. 7.2k

    ^ Another dissatisfied investor in Magnis Resources Limited (ASX : MNS) living his dream. Trolling, doxxing women, lying & posting smut on a stock market forum.

    Settle down Chris

  18. 1.4k

    Yes I am Chris. I hope you research your stocks better Mucus. You failed doxing me

  19. 7.2k

    Why don't you contribute to this stock market forum, Chris? ... you know, discussing stocks, finance, the economy ... if you played the game straight, you have much to contribute

    .. if you lose your thin veneer of ego & self righteousness over MNS, you might have something to contribute, other than your failed attempts at photoshopping your version of our names onto the dodgy photos that you've found on the internet

  20. 1.4k

    Well get to the bottom of this. Excuse the pun

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