Why I and other people like to climb mountains:

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    It’s a great physical challenge, an incredible feeling of accomplishment, and a really great view There’s a great comradeship between climbers, you hold each other’s lives in your hands. And people use mountains, like the Grand Tetons pictured here, all the time in inspirational posters and calendars. You can point and say, I’ve been there I climbed all three of these and going back to try Middle Teton ( an easy climb ) this summer; I’m 68. Wish me luck!

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    Hiking in Pakistan and elsewhere is undoubtedly an interesting hike. But these are not the only hikes worth visiting. I want to tell you about my experience ofNepal trekking, I recently returned from a trek through the high mountain passes of Everest, this route is one of the most technical and difficult, it lasts 17-18 days, but it is worth it - all that you will see and feel during this time will remain in your memory for the rest of your life. The main thing on this route is to have good physical preparation and to find good, professional organizers. I was lucky with all of this, so I am unspeakably happy with my trip. I advise everyone who has the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

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