Where to from here ?

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    i hold TLS but am looking for a graceful exit but maybe that JV will be floated sooner rather than later .. if anyone needs cash it is those 3 companies

    so i will be torn between selling TLS as soon as my target price is reached , or hoping the demerger/float generates extra share-holder gains

    my media exposure currently is via SVW ( and ETFs/LICs ) although TME was a very nice outcome for me

    maybe i spent too much time linked to media organizations to believe in their fairy-tales

    i rarely watch any TV/cable TV sport so apart from cash returns , i can just shrug and sigh and radio well it rarely plays anything i want to hear

    i think a will stick to TAH for my sporting exposure , it seems most sport is all about money anyway

    *** One scenario is economic collapse but Mr Sheen is telling everyone it will all be better in September ***

    better than what , there is SOME chance the global markets will tag along behind the severely manipulated US markets until the US elections in November , remember your beloved leader is making sounds like a Federal Election soon .. ( i lost any faith in him with the bush-fire debacle .. or was that when he was a Turnbull coat-tail rider , such an unspectacular career , i feel uninspired to keep track )

    having recently spent 3 years in a hotel because a cavalcade of ' tradesmen ' couldn't fix some water damage in 2014 AND 2016

    after seeing such productivity i am not sure what employment they should be allotted let alone 'exploited '

  2. 7.2k

    And so ends the 2019-2020 Financial Year ... its now officially Tax Time :)

    XAO 6012.00 96.40 (1.63%)
    XJO 5909.70 94.70 (1.63%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX was up Tuesday, gaining 1.63% on lower than normal volume. All of 10 sectors were higher, led by Energy, which rallied by 4.33%.

    WPL $21.650 Up $1.080 (+5.25%) today.

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  3. 428

    Lost without your technical expertise shit lips 🥴🥴

  4. 7.2k

    Dow books best quarter since 1987 despite warnings from Powell and Mnuchin on economy
    Fed, Treasury vow to keep up support for economy as U.S. COVID-19 infections climb

    U.S. stock-indexes finished higher overnight, as data showed a recovery in consumer confidence and higher home prices, helping to offset ongoing concerns about the rising number of new coronavirus cases in many American states.

    Both the Dow and S&P 500 index booked their best quarterly performance in more than 20 years, while the Nasdaq Composite had its best quarter since 1999, as the indexes recovered from the lows seen in late March when the coronavirus crisis forced business activity to grind to a halt.

    The stock market will be closed on Friday in observance of the Fourth of July holiday.

    How did benchmarks perform?
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average US:DJIA gained 217.08, or 0.9%, to settle at 25,812.88, those for the S&P 500 index US:SPX rose 47.05 points, or 1.5%, to close at 3,100.29, while the Nasdaq Composite Index US:COMP added 184.61 points, or 1.9%, to end at 10,058.77, its second highest close ever.

    On Monday, the Dow gained 580.25 points, or 2.3%, its best one-day percentage climb since June 5, according to Dow Jones Market Data. The S&P 500 index advanced 44.19 points, or 1.5%, to finish at 3,053.24. The technology-laden Nasdaq Composite Index picked up 116.93 points, or 1.2%, to end at 9,874.15.

    What drove the market?
    Stocks rallied after testimony to Congress by Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell and U.S> Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin underscored an ongoing commitment to anchor the U.S. economy through the global public health disaster.


    Dow Jones Industrial Average
    INDEX DJX: .DJI 25,812.88 +217.08 (0.85%)

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  5. 428

    Mucus hows the arthritis today?

    Rose Hip tablets are on sale at Chemist Warehouse 🥴

  6. 7.2k

    After one of the craziest financial years in memory, Airlie Funds Management boss Matt Williams has a simple prescription for investors wondering how to approach 2020-21.

    “Just hold quality companies, turn off Twitter and try to relax,” Williams says, naming Wesfarmers, Coles and TPG Telecom as stocks that have done well for Airlie in recent months.

    “The big and strong will get bigger and stronger,” Williams says. “You don’t sell your winners too quickly in this environment because I think they’ll continue to win.”


    Good advice :)

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  7. 69.9k

    i hope so i hold WES , COL ( courtesy of the demerger ) and TPG ( 'free-carried ' )

    but i agree there could be more crazy times to come

    ( and have never joined Twitter or Farcebook )

    good luck everyone

  8. 7.2k

    At close
    XAO 6022.70 21.40 (0.36%)
    XJO 5914.80 16.90 (0.29%)

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX was up Wednesday, gaining 0.29% on lower than normal volume. 6 out of 10 sectors were higher, led by Information Technology which rallied by 1.43%.

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  9. 3.4k

    Plenty of buying at the speculative level.

  10. 69.9k

    better them than me

    i would rather build up cash reserves

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  11. 3.4k

    Maybe that's why the speccles are selling, you can have a small wager to keep your interest up, at the same time as building your cash reserves.

