Where to from here ?

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    i guess the market is what you wish to see

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    XAO 6069.30 +11.30 (0.19%)
    XJO 5954.40 +9.90 (0.17%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX was unchanged Tuesday, although only 4 of the underlying sectors are higher and 6 are lower. The Consumer Discretionary is the strongest sector, rallying by 1.16%, while the Consumer Staples is the weakest, losing 0.60%.

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    Wow Mucus thanks for sharing that you are a boring cut and paster.

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    Shit for brains Mucus

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    Oil is back to 40 us a barrel and some economists are tipping 10000 an ounce gold , the future reality is a harsh laws and millions of unemployed homeless people surviving on whatever they can scrounge . Without comprehensive law and social reforms Australia wont be able to pay a red cent of interest on Sco mos trillion , unemployment in Australia could easily be more than 50 % next year.

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    Only an idiot would believe $10,000 an once for gold.

  8. 1.6k

    Only an IDIOT would believe your Dog is going to go up.

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    The only thing my dog is going you is you ass Pilots.

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    XAO 5930.70 -150.90 (-2.48%)
    XJO 5820.90 -144.80 (-2.43%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX closed near its lows Thursday, falling by 2.34% on lower than normal volume. All sectors were lower, led by Energy, which lost 4.23%.

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    Another warning overnight from the IMF....The world economy is very sick.....along with the IMF downgrading world economic growth substantially further....as they should.

    The spruikers can only tout for as long as people believe them...And the dumb sheep have been buying.......The world is economically fucked. The sheep will be selling now....

    Thanks China - you really need a couple hundred megatons for payback.....

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    XAO 6011.80 +83.80 (+1.41%)
    XJO 5904.10 +86.40 (+1.49%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX was up Friday, gaining 1.49% on lower than normal volume. 9 out of 10 sectors were higher, led by Financials which rallied by 2.71%.

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    Shares are likely to fall at the opening of the trading week on the Australian market after American investors remained concerned that the coronavirus is out of control in the US.

    The Australian SPI 200 futures contract was lower by 91.0 points, or 1.56 per cent, to 5,757.0 at 0700 AEST on Monday.

    Stocks on Wall Street finished last week sharply lower as coronavirus infections in the US hit an all-time high, prompting Texas and Florida to reverse course on the reopening of businesses.

    The major indices were down more than 2.0 per cent and have provided a weak lead for their Australian counterpart.

    For a third consecutive day on Saturday, the number of confirmed US cases rose by more than 40,000, one of the largest surges in the world.

    The Australian dollar was buying 68.59 US cents at 0700 AEST, lower from 68.83 US cents at the close of trade on Friday.


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    At close:
    XAO 5915.60 -96.20 (-1.60%)
    XJO 5815.00-89.10 (-1.51%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX declined Monday, losing 1.51% on lower than normal volume. All sectors were lower, led by Energy, whick lost 2.77%.

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    Should be a good day for the bulls ...

    Index Value Change
    ASX SPI 200 5,874.000 67.000
    Dow Jones 25,595.800 580.250
    FTSE-100 6,225.770 66.470
    Hang Seng 24,301.280 -248.710
    Nikkei 225 21,995.040 -517.040

    Stocks kicked off a short trading week on Wall Street on a positive note following a sharp drop Friday.
    The Dow finished Monday with a gain of 580 points, or 2.3%.
    A stronger than expected 44.3% jump in pending home sales for May also helped list investors' spirits. The numbers are yet another sign of a rebound in housing -- and potentially the overall economy, which is now in the midst of a recession due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
    The S&P 500 and Nasdaq were each up more than 1% as well. And all eleven market sectors were higher, including technology.
    Tech stocks were expected to be under pressure Monday due to a growing boycott of Facebook by advertisers due to a prevalence of hate speech and misinformation on its platforms.
    Expect stock market fireworks in the next few months. Here's how to survive
    Expect stock market fireworks in the next few months. Here's how to survive
    But shares of Facebook (FB), which fell more than 8% Friday and opened lower Monday morning, ended the day with a more than 2% gain -- even as blue chip companies like Starbucks (SBUX), Diageo (DEO) and Levi Strauss (LEVI) joined Unilever (UL), Verizon (VZ) and other companies that have decided to pull ads from Facebook.


    Dow surges 579 points, ending near session highs, on hope that shutdowns won’t be widespread as coronavirus cases top 10 million
    Financial markets in the U.S. will be closed on Friday in observance of the Fourth of July holiday

    The Dow booked its best one-day gain in about three weeks Monday, partly as upbeat economic data raised hopes, and also as Boeing shares surged. But investors also were watching the persistence of coronavirus in hot spots, including Florida, Texas and California, fueling concerns about the economic outlook.

    Financial markets in the U.S. will be closed on Friday in observance of the Fourth of July holiday.

    How did benchmarks perform?
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average US:DJIA gained 580.25 points, or 2.3%, closing near a session high of 25,595.80, its best one-day percentage climb since June 5, according to Dow Jones Market Data. The S&P 500 index US:SPX advanced 44.19 points, or 1.5%, to finish at 3,053.24, as the consumer discretionary and industrials sectors climbed.

    The technology-laden Nasdaq Composite Index US:COMP picked up 116.93 points, or 1.2%, to end at 9,874.15.

    On Friday, the Dow put the finishing touches on a weekly decline of 3.3%, falling 700-plus points on the day, while the S&P 500 notched a 2.9% weekly decline and the Nasdaq fell 1.9% for the week.

    What drove the market?
    Major U.S. stock indexes finished sharply higher Monday as economic data continued to surprise to the upside, even as several states with surging COVID-19 infections have been forced to reimpose limits on business activities and social gatherings.


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    i was hoping for a tax sell-off today , but it looks like i will be disappointed

    nothing will get to my sell targets and my buy prices look to be out of the action as well

    oh well it could be worse

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    yes, the tax sell off was an interesting exercise this year ... working out which stocks are likely to fall lower during a depression ... did that a couple of weeks ago ... banks, LNG & resources generally.
    My managed funds inside my super have done really well during the recovery: Walter Scott Global, Magellan Global & BlackRock Scientific Hedged International ... timing of entry was everything there ... and the super's tax is well sorted.

    I'll be selling off a lot during the next couple of weeks & putting the money into Montgomery's & other funds while I travel for a few months.

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    enjoy you trip ,

    i will probably wait until early next year to see if there is a big meltdown ( triggered by the yield curve inversion ) before trying to put most of the spare cash to work ( not that it will be a large amount ) i am more than 90% invested in the market

    i will be looking for opportunities , for sure , but won't be chasing desperately

    am waiting to see what happens with the WOW/Endeavor Drinks demerger , the TLS/FOX/NWS JV and the WES/Office-works restructure
    and of course the TPM merger/TUA demerger

    good luck on picking the fund managers i suspect even the best will be tested in the coming year

    apart from trips to the hospitals and doctors and pathology collection centres , i am not expecting much travel in the coming year

  19. 7.2k

    TLS/FOX/NWS ... mmm I don't like their product ... lol
    I'm well out of media stocks except for a small holding in Southern Cross Media SXL which I think will capture market share from the ABC's cuts.

    advertising won't do well in a recession

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    One scenario is economic collapse but Mr Sheen is telling everyone it will all be better in September , business in Australia will soon have an endless supply of cheap labour they can exploit anyway they see fit.

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