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    Not sure why you are posting your coffee Pics on Facebook Mucus. Looks like extra cream. Just the way you like it.

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    Ghislaine Maxwell has been arrested ... now the plea deals begin ... who will she drop?

    U.S. financial markets close Friday for July Fourth holiday weekend

    Dow books slight gain, Nasdaq ends at a record as rise in coronavirus cases caps rally on strong jobs report

    U.S. stock indexes ended a choppy session Thursday with meager gains to close out a holiday-shortened week, as a record rise in new coronavirus cases in states like Florida helped to erode some of the optimism surrounding a stronger-than-expected monthly employment report for June.

    How did benchmarks perform?
    The Dow Jones Industrial Average US:DJIA closed 92.39 points, or 0.4%, higher to finish at 25,827.36, while the S&P 500 index US:SPX added 14.15 points, or 0.5%, to reach 3,130.01.

    Meanwhile, the Nasdaq Composite Index US:COMP gained 53 points, or 0.5%, close at 10,207.63, booking its second straight record close but well off its intraday high at 10,310.36.

    For the holiday-shortened week, the Dow rose 3.3%, the S&P 500 notched a return of 4%, while the Nasdaq logged a 4.6% weekly return.

    What drove the market?
    Market participants were reluctant to drive the broad market significantly higher on Thursday after Reuters reported that Florida shattered records on Thursday when it reported over 10,000 new coronavirus cases, representing the biggest one-day increase in the state since the pandemic started.


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    another prison 'suicide ' , perhaps

    make a nice honey-trap to catch Mossad operatives

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    Prince Andrew has suddenly started sweating now that he may face consequences for the first time in his life.
    The Belgian waffler, Herr Cormann is quitting politics

    Not a bad start to July

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    someone has suggested 'fireworks' in July ( 4th )

    might get more exciting

    interesting to see the SMH add extra allegations at Assange and ignore the activities of a well known diplomat

    maybe the big show might even visit Australia

    having Aussie diplomats involved in FBI plots has a bad look to it

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    LOL .. all standard protocol .. blame everyone but the big institutional trading houses

    sure the Millenial still learning the ways and strategies of the markets move the needle , but i bet they don't move it much

    i would be watching the insiders closer than the 'Robin Hood ' holders

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    There are all sorts of influences, possibilities and time frames.
    I've never been interested in the stock market as a spectator sport. Being aged it is an interest that you can participate in. I mostly cashed in back around March and held back until near the end of June before deciding I could afford to do some punting on a small scale to relieve the boredom. It is a game of skill to a certain degree and the stimulation is a tonic, just stick to what you can afford to lose.

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    just remember Bill Gates thinks there will be a second pandemic that will REALLY get our attention

    and Trump thinks he can drain the swamp , if either is correct the markets could move massively

    Just a Little Prick (Part 2)


    and Sco-Mo is already a pin-up boy for his Australia outcome

    am still thinking of the yield curve inversion and that , if correct , still signals a down-turn in the first half of 2021 , given the recent rally how far would the market slide

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    And is Bill Gates an authority on this ?
    Why should we listen to him when there are plenty of other opinions about ?

    Remember the damage being done to world economies is not the virus, it is the actions being taken by world economies.
    Most of the deaths are the aged and infirm, often accompanied with other personnel health problems.
    If there is a second wave then the same actions of monetary stimulus will be impossible to repeat, as also will be the closing of businesses, companies and work closures.
    The world will have to get right back into it and live with the consequences (which is basically what the US is doing under Trump, now) as otherwise there will be no world economies .

    You realize that deaths/cases from the usual flu have dropped right off, so have statistics changed that much ?

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    Gates isn't a scientist he is a capitalist......and the worst form at that if the conspiracy theories are only half right

  12. 223

    Can the powers that be please remove this little Cunt and his cocksucker mate Stretch from TS ASAP?

    There is no place for stupid little time waster fuckwit haters in the TS NWO.

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    STRETCH ???

    gee i must have been missing some of his posts lately i would have thought he was among the most stock focused members here

    if you love the NWO .. just wait it is coming fast and it is coming here ( every state in Australia )

    also my ( unscientific ) theory is , ... that WAS the second wave , and the most horrifying deaths were caused by a cytokine storm in previously infected survivors ,

    now the US military ( especially the Pacific Fleet ) blame their version of virus effects on the vaccinations given BEFORE sailing and THEN infected by the SARS conv2 virus ... maybe in coming years we will find out if this is correct

    if they ( US Naval athletes ) had spread the virus to CHINA as China claims has happened ... well that ruins several popular narratives

    some might also note Western media has suggested that there is a H1N1 virus lurking in China ready to spread around the world .. if true i wonder if THAT was funded by Fauchi and NHAID as well , since that is closer to the research NHAID contracted the Chinese to research in the previews 5 years and the Chinese have already admitted to using piglets to increase the infective potential of the virus .. and Covid SO FAR , infects humans , minks , cats , tigers , dogs , in human to animal transmissions , but no human to pigs transmissions have been recorded in the West

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    As I've said before get over it Kransky and to all the AUL multinic posters out there don't take it personally that I disliked the prospects of the company you have eternally had a pumping hard on for.

    Any regulars well know my views on it and just because I and some others thrwated the excessive and time proven over exuberant ramping we put up with for years on here it's really time you move on.

    I haven't even been posting on AUL threads lately yet here you are again defaming me for no good reason. Takes a big man.

    Lucky for me having my name defamed on this site carries little weight in the real world....but if you are going the continue doing it I challenge you to find a post I have posted on where I should be suspended or terminated for???????

    I predominantly post pretty much on gold stocks and just because I didn't like yours...move on.

    Maybe you can't..... for you to keep going on about it means my views must carry weight out there,or at least it appears they do in your world.

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    Interesting conversation at the cafe over the early morning coffee today regarding deflation and inflation.

    We are now in a deflationary period because the economy is struggling, demand isn't as high, so prices are falling and people aren't spending.
    So governments are providing monetary stimulus as aid, which is printed money, not borrowed money that would have to be paid back.
    This then will turn into inflation when recovery begins as there will be more dollars around, which wont be taken out of circulation paying back loans. In the deflationary period there will have been little increase in products/assets in line with the increase in dollars so more dollars in circulation but no increase in products means loss of value and purchasing power of the dollar but increase in value of assets.

    So now, and the period before recovery, is when your dollar is at its most valuable and have the most purchasing power and the time to spend to get maximum value.

    All you have to do is time it !!!!! ?.

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    Real estate agents in some areas cant maintain listings , it is no surprise that a lot of people are looking to relocate and get out of the city . .

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    So we are now into our deflationary period or recession. Was talking to a fellow here in Cairns who said you can pick up property for $350,000 that had been listed at $500,000.


    But the stock market is a different story as it doesn't run in alignment with the current state of the economy but on predictions ?
    Gold is certainly a runner but the time to jump on that one was a few months ago, now is maybe a bit late to get maximum rewards ?

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    The combination of Chinese stopping laundering their cash in Aus property and people are getting mortgage holidays due to losing jobs.

    As property is an illiquid asset people are getting out now while the going is relatively good. Going back to 2007 prices.

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    the statistics are corrupted .. use your own research , almost everything official is propaganda

    to determine inflation/deflation just look at your own bills what is going up 2% what is going up 20% what is coming down ( for the same quality of goods )

    the same with employment/unemployment your friends and associates are a better source than ABS

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