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  12. 69.9k

    i am not saying you can't use your strategy , and good for you if your strategy is profitable

    i still watch and think about some shares

    however i have a feeling my earning capacity will not return to what is was before 2015

    remember there are thousands of investors in their 30's and 40's with 20 years of earning capacity in front of them , so some carefully selected speccie plays will help them out big time , look at those loyal folks who stuck with LYC if they have been careful they have probably made a nice profit

    those with a big smile would be the early FMG investors

    i see the whole economy propped up with matchsticks and sticky-tape , but if the portfolio takes a 90% hit i have little capacity to recover , a younger investor will

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  13. 7.2k

    So many large & mid cap stocks in the ASX200 are speculative atm with potential for good returns (and potential loses)

    The 'get rich quick' micro-caps are a fools game ... sure, 2 or 3 out of ten we pick might multi-bag, but unless we're unemotional & prepared to admit we got the stock choice wrong when they fall, and SELL before they take down the average ... then thats a losing game. We don't have to look far on this forum to see losers who can't admit they're wrong.

    There's so many fundamentally sound businesses that are undervalued atm ... we don't need to go to the dodgy end of the exchange to find a good return.

    If you're not getting an overall 20+% return on investment (and time) and beating the index ... its best to put the money in a managed fund that is performing & go lay on a beach somewhere.

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  14. 69.9k

    *** There's so many fundamentally sound businesses that are undervalued atm ... we don't need to go to the dodgy end of the exchange to find a good return ***

    while there are still some sound businesses , i disagree on 'value ' , currently let's call historical P/E of , 16 value ( i prefer 10 ) combined that with likely forward P/E in the next 12 months ( and the fact many solid businesses have withdrawn guidance ) such estimations currently bring the risk factor right back into small cap territory , in some maybe even micro-cap range
    i see many overpriced despite investors willing to pay more for them than today's closing prices

    having been scorched by several former blue chips ORG , UGL , ARI , AMP , BLD , SGM IPL , MYR and more in most cases it took a fair amount of persistence to exit with modest profits and would suggest the 'top end ' can be just as dodgy as the wild west speccies

    while a 20% return more often would be nice ( i get it in some stocks , but nowhere near close to half ) i am more focused on businesses likely to survive the next 3 years
    as a holder of VAS since mid 2011 i might suggest the 'index ' hasn't been so good on 20% return regularly either


  15. 69.9k

    PS i sunburn very easily no beach , or sun-baking on yachts for me

  16. 1.4k
  17. 3.4k
  18. 7.2k

    Some investments that have historically earned nearly 20% return pa

    Magellan Global https://www.morningstar.com.au/Funds/FundReport/15699

    Walter Scott Global https://www.morningstar.com.au/Funds/FundReport/12329

    I'd point all newbies to the stock market to them - they are the experts. I have a fairly conservative portfolio these days because I live off it, but even so, I have about a third of the portfolio's weight with these guys.

    if you're not beating their return, why spend so much time & energy trying? Just put the money to work and go have some fun.

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  19. 7.2k

    Nasdaq sets record close, Dow ends lower to kick off July after Fed vows to guide markets on rates path

    The Dow finished lower Wednesday, but the tech-heavy Nasdaq was vaulted to a fresh record close, giving the year’s second half a mixed start as investors focused on signs of economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis and a new Fed promise for clarity on the path of rates.

    Improving data on employment and the manufacturing sector helped buttress markets in the first trading day of July, even while nearly a dozen American states have hit pause or halted plans to allow more businesses to reopen.

    How did benchmarks perform?
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average US:DJIA fell 77.91 points, or 0.3%, to end at 25,734.97, snapping a two-day win streak. The S&P 500 US:SPX added 15.57 points, or 0.5%, to close at 3,115.86. The Nasdaq Composite US:COMP rose 95.86 points, or 1%, closing at a record 10,154.63.

    The Dow gained 17.8% in the second quarter, its best quarter since 1987; the S&P 500 rose nearly 20%, marking its best since 1998; while the Nasdaq Composite soared nearly 31% over the period for its sharpest quarterly return since 1999.

    What drove the market?
    Market participants parsed minutes from the Fed’s June 9-10 meeting, where the rate-setting Federal Open Market Committee agreed to provide clarity in future communications about what would cause the central bank to keep rates close to zero or move them higher. The committee kept federal-funds rates at a range between 0% and 0.25% and signaled that it might hold levels there until at least 2022.


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  20. 7.2k

    The S&P AUST INDEX ASX 200 INDEX was up Thursday, gaining 1.44% on lower than normal volume. All of 10 sectors were higher, led by Information Technology, which rallied by 3.43%.

    XAO 6129.90 +88.90 (+1.47%)
    XJO 6020.10 +85.70 (+1.44%)

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